Thursday, October 19, 2006

Sucky Blogger

I'll admit it, I've been a sucky blogger of late - not getting 'round to your blogs nearly as often as I'd like. And no HNT today, even.

Dialogue from today while I was teaching and the kids were playing in the entryway/watching a DVD in the office.

After-School TKD student: *click click click click click* (with his tongue)

Me: *not noticing*

Boy: Am I annoying you yet?

Me: Dude, you forget - I have 4 kids. It's only when there's NOT noise that I start to worry.

Boy: Oh, yeah. *pause* So, really, this is kind of like a vacation.



polyergos said...

European vacation!

Jay said...

Is that a bit depressing?

Jaichan said...

Ooooh! I have lots of tricks to play on people who are actively trying to annoy me.
One of my favourites is to take their hand, place it on the inside of my left elbow and flex.
The grinding, popping, gristly sensation is enough to stop anyone dead in their tracks.
Or I sing 'Walking On Sunshine' by Katrina and the Waves.
I really hope someone annoys me today.

Winters said...

Hello, C. You have "Atlas Shrugged" in your favourite books on your profile. I love that book!

Hard to pin down why. But brilliant.

~d said...

I was jammin in the grocery store today-having a great time, right, and the Stepford Wives were like NOT enjoying all!
I have 6 children tomorrow night. Between the ages of 3 and 6. So I figured-whats 2 more?! And I invited to take my gf's kids! WOOO!

tshsmom said...

I used to have a shirt that said: "You can't scare ME, I have kids!"

Egan said...

I'm very disappointed with your blogging lately Candace. I've been meaning to talk you about it. Glad I didn't have to though.

Me said...

We still love you Can!!

Have a decent weekend!

Logophile said...

Candace, why don't you love us anymore?
OK, well, I have not been great either, but I make up for it by copying and pasting stuff when I finally do post.
(snicker snicker)
Mr. Logo would have gotten annoyed by the 5th click. I would have started doing things to annoy the kid

kitkat said...

Everyone's been blog-slacking these days, including me! What's up with that? Is it the weather? Is it that the novelty of blogs have worn off? I'm still pondering this one.

Who would have thought that having one kid around clicking his tongue would be considered a vacation?

Trundling Grunt said...

I'm hoping you'll get back into it as the weather cools and the seductions of the great outdoors diminish?

ldbug said...

Ha! Smart ass kid:-)

Strow said...

if you ever think your a sucky blogger, go back to the start of my blog and look at the dates between posts.

then you will feel better

Candace said...

Poly, LOL! The weird thing is that Christmas Vacation quotes have been popping into my head ever since Fiday.

Jay, fortunately, I thrive on noise. (I'm pretty loud my own self.) If that were not the case, I think it would be EXTREMELY depressing, LOL!

Jai - OK, EEeeew! That is NASTY! I do have a technique I learned from a teacher friend for when they really ARE annoying me. MAKE them continue said annoying action for X minutes. Sudden;y it's not fun anymore. :)

Winters - you're not messing with me? There seems to be a huge division over that book - a love it or hate it sort of book, I guess. I love it so much that one of my daughters is named after Ms. Taggart, and Slug shares her nickname. :) I don't meet many people who really do love it, but they're a special breed. :)

~d - you're absolutely insane. Which is why I love you so much.:) That sounds like fun. Crazy, but fun. :)

tshsmom - HA! It's so true, isnit it? Muahaha!! Poo? I fear it not! Vomit? A trifle! Noise? Music to my ears. ;)

Egan, you may still have to have a serious chat with me. :-/

Bos, thanks :) I'm glad y'all haven't desrted me. Yet. . . ;)

Logo - what is it with guys? Why is their threshold so much lower? Weird, isn't it?

Kitkat - I don't know. I seem to go in waves lately, but I don't know why.

TG - the great outdoors has been wet a lot, and yet, I still find myself not blogging. Argh! Worse yet, I find myself not even writing. Wah! :(

Ldbug - He's an only child, so I think he was really expecting annoyance, LOL! Little does he realise the incredible pandelerium that is my world. ;)

Strow - thank you! Thank you very much. I do feel better. :)

Egan said...

Okay, but I'm not holding my breath.