Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Today I learned that it takes about 2 Nickelback albums to scrub my kitchen floor on my hands and knees. Don't worry, I'm not crazy enough to do it on my hands and knees more than about twice a year. The floor I mean.

It takes significantly fewer songs to clean out the icky leftovers from the fridge, but the volume must be turned up at least twice as high. If the volume is loud enough, it will interfere with your sense of smell. Try it. But when you're done, don't be surprised to find that at least 2 of your kids have pulled the cushions off the couch and constructed an obstacle course involving running 'round the living room, bouncing off the cushions and twirling through the air, landing (hopefully on their feet) and skirling (yes, I do mean skirling) off through the office, only to reappear for another lap. Nickleback does that to me kids.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (aka Turkey Day) here in the States. Even though it might seem like Thanksgiving has been celebrated on the same day since the Beginning of Time (Existential-americanically speaking) it wasn't until 1941 that our current date was set in stone ink. I find that kind of shocking.

I'm not a big fan of turkey (the meat, not the country,) nor are the kids, so MuNKi is is making something much more delicious tomorrow. And I, of course, will be constructing Potato Thing.

And now, for those of you who embrace the 2nd Amendment (the right to arm bears ;-) ) to its fullest, a recipe or 2:


Logophile said...

Happy T day, we always have a ham AND a turkey because amongst our number are several who don't prefer fowl on the bone.
happy T day!

Candace said...

Happy T day, Logo! I wonder if you could combine them into a hurkey casserole. :-P ^_^

tshsmom said...

You either have a HUGE kitchen, or lots of stubborn sticky spots, or you're a slow scrubber. It would only take 1 album to do my floor. ;)

Nickelback is my latest addiction!

I hope your Thanksgiving was as great as ours.

armalicious said...

Potato Thing!!! Mmmm!

Hope you had a great day!

Oh, and that obstacle course sounds really kick ass! I want to come play!

Candace said...

Tshsmom - I do have a HUGE kitchen, which is combined with the dining room for maximum scrubbing possibilities. The kitchen is what sold us on this house. :) Normally I use the mop of just "skate" and it only takes me a few songs. Mollusc claims I was scrubbing in rhythm with the music and spent longer because I was "dancing" as it were, LOL!

Arm - POTATO THING!!!! And all but a wee bitty bit is gone! Wah!!!

We did have a lovely day. Hope you did too! :) Are you doing Black Friday?

The obstacle course was quite entertaining. Come over next time and we'll show the kids how it's REALLY done! ^_^

Autumn Zephyr said...

Your second and third sentences in this post made me snort out my coffee!

tweetey30 said...

Hi I found you over Tshsmoms and finally just stopping in to say hello. No turkey?? that is ok. A friend of mines husband is allergic to it and anything that is close to the bone on like turkey or chicken so they didnt have turkey either.

Winters said...

You know, I kind of guessed from the context that you meant the meat not the country, C. Perhaps I assume too much. ;)

Potato thing sounds remarkably delicious. I suspect that I could eat Potato thing all year round.

Trundling Grunt said...

This year I was only asked once how we celebrate Thanksgiving. When I gave my usual response (we didn't care whether the Pilgrim Fathers lived or died) I got a look of complete blank non-comprehension. Don't the schools teach these people anything?

Candace said...

Autumn Zephyr - LOL! Well, that's an important clarification, I think. ^_^

Tweety30 - Welcome! :) Ack! Allergic? That's no fun! Wow. I thought poultry was some of the least allergenic stuff out there.

Winters - a plethora of responses come to mind, yet I find myself not quite bold enough to make any of them. ^_^

Potato Thing is, indeed, a food of the Gods.

TG - Now you see one more reason why we homeschool. ^_^