Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Life is Full

as is my memory card. . . almost.

"Now you don't have to be a Caesar to concord the digital world while feeling safe and proud." It's about time! ^_^

Why does Boba Fett sleep so soundly?

Because Shaak Ti always checks under his bed for monsters!

I made an art quilt!

Trillian isn't overly impressed by it.



"Nom, nom, nom!"

Stopping to smell the horses. . .

Horses like artsy fences. Who knew?

Who comes to drink?

. . .and take a look around.

"Do you know who I am?"

"I could kill you with a thought."

In a Faerie Ring


cindra said...

If you let me come live with you I'll admire your art quilt and be a really good student. You can cut my hair off too. What do you say? Please? It looks like so much FUN!

Slade said...

LOVE the haircuts! The girls look great!

Candace said...

Cindra - You are welcome any time! Esp if you say nice things about my quilt. ;-)

I actually took the girls to a haircutting place for a change. I should post pics of the back - it's all layered and stuff. I don't think I could pull that off without an atrocity resulting. ^_^

Slade - Thanks! The girls are tickled pink and say to tell you thank you for them. :)

Claire said...

You ARE the Queen of Photographic Diarrhea! LOL
I love the art quilt. I gotta try that out.

egan said...

Wow, this is some great stuff. I love every single one of these photos.

armalicious said...

This post makes me smile! Your kids are so adorable and I love the haircuts! I bet the love it. There is nothing like having no hair on your neck! I just cut my hair again last week.

I love that quilt! And those cinnamon rolls??? Holy crap my mouth is watering just looking at those.

And those horses are amazing. Man, I want a horse.

Candace said...

Claire - It's become rather severe. Maybe some Kaopectate would help. ^_^

The art quilt was so much fun. No rules, you know? I was basically just scrapbooking with fabric. I sewed on charms and beads and did all kinds of weird stuff, like the curly wire down the side. I'm definitely doing more!

Egan - And so little of that pesky print! ;-)

Armanda - They are really happy with their cuts. :) And it's so nice for TKD.

MuNKi made the rolls, of course. They were YUMMY!!!

The horses were so cool. I had no idea how much personality horses have. We were talking to 2 and some others came RUNNING over to see what we were doing (or possibly giving them, LOL!)

egan said...

Damn you're good. Reading is so overrated.

Candace said...


I'm writing my book again. You'd better read it when it gets published. And enjoy it, dammit!

radioactive girl said...

Your kids are so beautiful! Your quilt is beautiful! All these pictures are making me feel all happy inside (although it could just be the leftover anesthesia in me that is making me all sappy).

My 3 year old really wants to move to the neighborhood near us that has houses where you can have a horse. I would love to if only our money tree would grow!

Those cinnamon rolls look amazing! Would you share the recipe?

Candace said...

Thanks! :) LOL, the happy sappy anaesthesia thing cracks me up. ^_^

A money tree would be SO handy! I'll get MuNKi to point out his recipe to me so I can share it. :)

Winters said...

A heart-warmer of a post, C.



Candace said...

Thanks Winters. It was pretty severe photographic diarrhea this time. I think my camera's dehydrated. ;-)