Sunday, November 11, 2007

Eat Your Words. . .

. . .or feed them to someone else.

Click to play a fun vocabulary game and donate rice at the same time!

Free Rice

Have fun! :-)


kitkat said...

That's so weird. Slade sent me this little game a couple weeks ago, and one of my coworkers just sent the link out this last weekend too. How cool.

I only hope it's legitimate :/

ann said...

this is so coooooool, but I agree with kitkat... hope it's the real thing.

having said that I gave up at level 48 and 300 grains of rice; I really must get to bed

Jaichan said...

Oh dear. I hope it's the real thing, too. I ended up donating a kg+ of rice.

Word games will be my downfall.

Michael C said...

Mmmmmmmm, rice......

egan said...

I got three words right and then choked.

Claire said...

OMG, that game was so additive.

Candace said...

Kitkat - My sister sent it to me. Weird how some of this stuff gets around, isn't it?

Ann - I hope so too. At any rate, it's fun! :)

Jaichan - It's soooo hard to click away from it! ^_^

Michael - My sentiments exactly! Whoa! Just look at that NASCARGOT! ;-)

Egan - That's not enough rice to choke on, my dear. ;-) It will give you easier words if you start bombing them.

Claire - I know! Mollusc and I sat here FAR too long playing! :-P