Monday, April 21, 2008


The Friday Night Knitting Club: Very well-written, but I have a thing or two to say to the author because, well I can't say if you're going to read it.

Labyrinth: Worth the read. Kind of Da Vinci Code-y, but different. Also, it made me wonder about when we decided that it wasn't OK to burn people alive and why it was OK back in the 1200s. That seems like a black and white issue to me: no, it's never OK to burn people alive. Doesn't it?

The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation: I'm listening to this one now. It's. . . interesting. . . So far.

Wicked: off to a great (if surreal) start!

Also, the lovely and talented Frank called and said he's downsizing his library rather extravagantly and I could pick from whatever was available. Is that orgasmic or what? I'm pretty sure I spoke very loudly and at a higher than normal pitch for the rest of the conversation. ^_^ How weird is it that this Musical Theatre workshop Frank attended was directed by the guy who wrote the music and lyrics for Wicked (the musical)? How much weirder is it that a young guy in my class told me tonight that he's going to see Wicked in Chicago in a few weeks? Pretty Dirk Gently, huh?

We got pretty thrashed in class tonight, so that is all for now. I thought abuse week was last week, but I guess I was wrong. :-P

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Sicilian Mama said...

I need to finish the knitting book so you can tell me what you have to say to the author!

Wicked was a good book. The musical sountrack is good, too. And I sooooo wants to see it!!