Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Imbolc!

Happy First Day of the Spring Quarter! Happy St. Brigid's Day! Happy Candlemas! Happy Groundhog Day! Happy Everything!

Today we celebrated by burning candles (one a floating candle in a dish of melting snow) and consuming dairy products and mulled mead.

We brought in a big tub of snow and the kids spent hours making sarlaac pits for the SW guys. Sickeningly cute pics to follow. Perhaps tomorrow. We also hit the co-op, where I was delighted to find that we now have a cheese supplier. I got a block of raw, organic sharp cheddar as well as a bag of shredded mozzerella. When I brought the list of available cheeses home to show MuNKi, he wanted MORE! So I waited for my friend (who has really been wanting to check out the co-op) and took her on my return trip for MORE CHEESE! (yes, we lived in WI for a loooooooong time :) ) They also had organic popcorn from a local family farm, so I bought 2 lbs of that and can't wait to try it!

Yesterday, the kids and I made some
Artist Trading Cards (again, pics to follow when I'm not mead-filled and hazy - er - lazy.) This blog has a neat ATC theme per week thing going on. Looks like she's in Paris right now. Wow!

Will it kill you if I don't do a YouTube?

Ok, You know my love for OK Go. Yes? Here's a fun vid of the OK Go Phenomenon - a bunch of diff groups doing their copies of the "Million Ways to Be Cruel" dance. Very cru - er cool. ^_^

And the original, because, let's face it, no one can do it quite like these guys. ^_^

Oh yeah, and we got to play with nunchucks in red belt class tonight. I had to do lots of pushups cuz I kept dropping (once) or banging (many times) mine into the ground. Argh. I sux at nunchux. Plenty of room for improvement - yeah, that's the way to look at it. ^_^ All I can say is that it's a damn good thing they were the spongy spongey soft ones!


Winters said...

Happy St. Brigid's day, C, and it was an interesting Wiki article about it you linked to there.

I trust you spend the day engaging in the requisite amount of prognostication. ;)

ARM said...

Happy Imbolc to you, too.

That dance is sweet. But I have to ask, after watching all the regular people doing it, where did they find the time to learn all those moves?

Gawpo said...

What ARM said, that is what I say.

Candace said...

WInters - thank you! Yes, we did, indeed prognosticate to the fullest extent. :)

Arm - thanks :) I wonder the same thing. And then I find myself wondering if my kids could learn it. ^_^

Gawpo - Gawpycat. >^_^<

Gawpo said...

HA!!!! Good one. And to kill two moonwalking birds with one stone, I will just go ahead and say that the story on that bird was absolutely fascinating. Yes, there was lots more to the story. They showed nest building techniques and everything.