Monday, October 30, 2006

The One Where I Come Back to Life

Hello, Dear Readers. :)

I've been a very bad Blogger of late, as you've no doubt noticed. Perhaps I can blame part of this on my depression over
Sir Kay leaving the Blogging scene. Although in actuality, I guess it's mostly because I have been busy.

Today was GORGEOUS. Mostly the weather around here has been very poopy - wet, cold, blah. But today was just lovely. We opened up all the windows and I washed a bunch of them and took out screens and washed the icky green stuff off from around the edges. Blech. Yesterday we raked a bunch of leaves and did a little leaf-jumping and trampoline jumping.

I've been reading and scrapping lately - doing my class assignments, though, as always, I can't follow instructions, so I just pretend I'm a pirate and treat them as guidelines.

I also finished up Fishy's Aang costume. Yes, we'll do the arrow on his head, as well as on his hands and feet. We did a dry run a couple of weeks ago and it came out great.

Tomorrow is the Lemony Snicket book signing, so we're all excited about that. That's way better than trick-or-treating! A bunch of us TKD homeschoolers are planning to go together. The kids want to go as Volunteers Fighting Disease, sing him a tiny snippet of the song and give him a heart-shaped balloon. ;) Will they be brave enough?

Oh, I know where else I've been! Mine cart surfing, ice fishing, sledding, playing mancala and connect four, taking care of puffles -- yes, we've discovered the evils of Club Penguin. Oy! Now that is addicting. Sat night, the girls and I were all sled racing with each other. I got my butt kicked at Mancala by one of Mollusc's online friends, and I whupped some other booties as I got better. Come to our house this week and you're likely to hear us shouting to those on various computers, "meet me at The Mountain" or "come to the coffee shop for mancala!" or "your puffle looks really upset! You'd better feed him!" If you, too, get sucked in and happen to see H2g2guin waddling around there, be sure to say hello. :)


Me said...

Hello you. It has been a long time since we blogged back and forth so I am herre to say hello.
I hope you are back to kicking ass in your kick ass way.
You got any good ideas? Come look please..

Jay said...

Okay, okay, you've convinced me: you've been busy! Genuinely busy! :)

ldbug said...

Oh, fun, sledding!

You made the costume? Brave, brave woman! I'm afraid of sewing myself!

Happy Halloween:-)

tshsmom said...

Have fun tonight!
It's 20F, snowing and 30mph winds here tonight. I'm grateful that I don't have to go trick-or-treating.

Candace said...

Bos - I did kick some ass at sparring, even though that's not what we're supposed to do. No points in the ass-region, dontcha know.

Jay - Yes! Well, some of it was a bit frivolous, but I was busy nonteheless. :D

Ldbug - well, it's just an online game thinggy. We don't have any stnow on the ground right now. Though we did a few weeks ago. Briefly anyway. Costume pics will be forthcoming. :)

Tshsmom - thanks! We ended up getting home at nearly 11:00 pm, so no trick-or-treating for us. Lemony Snicket was WELL worth it, though. :)