Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday Already?!?

I find many things running through my head just now, though none of them really make sense or will be of interest to anyone. But it's my blog, so I shall spew it anyway.

Thanks to magnetic poetry words (but not Magnetic Poetry™ words) and a sleepover friend, we have a new definition of the word "rainbow" at our house. The sentence posted was "When my foot runs on soft jam I rainbow" I bet you can guess what rainbow means. It's much akin to having a Technicolour Yawn, 'yoffing' or 'shouting soup.'

I went shopping with Fishy just a little yesterday. I was mainly after wee trees for the kids' rooms. Somehow I ended up with a cool little kitty hideway and some other stuff, too. The lines weren't major, even though there were few checkers. Today, however, I went to Joann's to get thread for my recently booming TKD patch-sewing-on and pants-hemming biz (which still feels like highway robbery, though I'm not complaining) and ended up putting it back and leaving empty-handed because the line was so looooooong. Fortunately the trip was still successful in the Christmas and birthday present realm because we hit Tree Town Toys in Ann Arbor, which has no end of cool stuff.

I might have more to say, but I can hear Christmas Vacation starting without me, so I'm off.

Later, Dudes!


armalicious said...

What are you charging for hemming? I couldn't believe how much it cost to get something hemmed when we got our TKD pants hemmed up. We only paid $8...but that was the cheapest. Some people were charging $20 per pair of pants! Is hemming really hard?

Candace said...

I'm charging $10 cuz the local biz charges $30 and I figured 1/3 was decent. It involves some dinking around, but it's getting easier for me as I do more. It's time more than difficulty you're paying for. I like to preserve the original hem (with all that stitching you know) so I do it like this and then run a couple of lines of extra stitching above it to keep the inside flap from being a nuisance. I could cut off the extra, but I like to leave it - esp for kids - so the pants can grow with the kids. :)

I've recently gotten a bunch of regular pants to hem, too, which I do differently.