Thursday, May 17, 2007

A Conversation

FISHY: We should go to the park again!

ME: Yes, when it's nicer outside.

FISHY: We need to play POOP STICK!!!!

ME: Unh???

FISHY: You know,
where you stand on the bridge and drop the sticks in the water!


Another tidbit (see where she's from, TG?)


ARM said...

Oh now that's just hilarious. Fishy rules. I want to play poop stick now, too. But the interactive version from your link doesn't work on my 'puter.

Claire said...

Who knew there was such a game? "poop stick" -now that is funny!

egan said...

What are you teaching these kids?

Candace said...

Amanda - I didn't even see the virtual game until you said that. It doesn't work for me, either. I guess we'll have to go to the park and play it for real. :)

Claire - Pooh is brilliant. Well, not Pooh himself, you know, but the old books. :) We've been playing Pooh sticks for many years. I really cracked up when Fishy said that. I was driving, so it's a good thing I didn't wreck the car. ^_^

Egan - I'm pretty sure you have to get Hepatitis shots before you play poop stick. :-P

egan said...

Yes, I'm going to get my shots Candace. I have many STDs so consider yourself warned.

Diesel said...

Ah, poop stick. The fond memories of my own youth.

Chikken said...

Ha! Thank goodness it is a lot less painful than it sounds.

Luc said...

I love playing pooh sticks!

Anonymous said...

It is imperative to wash ones hands thoroughly after playing such a game.


The above punctuation picture is obviously an elephant wearing earings.

Trundling Grunt said...

Ah, the annual pooh stick championship. Sigh, miss that. It's a great game and can amuse small people for hours at a time.

ablondeblogger said...

LOL!! Too cute!

ann said...

it has taken me some years to get my daughter-in-law to embrace Winnie the Pooh

on my last trip to Israel I saw all the Winnie stuff in the baby's room and was so pleased

She's from New York and I think she sees Winnie as a Disney character... for me it was my childhood and very much A A Milne

I love Winnie the Pooh

Logophile said...

I LOVE Pooh sticks!
We play every chance we get and have since I was little.
Best way to make my mom COMPLETELY lose it, laughing so hard she couldn't breathe was to have her read The House at Pooh Corner.
"It's not HOT in my field at three oclock in the morning. It's not exactly what you would call CLOSE."

jali said...

Really cute!

ldbug said...

Poop stick!! That's too much;-)

egan said...

there comes a time....

ARM said...

Le Sigh...

You must be having wonderful weather again. I hope you're enjoying it!

egan said...

I know, she's still not here. Sucky.

Candace said...

Egan - Seattle Triathlon Disasters?

Diesel - now you're just scaring me. ^_^

Chikken - Thank goodness, indeed! ^_^

Luc - Welcome, Luc! :) Yes, I think it's a timeless game. :)

Winters - With that hand sanitizer stuff that kills 99.999999%of germs (leaving one helluva supergerm behind.)

Nice elephant. I think it's playing poop stick. . .

TG - isn't that your hometown area?

Dawn - dontcha love when your kids come out with something like that? ^_^

Ann - I'm not a huge fan of Disney Pooh, but I love Classic Pooh. :) I cry when I read the end, though. :-P

Logo - I know - there are bits I was trying to read to MuNKi that I couldn't because I could no longer breathe! Tears running down the face -- the works. ^_^

Jali - I'm finally tryint go write this stuff down, too. They grow so fast!

Ldbug - After a brief moment of horror, I was pretty relieved to figure out what he meant. ^_^

Egan - is that time now?

Amanda - It's beautiful again today, but I'm trying to be a good blogger. :)

Egan - but I am!! ^_^

Trundling Grunt said...

c: Indeed, which made me miss it even more.