Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Odds n Ends

Today is voting day. Sadly, there is no one terribly inspiring for whom to vote, but I went anyway. Fishy insisted on wearing a tie. (We tugged his sweater down for the pic so it would show better.) Mollusc thought that maybe there should be a new system for narrowing down the candidates:

1) Logic Tournament

2) Sparring Tournament (in this order, so we get the fittest smart person rather than the least dumb of the fit people)

3) English Grammar Test


I think she may be on to something. Chess might be a good idea as well - something to demonstrate a decent grasp of "strategerie."

Last night after Little Kids' Class, we went to the library for "Yummy Memories." Each of the kids brought a recipe card and got to scrap it on a piece of 12" x 12"paper. Prawn wanted my help, which is a true test of mommy skills, because as a scrapper I want things reasonably balanced and coordinated, but as a mom I know it's important to let her make her own choices and have fun with it. After all, it's supposed to be her page, not mine. So if she wants to cut out a random scrap of paper with decorative scissors and glue it over the mixing bowl on her card, and then decorate it with a face, more power to her. And if she wants to colour the sticker of the giant glass of milk pink and draw a guy reminiscent of the subject of Munch's The Scream on it, so be it. And in the end, it actually came out pretty cute. :-)


egan said...

I just want to hug Fishy, he's so stinking cute. I love that he dressed up for election day. I love it so much I won't ask who you voted for because you mean that much to me.

Candace said...

Now that is true love. ^_^

We got a lot of positive comments at the polls. Everyone is usuallypretty happy to see kids learning about the election process. And Fishy met another guy there with his name. The man's son and grandad also share the name. Pretty wild, since you don't meet many of those. Fishy was very excited.

I voted for the guy least likely to try to take away my right to homeschool. :-P

Anonymous said...

There are multiple guys named Fishy? :)

I think Mollusc was onto something as well. I kind of think we should have elections American Idol style. Widdle them down, vote them off, have lots of people to choose from, and maybe Simon could be there to make fun of them...

radioactive girl said...

Isn't it hard to stifle your urge to correct the kids when they aren't creative in just the way you would be? When my first was born, it was very difficult for me!

Your guy is so adorable in his tie! I love it!

Michael C said...

Let's go with the grammar quiz. Or better yet, how about a Jeopardy to the death match. It would choose the candidate and be entertaining. And there would probably be cool merchandise like t-shirts too.

Candace said...

Kitkat- Isn't that bizarre? ^_^

Ooooh, a Simon would add more fun to anything. :-)

Tori - OMG, yes, LOL!

Thanks. :-) He cracked me up with his insistence on wearing that. ^_^

Miachael - OMG Jeopardy to the death is an AWESOME idea! ^_^ Oh the possibilities. . . ^_^

egan said...

Your election vote teaser gives me nothing. I didn't know there was a "pro-homeschool" camp. Yes, I do love Fishy. How can someone not?

Candace said...

There are both pro and anti hsers. Some VERY anti. Why can't everyone just mind their own business? :-/

egan said...

Yeah, damn those people for wanting to focus on education.

Candace said...

Ha! If they were concerned about education, they'd be pro-hsing. What they're worried about is placating the teachers' union.