Friday, October 06, 2006


Just a bunch of pics for now.

Things I didn't plant:

Come for a walk with us:

It's dark in the woods,

but there are patches of dappled sunlight.

Look up.

Look down.

Look out for giant mushrooms!

And don't touch the poison ivy!

Take a break on one of the bridges before we head home to jump in the leaves.

Come and play with us!


~d said...


kitkat said...

That is an awesome action shot!

kitkat said...

That is an awesome action shot!

Jess said...

what is that giant fungus? I have a pic of Finn posing with one like that, but have no idea what it is.

Candace said...

~d - LOL - that wooden sword has gotten a LOT of playtime.

Kitkat - thanks! :) I took a LOT to get a few decent ones.

Jess - I don't know. They're crazy aren't they? Cool pic you have there. Have you seen then when they get old? Ooooh nasty! I should see if I got a decent pic of the green, moldy ones. They poof out clouds of green spores (I assume they're spores) and junk when you bump them.

Me said...

I cant wait! mine are one and Four so....