Monday, October 16, 2006

Joys of Fall and Random Pics

More a piccy post than anything tonight. . .

I've been playing with various ISO settings on the camera. I like the candle in this one. :)

I love Fall.

Prawnie breaking her board on Saturday. . .

and so proud of her new belt. :)

This guy would not pass the CA smog test:

Mollusc swears his license plate was on fire. :-P

I'm not a fan of lights hanging from power lines strung all across the road. In WI, pretty much everything is buried. In MI, not so much. I think it's because of the much stronger union presence here (more work for them when the lines come down due to wind, ice, etc., which is NOT an infrequent occurrence. :-/ )

More leaf jumping, this time by The (Incredible, Flying) Slug:

Another reason to love Fall - baking is so appealing. :) This is the first time I've ever made a ganache. The true colour of the cake is in between the first cake pic and this one.

Stop by and have some fudge cake. :-)

Are the power lines strung or buried where you live?


Toby said...

Hong Kong Phooey! ;)

I love the cake. Where my brother lives, in Bayfield Co. there is only one stop and go light in the entire county. It's strung in the middle of the intersection blinking red one way and yellow the other.

Candace said...

LOL! I remember that guy! :)

Wow - I think I could deal with strung lights if it was just the one for the whole county. :)

Egan said...

I'm salivating big time over that fudge cake. Slug's legs look abnormally long.

~d said...

I do not comprehend a pile of leaves like that. I have SEEn it on tv and movies, sure-and maybe even seen a few bruning piles-but one big enough to JUMP into! WOW!
Really EFFING cool. Could I do it? I mean-like as an adult-like if I had a pile of leaves-could I jump in them?!

Abt ganache.
Not familiar with the word. First thing that came to my mind was Ganesh.


ldbug said...

Wow, you have amazing kids, they kick ass, they fly!!!! and about the desserts, may I say 'yum'? Hungry now!!

The trees are beautiful:-)

Egan said...

Prawnie could kick my ass I bet.

tshsmom said...

Our street lights are wired underground.

How about posting the recipe for that cake? YUM! It looks way better than your marshmallows. ;)

Winters said...

People are dissin' your marshmallows, C.

Set Prawnie and Slug on 'em. That'll teach 'em!

~d said...

FRIGGIN! FRIG ME! THERE are no leaves for me to jump in!
I could go take a long walk off a short pier! HAHAHAHA

Candace said...

Egan - I'll post the recipe for tha cake next. :)

~D - you could TOTALLY do it. I do. I'm not saying it looks graceful or anything, but there are plenty of leaves to cushion the landing. :-)

HA! Ganesh, LOL!!

Ldbug - why thank you. :)

Oh, I am LOVING the trees right now. Ahhhh. I love Fall.

Egan, well, she's only like 32 lbs or something, so she'd be at a slight disadvantage. She can be pretty feirce at sparring, though.

Tshsmom - I sure do prefer underground. At least in our 'hood they're under. One of the houses we looked at when we moved here had a HUUUUUUUGE electrical wire tower just off the corner of the back yard. I think that's the only reason we didn't buy the house. :-P
I'll post the recipe today. :)

Winters, had you seen those marshies, you'd be dissin' them, too. (Take 2 came out much better, LOL!)

~D - no leaves? Maybe you could climb up a tree and strip 'em all off. :-P Bummer!

sleepydog said...

In Chicago, the cityscape is a tangle of overhead wires, I live in perpetual fear of fire and electrocution every time the wind blows.

I like cake.

I want to learn kung fu.

I live vicariously through you !

Me said...

I absolutly loved that post!
You have the cutest kids and that cake looks so damn good.
Is that your house behind the tree? The stone veneer looks great. We do not have stones here, only sand.

polyergos said...

They've buried all the power lines in Toronto in Summer of 2000. They put them there so they wouldn't interfere with all the flying cars.

Egan said...

Cool, please do post the recipe so I can drool over the thought of it and never actually make it. That's just how I roll.

Candace said...

SleepyD - oooh - that's scary! Cake Baking and Kung Fu = Cake Fu - the newest interdisciplinary Martial Art!

Bos - why thank you. No, that's not my house. I jus tlike the way it looks. It's attached to the TKD studio. Do they make sand-veneer houses there?

Poly - DUUUUUUDE! You live! :) I loved your acronym, LOL!

Flying cars? I want to visit Toronto. Or are they flying as the result of accidents?

Efo - I was a lazy bum yesterday and did not post the recipe as you see. This one is so simple, you might actually make it. I will post it soon. Really. There are rumours that I don't have to teach after-school class today, so maybe I'll even post it this afternoon. I made it again yesterday and it's just as yummy the second time around.

~d said...


treespotter said...

is someone calling for me?

i was hungry when i read the post.

now i'm really hungry.

Slade said...

you MUST give me the recipe for that cake...I had one of those at a wedding one time and it was the best thing that has ever touched my lips...except for perhaps my hubby

Slade said...

...oh yeah, and except that time that Gerard kissed me in my dream...

Candace said...

~d : seriously?!? Bummer, Dude!!

Tree : it's sinful stuff. :)

Slade : OK, recipe coming. :) Oooooh - NICE dream! :) Maybe we should call it GB cake. ;)

Egan said...

I like trees and Treespotter.

Candace said...

Is Treespotting like a really mild version of Trainspotting?

Trundling Grunt said...

The power lines are strung and it seems like a really stupid idea.

The fudge cake looks good, the daughters look highly dangerous, and the car is just laying down a smoke screen to cover his escape.

polyergos said...

G-R-double E-K- LIVES!


Candace said...


Where's your fig leaf?

Yes, you made me Google it, and can I just say - uh - that is REALLY different.