Monday, February 05, 2007

Pics, Lotsa Pics, and Mostly Just Pics

The weird footprints of Princess Many-Toes:

Sarlaac adventure! (on Hoth, apparently)

Sledding fun at the house of friends.

And now, let the craziness (or Swedishness?) ensue!! ^_^

Yes, we made snow angels, took laps around the house (what must their neighbours think?) and had a generally great time, in spite of our frozen hair. ^_^ And all this in 9.5 degree (F) weather.

And now, I bid you adieu. Sweet dreams. . .


cindra said...

Hey! I'm first.

That looks like so much fun! Wish I coulda been there...those are some lucky do know how to play! I like that about you oh, woman of wonder! Sweet dreams!

ablondeblogger said...

I want snow, dammit! We got teased this past weekend, and I even canceled my plans to go to a museum in DC and then NOTHING! Argh!!!

Bugwit Homilies said...

Damn! I was never so crazy when I lived in Minnehaha - running around half naked like that!

Looks fun!


Gawpo said...

There is now way I could do that at half below ten above.

Lizard Princess said...

Cool pictures- literally! Is that an Irish setter I spy in a couple of the photos? I grew up with 2 Irish setters in the house- I rode around on them like horses! Good times.
Very neat cats, too. That one looks like a wild cat.

Jaichan said...

What great photos! How very Swedish of you! You guys look like you're having so much fun. All I do is study.

Thank you for giving me a life, even if it's only vicarious.

~d said...

2 guys on the wall...

(I said it at Winters' too)

THIS is GLORIOUS! I mother effin LOVE it. Will you promise me, PROMISe me that you will get my fat ass in a swimsuit in winter in the snow?! HOW FLIPPIN COOL!

And I am at my place too...the newer post, trying to answer the guy in my mailbox.

somewhere joe said...

I'm in - for the brandy and hot tub round.

logo™ said...

Look at those smiles!
Good times, I will stay on the edge of the hot tub and watch :p

ldbug said...

Fun!! I love doing the snow/hot-tub thing!

ARM said...

You are more brave than I could ever dream of being. Snow in a swimsuit. Dang!

Love the cat yawn pics!

tshsmom said...

Sorry, but I'm nursing a nasty cold, and those swimsuit pics are giving me the creeps right now. I'll just huddle back into my blanket a be a voyeur. ;)

Trundling Grunt said...

Now I understand what they mean when they say that the long winters drive people crazy. In a nice way, of course.

Toby said...

Wow, I've done the snow dive after a soak before, but never when it was this cold.

egan said...

I heard it's cold back there. I love the snow angels in your Speedo. Old Man Winter was later arriving, but sure did show up in force.

Winters said...

Lovely pics C, except the cats. They are scary.

Candace said...

Cindra - it was a blast! Wish you and your kiddos could have been there. :)

Dawn - well THAT is no fun! Cod without snow is like a life without books - pointless. ^_^

Bug - I dunno. You sound pretty crazy. ;)

Gawpo - This is when you have to ask youself "Is it half below 10 above or half above 9 above?" ^_^

Lizard Princess - He is a VERy cool dog. Our friends got him from a rescue operation. I thought he was an Irish setter (or at least part), too, and so did they until they discovered that he's a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever He's an EXTREMELY sweet dog. Just lovely! :)

Jaichan - All we were missing was the Swedish Chef! ^_^ As far as having a life - I think you should write a book about your kitchen adventures. i still laugh about that French guy showing you the pineapple - "Is it like looking in mirror?" ^_^

~d - Oooooooh GROOOOOAAAANN! VERY nice. Mollusc loved it, too. ^_^ Did you get the guy in the mailbox? I'll have to go check. :)

Joe - It is truly a good time. Yes - esp the adult beverage in the hot tub part. ^_^

Logo - not the edge! INSIDE!! You would freeze to the edge. ^_^

Ldbug - ah, a fellow insaneasaurus. ^_^

Arm - I was only brave once my core temp had been sufficiently raised (ie I was cooked like a lobster) and the wine had settled in. ^_^

Tsmom - Oh, blah! I should post toasty fire and cocoa pics for you next. ^_^

TG - It wasn't a long drive, trust me. ^_^

Toby - This was a first for me. Our friend was saying that one time when he did it, he dove into a large snowbank and promptly lost his glasses. Argh! That, of course meant digging around in the snow for much longer than originally anticipated. Eeeesh!

Egan - It's all relative. Cold for MI, maybe, but not for WI. Good thing I have that for a comparison. ^_^ I wish I had a Speedo. Maybe someday.

Winters - They have amazing fangs, but have no fear. They have been painstakingly trained to never, ever bite a private dick. ^_^

egan said...

I can send you a Speedo. All the cool people wear them.

Diesel said...

You are all crazy.

Gawpo said...

In this case I guess I see the ASS half below! (snort, snort)

Bugwit Homilies said...

There's a difference between crazy and insane!

Mone said...

you guys are sure looking like you were having fun :)

Malnurtured Snay said...

I suppose, on occasion, it might snow on Tatooine.

Anonymous said...

were those dog pawprints?

I could never be in my bathing suit and play in the snow...even with a hot tub nearby...I HATE being cold! But glad to see you all had fun!

Candace said...

Egan - email it to me. ^_^

Diesel - this it a distinct possibility. But we had loads of fun. ^_^

Gawpo - OMG, that is just - BOOOOOOoooooooo (clap clap clap clap) ^_^

Bug - OK, I'll give you that. ^_^

Mone - it was a great time. I hope we can do it again sometime. Maybe at slightly less numbing temps. . . ^_^

Snay - 2 suns, Man. I dunno. . . Poor frozen sarlaac. ^_^

Anon - They belong to the last pictured kitty. She's one of those polydactyl pussers. ^_^

I don't usually like being cold, either. It helped to cook like lobsters first. And to have wine. ^_^