Friday, February 09, 2007

Is Anybody Alive in Here?

Nobody but us in here. . .

I live! I finished 3, count 'em 3 books on Wednesday. No, I did not start them then. Yes, I do have the abominable habit of reading several books at once. But now I'm down to 3: Dragonfly in Amber (still!) Forge of the Gods (for review) and Chinese Cinderella, so yay, me!

In addition, I've been inspired to find/make time for writing more seriously again, so of course the blogging suffers.

Deb Gliori became one of the kids' and my top favourite authors the other day when we read this passage in "Pure Dead Wicked":

The mini-market demonstrated that the rogue apostrophe was alive and well in Auchenlochtermuchty, with banners offering FREE-RANGE TURKEY'S, FINE WINE'S, and oddly, FRESH ASPARAGU'S.

I think she's Mollusc's new hero. ^_^

I ordered new math books the other day and they showed up yesterday, to much excited hooting and hollering from the kids. Fishy felt sorry for his because it was cold, and put it on the heat register, Sluggie actually kissed hers, grabbed a pencil and started in right away, and Mollusc was duly impressed with her Algebra book. Poor Prawn was the only one who didn't get a new one, much to her disappointment. I wonder what will happen when the biology course shows up. . .

I have more to say, but I have to get ready to teach a new class, which may or may not be a recurring thing for me.

Oh yes, and my elbow hurts and the birdfeeders were emptied today, so I'm guessing a storm is on the way.


ARM said...

I read multiple books at the same time, too. A lot of people don't know how I can do it, but I do.

I'm glad that your kids are excited about math. I would have cried and asked for a lit book.

Trundling Grunt said...

I have about 3 books on the go at the minute, but SWMBO has the one I really want to read so I must be patient. One of my many virtues?

Crap - your elbow must have been a source of constant agony recently.

egan said...

I read multiple blogs at once and most people don't know how I do it. I should start a Blog 101 course for the newbies.

I could never teach math, but I would love to teach biology. I took Advanced Biology in high school and have a bachelor of science. I'm so cool.

ablondeblogger said...

I'm the same way with books.

And don't you just love it when you get new homeschooling books in? It really gives the kids a boost at doing their schoolwork.

~d said...

Barbie is a DARN good guess, but, no, she is actually Patty! Do you know who her brother is? FRANK!
and, no...I do not know who is under the car...(Matt?)

SighsofmyLife said...

LOL about the rogue apostrophe. The local Sonic habitually puts up the sign: "Call In's Welcome."

They just will NOT listen to me that it is no appropriate.

~d said...

Hey yo...I holla-d at you over at my place. SMOOCH!

Anonymous said...

I'd like a piece of asparagu right now.

My gym printed out a zillion aerobics class schedules with "Cardio Fushion" printed on them several times. Is English really that difficult?

tshsmom said...

Did you read The Historian yet?

I only read 1 pleasure book at a time. But homeschooling and TS research demands that I read multiple books at a time.

Candace said...

No one called me out on LEAVING OUT an apostrophe. What a hypocrite I am to poke fun at the apostrophe's misuse, and to then abuse it myself. :-P I shall fix it.

Amanda - I was a little suprised at the reaction, to tell the truth. I guess any new books are exciting, LOL!

TG - I hate having to wait for someone to finish a book I want. You are, indeed, a man of virtue if you have not yet wrested it from SWMBO's grasp. ^_^

Oddly enough, my elbow hasn't been too bad other than yesterday. We haven't gotten any really big systems through here, so maybe that's why.

Egan - imagine how little it surprises me to learn that you are full of BS. But then, so am I. (though in Journalism, granted) We are kindred souls, indeed. I really am looking forward to getting this bio course. :)

Dawn - we're in good company, it seems. :) You're right. New boks always fuel the fire. O_o Er, not in a bookburning sort of way, of course!

~d - Agggggh! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! I love it! :) The guy under the car is Jack. ^_^ How about the one getting pulled behind the motorboat?

Sighs - We totally cracked up over that passage. Mollusc has always been the grammar police. Even at 4 it would tick her off to see "thru" on construction signs. ^_^

~d - holla back! (at your place :) )

Kitkat - nothing like fresh asparagu! Does Fushion rhyme with cushion? ^_^

Tshsmom - yes, indeed! That's one of the ones I finished on Wed. I really enjoyed it. :) I agree - reading mutiple nonfiction books almost has to be a given. :)

Gawpo said...

I'm with Egan on priding myself that I can read multiple blogs at once. Ever reply to the wrong author? I have.

Dude, what's up wit dem chillens? I'm in therapy dealing with how my father screamed at me because I couldn't get simple arithmetic. Still can't. But Pa and I have patched it up and the shrink and I are having great laughs at a hundred and twenty bucks an hour.

Mr. Fabulous said...

You have got them excited about math books?

Those poor kids...

Candace said...

Gawpo - I have replied as the wrong persona, which is far worse (IMO - because my other persona is the author of my - ah - very private blog, LOL!) You say multiple blogs at once - as in a couple of windows open at once? Those are uncharted waters for me. I thought Egan was being silly (as in - "I keep up with multiple blogs.")

Mr. Fab - ah the All-Power that comes with parenthood. MUA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! }:-> I learned brainwashing in my first church. It comes in very handy!

somewhere joe said...

Ha! I can read a magazine article, a crossword puzzle, and a toothpaste label at the same time. But only while seated in the bathroom - ladies and gentlemen! Try the veal.

cHa0tiC ~d said...

He is JACK!
that is GR8!!


Looking for the guy behind the motor boat.
Will think on it and guess at your next post.

Candace said...

Joe - You look flushed with success. ^_^

~d - HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I know too mamy of those. :)