Sunday, April 20, 2008

So Much for That Idea

Oh well. I'll get this "clickable larger pictures" thing figured out one day. Maybe.


Chives! We ate some tonight. Yummy! It's not going to be long before we get some of those beautiful chive flowers.

Finally! Daffodils. :)

And some signs of life in the clematis vines:

I made a bunch of headbands on Saturday. There was one more, but the little girl I made it for already had it by this point. ^_^ All the light ones are made from vintage scraps I got from MuNKi's mom.

This was a Cuddle Quilt kit from JoAnn's. I liked having the fabrics already coordinated. I still had to cut the squares to the right size, and it was kind of a PITA sewing knits, wovens, flannels AND satins together, but it was fun. I love the fabrics. :)

I also made the triple-play peanut butter cookies again. They disappeared the same day, so that evening I tried Tea & Spice Squares. Nom, nom NOM! The glaze is confectioner's sugar and Bailey's. YUM!! I think these will become a Christmas staple. They are very gingerbready and have chopped dried fruit in them (in this case raisins and candied red and green cherries.)

Emmett decided to "help" Mollusc play RuneScape while the girls chomped fresh green beans (stolen from the chef.) Prawn is "wearing" a pop-up laundry basket in case you were wondering about the red stuff.

And last night, all 3 girls were collaborating in the game - one on a regular computer and 2 on laptops.


Overheard on Friday:

Prawn: **aah!** (surprise more than shock) A SPIDER!

Sluggie: It's BIG!

(a few minutes pass)

Fishy: NO SPIDEY!! Don't leave the Spi-Tanic!!!

(a few seconds pass)

Fishy: Prawn! Come see! The spider can walk on water!!


Jay said...

Lovely photos, am especially feeling jealous of the chives. Oh, fresh chives.

Claire said...

My clematis already bloomed. OMG do they smell good!

radioactive girl said...

Our house must be situated badly with the sun because all my neighbors already have flowers blooming and ours are still just tiny baby sprouts.

I love your pictures! And I love that your kids all play computer together like mine do. My mother in law and I were talking last night about how different it is now that computers are so affordable.

egan said...

It's way too early to be viewing pictures of delicious desserts like those you posted. Yum.

I see your kids are growing up to be quite the bloggers.

Candace said...

Jay - The chives are amazing! I can't believe how prolific they are. I shall think of you while eating them. :)

Claire - How tall are your tomatoes now? I don't think my first clematis is due to bloom until June.

Tori - That's a bummer about the flowers! How weird.

Yeah, I do love affordable computers! My laptop was $125 plus shipping and then something like $30 for a new hard drive. Huzzah!

Efo - But not to early to eat them!

They are becoming quite the technogeeks. :)

GuTTer MuNKi said...

Wow, Wench. Perhaps you and Jay should get a room.

With a Sky Chair.

Candace said...

Ack! A to/too typo AND inappropriate eating!

egan said...

Not the Sky Chair. Tell MuNKi to keep his mind out of the gutter, your kids read this blog.

kitkat said...

It would have been way better if the vintage material that came from MuNKi's mother was the cammo stuff. It puts a pretty picture in my mind ("Your mother wears combat boots!").

Michael C said...

Ya got me with the food!!!

Candace said...

Egan - I think it would be physically impossible to separate his mind from the gutter. At least without endagering his life.

Kitkat - Ha! now that WOULD have been fun! ^_^

Micahel - Did I have you at "peanut butter"? ;-)