Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Wednesday Eve Again

Holy Wednesday approacheth! Huzzah! I think BG and I get to play together tomorrow, which is always fun as long as we don't get arrested.

Today I sewed patches on for a lot of the day, but I'm making $$, and I also used the time to listen to Deception Point by Dan Brown, which I got on CD at Borders for $5.99. It's getting very intriguing. :) I also made cookies that are freaking delicious!! I'll try not to be such a lazy ass and perhaps post the recipe tomorrow. It involves chocolate chips and espresso powder. What's not to like?

A friend of mine gave me his new Thos Covenant book to read today, which is awesome, cuz at the price it's selling for, no way was I going to buy it. He got it from a friend as a thank you for some very Samaritan stuff he did. :) Then I found out that another person we know has read them. I'm up to 3 real live people I know who have read those books. And my friend knows 2 others. So that may about cover everyone who's ever heard of them. Wait. I think Trundling Grunt may have read them, too. Our general consensus, though, is that Donaldson DID use a thesaurus for many of his word choices. Especially since he uses some of them improperly. Fortunately, in the 20 years between the last trilogy and this, he seems to have lost most of his thesaurus. Not that I mind learning new words or anything, but it gets old looking stuff up every few pages only to find out that the author didn't even use it properly.

I've been thinking lately about how a lot of the new music I like has rather banal lyrics (though every now and then Nickleback comes out with something clever -- OK well at least once) and then I realised that's because EVERYTHING has lame lyrics compared to Peter Gabriel and Sting. Maybe I need to broaden my horizons more. What to you listen to that really makes you go "Hey! That was brainy!"??


armalicious said...

THE FRATELLIS!!! They are awesome! And their lyrics are pretty clever (and I think they have a shoe fetish...almost every song says something about shoes).

And...and...what else. Showtunes always have clever lyrics but aren't always the best to rock out to. And...I can't think of anything else off the top of my head.

Hee...your comment about that author using the thesaurus makes me giggle. My friend was in a lit class and this girl that was in it with was telling my friend her secret in writing papers. "The thesaurus," she told my friend. And I believe she used it inappropriately, too.

Claire said...

I never think of 'brainy' and music together. Music makes me feel a certain way and I will listen to different stuff according to mood. So I guess music is 'moody' to me.

Candace said...

Amanda - Oooh! I really like what I've heard of the Fratellis. :) But I haven't really paid much attention to the lyrics yet, LOL! I shall have to listen more. :)

You're right about showtunes, and that crossed my mind as I was writing the post, but yeah, as you say, they're not usually something you can rock out to.

Ha! That's funny about the thesaurus girl. I bet she got the idea from Donaldson. ;-)

Claire - It's true. They rarely go hand-in-hand. But I sure am tickled when they do. It just adds another level of enjoyment. :)

Anonymous said...

I try to ignore lyrics these days for this same reason.

As for the thesaurus, I can't stand it when students use it relentlessly. People need to figure out that it's far better to use words they're comfortable with WELL, instead of using big words they can't even pronounce.