Tuesday, April 29, 2008


What happens when your sisters volunteer at the library and are tasked to peel all the NEW stickers off the books.

He made quite a splash.

Wee little daffodilly things

and grape hyacinths

Never let anyone persuade you to plant an "ornamental pear tree." The blossoms stink like fish. This one was here when we bought the house.

I made a bunch of goodie bags for Mollusc's B-day.

And on Thursday, we went to a book signing by Erin Hunter at Nicola's bookstore in Ann Arbor. Our Line # was 185, so there was a lot of waiting around without even the hope of any books to be bought since it was the day before payday. Talk about torture.

We ended up walking down the strip to the pet store and seeing some very adorable kittens who came dangerously close to coming home with us. And I found an awesome scrapbooking store. Danger, danger! When we went back to Nicola's it wasn't all that long before we got to the front of the line.

Now we'll see if the pics are clicky.


Sicilian Mama said...

Yay for clicky pics! Fishy cracks me up. What a good sport.

And being in a bookstore all day the day before payday? Torture, indeed! I don't know how you held out. Seriously.

egan said...

I think your son has a budding acting career in the works. Stickers, yum!

Candace said...

Armie - He's definitely a good sport. Well, I think it was his own idea, too. ^_^

Yeah that was a special kind of torture at the bookstore. But we had a great time. :)

Egan - He can show a lot of expression with only his eyes. ^_^