Thursday, November 29, 2007


This is what homeschooling moms develop when they look at too many books online and try to decide what to buy and then what combination of sellers will give the best value. :-P

I'm having a lot of parent-teacher conferences with myself tonight.


cindra said...

Oh, boy. So, how did those conferences go? Did you work anything out? Are you fired?

Anonymous said...

You know, I've been thinking about you and your homeschooling choice recently. I had my students read an essay in which the author describes why school (the traditional public school as we know it now) is really bad for kids. In part of it he says that our current school system encourages the idea that school is for learning, while home is for fun. It makes people think that 1) learning is torture and 2) you can't learn anywhere but school. I already like the idea of homeschooling, but after reading that, I just think what you do is awesome.

As for the parent-teacher conference: it always seemed like either the parent or teacher walks away thinking the other is an idiot. I hope you didn't have that same result :)

Claire said...

Well I hope you have something interesting to say to yourself and for god's sake have some work to back up your arguments!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Wow...that almost sounds dirty, but sadly I know that it is not.

Trundling Grunt said...

Man, I hope you don't spend all the time reading out the code of discipline to yourself. That always pissed me off at the local school parentteacher evenings. They spent more time talking about discipline than what or how they were going to teach. Methink their priorities were arse over tit.

Candace said...

Cindrarella - I think I still have a job. ^_^ And I've come to the decision that I'm a very good penny pincher as well, LOL!

Kitkat - Yes! That was one of the biggies for me when I was first looking into hsing. After K or Grade 1 "educational" things acqure a distasteful connotation because so much of school (in most schools anyway) is just busy work to keep the kids from running amok. When you pull a kid from school (as I learned with my stepson) there's actually a "detox" period where they have to learn how to be curious again and that learning can actually be fun.

I came away pretty happy with myself after adding up the costs for what I found scattered around vs. what it would have cost me to buy it pre-packaged. (about 1/3 the cost - hooray!)

Claire - LOL! Every now and then I caught myself zoning out a little while I droned on about one thing or another. ;-)

Mr. Fabulous - Not necessarily. I mean, I could have been using sexual favours to persuade myself to buy something. . . ^_^

TG - Thankfully, no. ^_^ That sounds really, really irritating and pointless.

I guess the local school here has a new discipline thinggy called - erm - I forget what it's called, but it boils down to not talking to a teacher if someone is bullying you. You let them beat you up five times before you go to anyone about that. You just tell them you don't like it, in the meantime. Because everyone knows how effective that is. I'm not sure whether this is a new national program, or just a local brainwave, but I'm really glad not to have to deal with all that junk.