Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Incongruity and Beauty Interspersed

Is it ironic that the stuff I found all over the floor this morning was "Resolve"?

If you're feeling a little stressed by holiday stuffs, Orisinal is still my favourite site for random games. The animation and music are always beautiful. Mollusc says she could watch the deer crossing one for hours because it's just so peaceful. I don't play them a lot, but my spawn do and I love hearing the music. Here are the top 2 current faves. Double click the title box to start them.




Even if you're not going to play them, they're worth a look for gorgeousness of art and music alone. And I love that nobody dies if you mess up.

In other chicken news, yesterday Sluggie was playing with Prawn and speaking to her in a demon-like voice, telling her all the horrid things that would happen to her if Sluggie caught her, much to Prawn's delight. I glanced up to see Sluggie calmly reaching out to button the back of Prawn's dress, all the while continuing the threatening monologue. ^_^

Lately I've been listening to the lovely Azam Ali. Now you can, too.

And don't forget to check out Going Great White and play the "Spot Candace" game. I keep popping up in the convention scenes. ^_^


egan said...

When you're back at blogging, you don't mess around do you? You're great with the links and online games. Your kids are the best.

Candace said...

Ah, your sincerity shines through like. . . something incredibly shiny and sincere. :)

egan said...

Do you like diamonds?

Candace said...

The shapes or the stones?

Michael C said...

Yes I'm 3 days late, but happy new year. '07 is gonna rock! Oh wait, that doesn't seem right...

Candace said...

Happy naught 8, Michael!