Monday, October 02, 2006

Crazy Tuesday Again!!

By the time most of you read this, it will be Crazy Tuesday again for me. OTOH sometimes that means that I am NOT going to accomplish anything in my short stints at home, so why not chat with my friends? Unless I'm digging Legos out of toilets or something. (please, no. . .) So maybe I WILL see you tomorrow.

Yesterday we hit "BARGAIN BOOKS" for the first time. It's a very seedy-looking warehouse type place in Brighton full of tables and tables of cheap books. In other words, Heaven. I stayed for Mass and Confession, and on into Vespers, leaving with a few bagsful of books, to include 2 Terry Pratchetts (
Small Gods and The Last Continent) a couple of Shakespeare plays with notes and/or modern Eng version alongside, a backup copy of H2G2 (can't be reading the Holy one signed by DA since the spine's already looking a bit had) and a bunch of other goodies. Oh, and the Alex Rider books. (boxed set of the 1st 4) Mollusc and I are currently battling each other for those. We've both finished #1 and I've started (and promptly hidden) #2. }:-) Heh, heh, heh. If you or your kids enjoy Artemis Fowl, I think you'll love these, too. :-) LMK if you try them.

Today we went to the library, too. So I'm having a total bookgasm, and can't believe I'm Blogging right now. Pleasure-delayer. *shrug*


l said...

I'm going to the library tomorrow to pick up "Salt - A World History" - have you heard of it or read it? 450 page gripping words all about salt. I've been trying to figure out how to manipulate the library system so that I can ensure I have enough time to read the whole damn thing. I'm probably going to have to just pay late fees. Hunh. I wonder when Amnesty Day is?

SighsofmyLife said...

We listened to one of the Alex Rider books on audio. Very good! I really need to find more in the series.

I was reading Stephenie Meyer's website (author of New Moon and Twilight), and she was giving a list of books she read over the summer and which ones she enjoyed the most. Funny that the ones she liked the most were Young Adult Fiction.

There are so many good books in the Young Adult section. Sometimes it is so much better written than the adult fiction. Better stories all around.

Anonymous said...

Hello C. A bookgasm...splendid.

"Small Gods" is a great addition to any bookgasm. A pant-rippingly good yarn.

Bostick said...

Lucky you.. I am a book collecting and reading feind. I bet it smelled like heaven in there..

Candace said...

L, I think I made fun of that book several months ago, LOL! I'm sure it's a very juicy read. :-P

Sighs, I'mlooking forwar to the DVD. I think. . . :) I'll have to check out her list. I find that I enjoy a lot of YA books, too. :)

Winters - Thank you for the warning. I shall be sure to have extra pants on hand (or bum.)

Bos - I will definitely be going back! :)

Jaichan said...

As we drove into Halifax, I had my parents stop at the Chapters (the huge, glorious bookstore chain in Canada) before we went home.
I love books. Love, love, love. I spent 4 1/2 months in a town with no bookstore. It was dire.
That said, when the Chapters first opened in town, Dad refused to go in. He said there was no point; he would only see aisle after aisle of books he wants to read with no time to read them.
He now has a very well-worn membership card.

ablondeblogger said...

I heart Shakespeare!!! Barnes and Noble University (haha) was offering a few classes based on his plays awhile ago and I took one. I don't know if they're still offering it, but if they are, you should definitely take it!

~d said...

Yeah, baby!

Hmmm. If I hadd 'gasm' to any word does that make it like totally effing rockin?!

Like-umm, lets see:
How about:


Heh heh heh:
Yeah baby, gurrrl!

Egan said...

Hi Candace. We should watch Nightmare on Elm Street someday. You game?

Candace said...

Aaargh! I don't do horror flicks, but my sis would gladly take you up on it. :) How about Batman instead? ;)

eve's other half said...

Glad to read you're a Pratchitt fan. I've been introducing Winters to him. And, of course, Artemis Fowl is Irish, so you have to love that ;)

Toby said...

I saw a documentary on the history of Salt. I read about it in the Smithsonian too. Both were very interesting, but I would be very hard pressed to read a 450 page book about it.

treespotter said...

i been trying to control my impulses. but those second hand bookshops... hmmppfff could never deny myself. very strange fetish. now i'm punishing myself by having to read them all.

fun, i know!

Jay said...


(translation: Oh my, it took me ages just to decipher your acronyms).

Candace said...

Eve's other - do you have a favourite Pratchitt book.

Toby - Yeah, no way, could I get through something like that. Dryyyyyyyyyy!

Treespotter - I can never control myself in those used book stores. Never. Ha - I love your form of punishment! :)

Jay - D'oh!! I should post a key somewhere. :-P They're second nature from being on the boards. Believe it or not, I don't text msg because I have no cellophone.

Trundling Grunt said...

Small Gods is a great book, The Last Continent was merely (merely?) very good.

How you getting on with them? Which have you read so far?

eve's other half said...

Hard to choose a favourite. Small Gods, Guards, Guards and Lords and Ladies