Thursday, October 12, 2006



Bloody snow, I tell you.

On the ground. Covering it. All white-like and that.

I mean, really.

I honestly thought that
GuTTer MuNKi was joking when he announced it this morning. Then I thought it was his blindness helping him to mistake patchy frost for an entire blanket of white snow covering the ground. I was wrong, dammit.

Two days ago, my elbow was hurting. This would be the elbow that is now the wrong shape because I injured it when I was 8. Long story, but it involved a bamboo scaffolding, 2 accomplices, and a lot of pain. I won't bore you with the details.

This elbow is handy for 2 things. 1) It can reach around corners. VERY handy for reaching back between the seats to hand stuff to the kids in the car. 2) It's a weather predictor. More specifically, a precipitation predictor. 2 days before precipitation, it aches like a BIG dog. Bleh. But sorta handy since the weather guessers suck so bad.

When my elbow predicted a storm for today, I really thought it was going to be rain. It's probably all my fault for feeling smug when my mom said they were supposed to get snow in WI today.

Keep your eye on the sky. Never know what you might see up there.

*50 points to Gryffindor or the house of your choice if you can get my title acronym. It's pretty easy, IMO, but LMK if you can't get it. I know that GMTA so at least one of you is bound to figure it out.


Egan said...

I may not like tits, but I love snow. I wish I was your cat in this photo. How many days until the new James Bond movie?

Egan said...


What the fuck happened cutie, I believe Santa arrived in oversized overalls?

Candace said...

How about snow-capped tits? How about whipped cream-capped tits? Are you saying you wish you were my pussy? How very nearly Prince Charles of you. I knew you were a royal something :D

Ooooh, ooooh - James Bond! I've been looking forward, but also kind of blocking because it will come out the 17th and I think our Bo Dan test is the next day, and I'm trying not to think about that. As a present to moi, we will go see it if we both live through the test. And, no, this isn't even the black belt test - it's the one right before - but it's gonna be a doozy. :-P

3/12 correct. 25%, which, sadly, is a failing grade. Keep trying. I think I'll give you extra credit for height and effort, though. And maybe a few more for your Starbucks connection.

Egan said...

Wow, you're very good a slurring my words to suit your desires. I absolutely love it though. Meow! Speaking of pets, the raccoons have returned. They're staked out in our backyard with their ones.

You're going to rock the Bo Dan test and then you can reward yourself with a hunk of ManMeat. 3/12 is all? Damn, I got to try again. I'm assuming I got the first three correct.

Candace said...

Meow indeed! Heh. :) Oooh. I almost posted a pic of the raccys from tonight. They are VERY big and boofy - I guess it's going to be a cold winter. :-P

Thank you for your confidence in me. I hope I can come up with some of my own. Actually, I do think I'll make it, but I'm dreading it, because it is not going to be fun. *shiver*

But, yes, the ManMeat reward is the (throbbing) carrot, so to speak, on the end of the (pulsating) stick, so to speak, so I've got that going for me. Plus, the Dalai Lama told me that on my death bed, I'll receive total enlightnenment, so I've got that going for me, too.

Candace said...

Oh, yes, 1st 3. I guess you get some points for sequential words, too. If you suck up enough, I could help you turn that 25% into an A!

Egan said...

Okay, give me some help then. I love your innuendos. You will succeed Candace, don't worry about. Just relax and have faith in all your hard work.

SighsofmyLife said...


What the Fuck How Can It Be Snow And Its Only October

Living with the military for 18 years has its benefits!

Candace said...

WOW, Sighs! You almost totally nailed it. Yes, the military mindset must help. :) "Snowing Already" for S and A, so you got S mostly right. Impressive. You are well on your way to becoming a Jedi. :) 11.5/12 An Honour Student!

Egan, I can't help you now, Sighs just raised the curve dramatically. Perhaps you can find some other way of boosting your score. }:-)

Egan said...

Damn Sighsofmylife rocked it.

I will make one very slight modification to that guess.

What the Fuck How COULD It Be SnowING ALREADY Its Only October?

Jaichan said...

Snow? Bloody hell! Dougie (my roomie) and I were just complaining about how hot it is here today. We almost roasted in Theory today.
Your elbow looks ouchie. I know; thanks to paddling, I have absolutely no cartilage in my left elbow.
That kinda disappeared when I was 13.

Logophile said...

Looking at your arm makes mine ache, does that mean snow is coming here too?

ldbug said...

Yay to snow, I lived in the south for 5 years, yuck. No snow or maybe a bit once a year. Ice, and hot, hot, hot. Love snow, excited to move back to Montana in Dec. In NY right now, maybe snow before Dec?

treespotter said...

seriously, i'm not even half kidding, the cat looks like mine and the hands look like me. Are you me?

Egan said...

Logo, tell me you were kidding?

Candace said...

Oooh, Egan, you're very good. Now you just have to figure it out before you see the answers. :-P

Jaichan, WAIT a minute! I thought you were in The Great White North. It's HOT there? No fair! Oooh - owie to the loss of cartiledge. Ack, ack, ack!

Good Q, Logo, LOL! Can you imagine the pandelirium?

Ldbug, I love snow in small doses. And later in the year. A perfect winter for me would be Snow - real snow for sledding, and good packing snow for igloos and snowmen - all through December and maybe a week or two in Jan, and then it all melts and Spring arrives. :)

Tree - freaky! Are you that kid in my 5th grade Soc Studies text that looked just like me? How many toes has your cat got?

Egan, sureley you know Logo well enough by now that you know she is always dead serious.

Trundling Grunt said...

We didn't get snow this time, so I am a happy lucky bugger. Your pussy looks fascinated by it all.

Candace said...

Lucky bugger indeed! Clearly Indiana has its priorities straight about some things.

That particular pussy was, indeed, fascinated. :)

Egan said...

Dead serious is right. I hope she knows weather patterns better than her question implies. Logo is very bright.

Don't I have the answer? I can't be off by much now.

Me said...

Why in the hell is it snowing everywhere?

Candace said...

Egan, those are definitely drunken utterings. What was in your pumpkin spice latte? She wasn't implying that our was heading her way. She was saying that looking at my misshapen elbogen made her own hurt, and did the pain in her elbow mean that snow was coming her way, too.

BTW I had a maple macchiato yesterday. When I asked her about the difference, the very helpful barrista explained that the shots go in last. Unlike your cryptic ramblings on the subject, I found this very easy to understand. ;) For some reason I thought that you meant the RATIOS were upside down. Who knew a difference as simple as dumping order would be marketed? Not me.

I think I like the pumpkin spice latte better, but the maple's yummy, too. :)

Bos, I have no idea, but I hope it doesn't do it anymore for a while. :-P

Me said...

Your arm freaks me out. You got anymore pics of it>? I see it being in an HNT, maybe wrapped in lace, no.. Leather.. grrrrr

Egan said...

Not only are the shots added last, but the foam is "marked" with either caramel or maple. The marking of the foam is what makes it a macchiato, thus it's sweeter than your typical cappuccino. I'm clear on the Logo thing now. Merci.

Candace said...

Bos - that would make a very lovely HNT indeed. Perhaps a leather handcuff. . . :)

Egan, aHA! Merci for the clarification.

Logophile said...

Glad to have been able to contribute to a thriving conversation. Also glad, Candace, that you have recognized that I am, as you are yourself, A Very, Very Serious Person.

Egan, come on, dude, keep up!
Does their snow mean it's going to snow here, sheesh!
I have to stop looking at that pic of the elbow though, it really does make my arm hurt.
BTW, its raining.
Just thought I'd add that.

polyergos said...


Weather Taunts Feline, Harmed Candace In Bamboo Scaffolding Accident, Injuries Observed On?!?!??!!* Half Naked Thursday