Thursday, October 05, 2006

Technically Thursday

But my HNT won't be 'til later. It will be the bookend, as promised, to last week's.

Today was a great follow-up to Crazy Tuesday. The Prawn woke up asking, "Is it tomorrow??" She was excited because we were having friends over today. My friend made
bibimbap for lunch, and then we surfed fun sites of all kinds while our collective 6 children set fire to the livingroom and parachuted from the balcony with plastic bags. A generally good time was had by all. Egan plonked us during a particularly challenging round of an online children's word game. We had just offered up "sh-t" ("Oops, that's not a word"), "fart" ("That word is not allowed") and "vagina" (SCORE!!!!) which we promptly lost, and we tormented him with moronic questions about macchiatos, cappucinos, and lattes. (Honestly - do any of you know what a macchiato is? Would the description "upside-down cappucino" have helped you? If not, please join me in throwing things at Egan.) We laughed until we cried, which had to be healthy for both of us.

I have not yet started my Terry Pratchett books (back to that pleasure-delayer thing) as I'm making myself finish the Alex Rider books first (OK, so those are really fun, too) and am still doing the last old Covenant book so I can tell my friend Eric (the only person I know IRL who has read them) that I'm finally through again. Also, I need to go back to my list from
Trundling Grunt and see which to start with out of the ones I have.

I have pictures to post, but alas, you get none tonight as I am already in bed.

Mr. Depraved (aka GuTTer MuNKi) and I watched Elizabethtown tonight, which had some delightfully quirky humour and a lot of really good music. My friend lent me a whole folder-full of DVDs. Which should I watch next - The 13th Warrior, Waiting for Guffman, Hi Dharma, Firewall? I think there are more, but I forget the rest.

I've run out of things to say, so -- FOODFIGHT AT EGAN'S BLOG!!!


Jaichan said...

Oh... definitely Waiting for Guffman. That is one of my top 3 favourite movies.
Teacher's pet, i wanna be teacher's pet...
The first time I saw Waiting For Guffman, I laughed so hard my roommate could hear me on the first floor lobby of our apartment building (we lived on the 5th floor).

ldbug said...

Sounds like a good day all-around! I'm sure the kids had a blast setting fire, and parachuting;-)

Anonymous said...

The Prawn woke up asking, "Is it tomorrow??"


I feel like I've been away from your blog for far too long. Can't wait for the HNT later! Maybe I'll have one too!

~d said...

did someone say FOOD FIGHT!?!?!

Me said...

Happy Hnt anyways

Elizabeth said...

Have you seen Guffman yes? If not then definitely Guffman!

~d said...


SighsofmyLife said...

I read all the Covenant books years ago (as in during my college years). I remember bits and pieces of them, but not all the details.

Here's another recommendation:
Young adult fiction, but very well written - New Moon and Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. She has a website with exerpts also!

Candace said...

Thanks! It's going on my list. :-)