Thursday, April 03, 2008

Dream On

I looked up some of my dream stuff at the library today. Turns out that strangling a stranger means money is coming your way (that would be lovely!), but you may have to be ready to defend your good name. Generally, killing someone in your dreams was accepted by all the books to mean something positive -- either you have overcome an obstacle or fear, or you are getting rid of something negative in your life, though I suppose it could also mean you're just a bit psycho.

Maybe it's all about my washer. It's stopped filling with water for the wash cycle. This is a major pain, because I have to do it with a bucket. Through the little soap dispenser slot. (It's a front loader.) Maybe I could try doing it through the door before I put the clothes in. Either way, it's awkward. Thankfully, it still turns, and still appears to fill with water for the rinse cycle. Although last night I guess it stopped partway through a cycle, cuz that's how I found it this morning. Wah. It would be nice if it was still under warranty.

I have a hunch it's about the TKD tournament on Saturday, though. I hate tournaments. I don't know whether or not I'm competing, because I don't know whether or not there will be anyone else in my division. It's a State Tournament, so there's no cross-gender sparring (a first for me -- I've always had to spar guys.) Same goes for MuNKi. All the kids are competing, though.

I did my grocery game early this week. I think that may be a first for me. Usually I end up not getting it done until Sunday, but I found time to squeeze it in today. This trip's results:

Value of groceries purchased: $98.07
............................. I spent: $44.68
...................for a savings of: $53.39


radioactive girl said...

I am always so jealous of your savings with the grocery game. But apparently not quite excited enough to actually do it yet. Someday I hope to.

We have a front loader and I hate it. Does yours break a lot? Front loader sounds vaugely naughty to me, but I can't figure out why. It's always so expensive to fix and ours breaks all the time. Every time, the guy says he has never seen anyone have this much trouble with theirs. Maybe it is because there are so many people in our house that we use it a lot. Or I'm rough with it? Everyone is always envious of our washing machine, and I always offer to trade if they will move it!

kitkat said...

Maybe with all the money you saved with groceries, you can fix your washer?

I go to for all my dream interpretation needs. Last night, I dreamed of being kidnapped and then subsequently chased when I got away.

Michael C said...

Strangling a stranger means money us coming? Is that because the strangler is bullying money from the stranger? Ya know what, never mind, cuz you could kick my arse!!


Candace said...

Tori - I love it! But our first one broke when it was 5 yrs old, so MuNKi fixed it, but then later it broke again and MuNKi had to call a repairman who couldn't touch it because a non-Sears person (MuNKi) had already fixed it once. Wah. So we got a new one and this is the first problem it's had. I'll actually have to read back in myblog to see how old this one is, but it's not all that old.

I still love it, though. I love how I can wash absolutely anything in it (even hand wash stuff) and how it holds so stinkin' much! And how it's energy and water efficient.

Maybe you can trade your in under the Lemon Law.

Kitkat - Somehow that money always disappears. Probably to vet bills and tournament fees this time around. :-P Bt I'm glad I saved enough that it was there to use! MuNKi is looking at fixing it. He seems to have isolated the part. I think he sait it was $89.

Ooh! I'm so gonna check out that dream site! :)

Candace said...

Michael - That sounds plausible. I don't know that I could kick your ass, but I could probably kick you IN the ass. Not that I would. . . ^_^

Simon Sterwin said...

Are the bears in your MuNKi link fighting or mating, C?

It's important to know, given that those activities are such polar opposites.


Candace said...

Well, S, that's good question. I thought they were sparring, but now that you say that. . . Hopefully you can bear with me while I decide. Ours (does French count in punning?)is always an interesting banter. Coming up with the right puns can be a bit hairy. ^_^

Sicilian Mama said...

That last part kind of reminds me of Supermarket Sweep for some reason. Remember that show? I loved that show...I wish grocery shopping could be as fun as that show.

Candace said...

Never heard of it. (I do live under a rock, LOL) How did it work?

radioactive girl said...

Oh, Sicilian Mama I used to love that show too! You always bring up the best stuff that I have forgotten about!

Candace said...

That's the best part about comments, I think -- all the things that other people are inspired to talk about. :)