Thursday, February 22, 2007

Fry Day

First, I want to thank you all for your very kind reception of my guinea pig YouTube. I still have plenty to learn, like why some of the picture resolutions dropped so low, when others stayed high, but I'm on my way. :)

I'm plodding through my current review book. Even though some other place raved about it and called it one of their top ten sci-fi picks for the year, I'm finding it sorta uninspiring so far. But maybe it will pick up as it goes. I need to finish it quickly, regardless, because I have The Shakespeare Code coming for review next. That one looks pretty cool! And I find the fact that the cipher wheel was discovered in a warehouse in nearby Detroit very intriguing.

MuNKi and I recently watched The Illusionist and The Prestige. Though neither was stellar, I found both of them entertaining.

Today I worked on Bio Vid #1 for a couple of hours, and after renaming/numbering all my clips and dismantling it (so I could add stuff and stretch as necessary without messing things up further down the line,) adding fade-ins and fade-outs, cross-dissolves and text where necessary, I have a whopping 18 seconds of completed film so far. ^_^

I'm looking for new music to love, so if you have something about which you're rabid, please tell me, and I'll check it out.


ARM said...

The Prestige - I will watch it because of Christian Bale.

Hey - do you review the Adult books at TCM, too? Got any pointers on writing a review for one of those?

Have you listened to Pete Yorn? We're going to his concert tomorrow. He's grown on me. He's borderline too mellow for me, but he's very talented.

Candace said...

Amanda - Heh. :) He has a kind of unflattering accent in this one. But he's still Xtian, so. . . :) Though I prefer Hugh. ^_^

I haven't yet reviewed one. I'm always afraid they'll be utter dreck, you know? But I'm on the list. And I've thought of doing some if nothing else so I can see what NOT to do. ^_^

Are you surprised to hear that Pete Yorn looked like "Porn" to me after I read the previous paragraph? Probably not. ^_^ I haven't ever heard of him, and will look him up! Mellow is great as background for writing. :)

Toby said...

Hi Candace, nice vid. What application are you using?

egan said...

Christian Bale is damn fine. I must agree with Amanda on that one.

I can't wait to see your newest work. Let me know when I need to fly out to Michigan for some acting work. I'm very excited about my first paying gig.

Candace said...

Thanks, Toby! My first attempt was with Adobe Premiere Elements 1.0, and the second, successful attempt was with 3.0. I'm Using 3.0 now to make the next vid.

Egan - But what about Hugh? (he of the magic pants) Let's not make Hugh feel left out.

I can pay you a salary equal to the illustrious Albert Finney's. Not the one he got for Annie(1982): $1 million, but the one he got for The Duellists (1977): a case of champagne.

I also cannot pay your way out. So you may have to email me footage. Or faceage. Or whatever.^_^

Gawpo said...

Turner Classic Movies produces adult books? Cool. Leave it to Amanda to know about that.

I think Egan wants to act in a movie. Not sure.

I took two flying vids today on my digital camera and want to know how to upload them to YouTube. Can you email me some instrutionals???

Candace said...

Gawpo - or is it Tainted -- well, I'll let you come up with the rest. :)

I don't know. I think He only wants to act until he cat get a full-time job as a garcon. (pretend I have the little dealy-bopper on the "c" there)

I done emailed ya. LMK what you have. :)

egan said...


Gawpo, tu parles français ou pas?

I'm polishing my resumé maintenant Candace. Will act for free! Will dress as woman if needed. Will speak French, dealy-bopper* or not.

* it's called a cedilla

Anonymous said...

C, If Monsieur Egan dresses up as a woman, I'll play the dealy-bobber with cedilla earings.


Toby said...

I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0, it's part of the Adobe CS suite I have. I never used it before except for importing pics from my cam. Thank you, I just learned about something that was right under my nose for at least a year. :)

Candace said...

Egan - ç , I can do it, too! Woo hoo!

What is the c with the cedilla called? I swear there was a name for it. I shouldn't swear so much.

I don't think our Bio course gets into transvestitism (new word) but I'll LYK if that's required. I tried to say it before, but I think Blogger ate my comment - we're going for "campy" so cell phone footage is fine. :)

Barnes - Ooooh! That's a good look. Maybe I'll throw in two drag queens just because. Who says there has to be a reason for everything?

Toby - It was Premiere Elements 3.0 that I used. That one does film instead of just stills. It's a very fun program. :)

ARM said...

What does Gawpo mean by leave it to Amanda?

I took an adult review a week ago, but I haven't read it yet because I'm not sure what to expect. And I don't quite know how to review it.

And if Egan will act for free and dress as a woman if needed, he should really think about community theatre. Perfect outlet for that stuff.

Candace said...

Well, at leat he didn't say leave it to Beaver. ^_^ I don't know - is he insinuating something? "Oh no, no, no, no, n--yes." ^_^

I'd check out some of the other adult reviews on the site to get a feel for how they tend to go. Did you take a book or an eBook? I haven't been able to bring myself to do the eBooks because I just like books so much better. But I've toyed with the idea of taking one of the shorter eBooks. I'm just afraid I won't be able to pay attention for some reason.

Oooh, community theatre is a great suggestion for Egan. Or maybe he could put out a hat and do his own sidewalk show.

Toby said...

I didn't look all the way. It said the still thing, adding music and text, I just assumed. Never assume. ;) Back to Windows movie maker. :( LOL

Gawpo said...

Loved Barnnes' earrings! Cleh-VUH!

I was able to upload without any problem using the Quicktime that popped up when prompted. But the dang vids are not accessible on YouTube. Does it take a while? It's been many hours. I did it right after you emailed me. Hmmmm......

Tainted ______ ______. Yeah, I put that one together just fine.

No, Egan. I don't speak even a little bit of French. What did you say there? It's in French, right?

And Arm, isn't that cute how she plays it so naive? Hasn't she read Diesel's post about blogger ethics? Tsk, tsk, Ms. Arm!!!!

Candace said...

Toby - Bummer. :-(

Gawpo - Glad to see your mind in the gutter next to mine.:) Yes, it takes Fo-EH-vuh for those blasted things to become available. Ask Egan. He was saying rude things to me while I was waiting for mine and it took YEARS to become available. Or at least an hour or 3. Maybe more. :-P

Gawpo said...

It is one in the freekin' morning here and I loaded them about 12 hours ago. I haven't left this chair. I keep clicking and not finding. Nuthin'. All I've been able to do is keep wiping the gutter clean with my dirty brain. Crap!

Candace said...

OK, well that sucks. I thought *I* had to wait a long time. Yoikes!