Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Atom and Christmas Eve

I have a new addiction. Just what I needed. I may have mentioned before that I really love those sliding square puzzles. (though I like the picture ones better)

Well GuTTer MuNKi has, in his Linuxxy fabulosity, found a new game for me called Atomix in which you build molecules from single atoms that are lying around in a maze-like room. Often there is only one place where you can build the molecule, so you have to figure out where that is first, then get all the pieces there. The catch is that once you select an atom and a direction in which to send it, it will go in that direction until something stops it. Fun game!

Here's Potato Thing:

1 (2 lb) bag hash browns (thawed)
1 pint sour cream
8 ounces shedded cheddar cheese
1 can cream of chicken soup
1 cup margarine or butter (softened)
1 cup of chopped onions or 1/2 cup dehydrated onion
1 cup corn flakes or crushed crackers
1/4 cup of melted margarine or butter
salt and pepper to your own taste

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients except the cornflakes or crackers and the 1/2 stick of melted butter together in a bowl. Grease 9x13 inch pan (you can use cooking spray) and add all ingredients from the bowl to the pan. Just before baking, mix the cornflakes or crackers and the 1/2 stick of melted butter together and then sprinkle on the top. Bake for 1 hour at 350 degrees.

And now my sister (and the other Getaway Drivers) will sing her song for you.

Oh yes, I forget to mention when I first posted. We've been hit with flu. Yay. :-P But we have oscillococcinum and other stuff, so we're doing okay. Today we're doing a movie marathon. So far we've watched SW I and now we're on Epi II. I think The Sound of Music is going to put in an appearance tonight. So far I'm the only one not sick. The Hammer of Doom lurks just above me, I'm sure. ^_^


tshsmom said...

Oh THAT "potato thing"! We always have that in the summer, when we potluck it with friends in Fergus Falls. Soooo yummy!
Our Christmas "potato thing" is lefse. ;)
MERRY CHRISTMAS from our home to yours!

somewhere joe said...

Oh yum. I love all things potato and will be trying yours.

Obrien Potatoes (named for the NY bar where it started):

Fry sliced potatoes in lots of butter. Add chopped onions, choppped green pepper, salt and pepper. Toss and saute a bit. Add a cup of heavy cream. Turn off heat and let stand a minute or two. Done. (So is your fat intake for the week, but hey).

Candace said...

Tshsmom - I adore Potato Thing. Lefse! How very Scandahoovian. :) MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all as well! :)

Joe - this one's very fat-laden as well. I tried making a lower fat version by using fat free sour cream and lowfat cream of chicken soup. SO not worth it. :-P Ooooh! Your O'Brien potatoes look scrummy! I'll be trying those soon!! Some foods are worth blowing the whole day's fat budget. ^_^

ablondeblogger said...

Oh no, you got a Christmas virus, too?!! I hope it wasn't a stomach one. I have the fever/swollen, sore throat/congestion virus, PLUS a heavy, painful period...blah! But I would take all of that ten times over a stomach bug. Hope you all are feeling better soon! Merry Christmas! (((((HUGS))))

Candace said...

Oh blecccch! How joyful! :-P

Two of mine have had alternating nausea and stomach pain PLUS cold symptoms, joint pain and fevers, the other 2 only cold symptoms. But no one's really miserable. MuNKi had mild joint pain and a low fever, but seems pretty good now. Sluggie was pretty bad a few days ago, but is much better now, and I think I got oscillo into Prawn soon enough to make a big difference. Wish I'd thought of it for Sluggie back when she started.

Merry Christmas and I hope YOU'RE feeling better soon, too!!

Slade said...

get well soon! Have fun kissing santa claus underneathe the mistletoe tonight!!!! hehe

Mr. Fabulous said...

LOVE the Hammer of Doom!

Merry Christmas, my friend!

treespotter said...

God, everybody's cooking!!

Merry Christmas!!

PS: what's vogon? or maybe i should dig the archive now..

Gawpo said...

Wow. Two great potato riseeps. Gotta try Joe's, too. Do you think they'd work if substituded with tomatoes? You know, for the lycopene? Tell ya what---I'll try it and get back to the both of you. If I were a doctor, I would give you some free advice: Don't get sick. Oh, and one other thing---if Fab loves the H.O.D., it must be trouble. So avoid that.

Candace said...

Slade - I kissed the potty instead. Raaaaaaaalllllphhhhhh! But then I felt a lot better, LOL! At least for a while. We are a pitiful crew right now, but we're hanging in there surprisingly well. Movie-a-thons and presents and tea are helpful. Well, I think th etea is good. I'll know in a few minutes. ;-)

Mr. Fab - you're getting more enjoyment out of the Hammer of Doom than I am, as it has, indeed, fallen. Bleh. But it's still a good day. ^_^

Treespotter - no H2G2 for you? Vogons are the bad guys who blow up the Earth to make way for an Interspace bypass. And torture people with readings of their awful poetry. They're kind of the Daleks of the Hitchhiker world - always bent on destruction.

Gawpo - I do love a good rayceep.I say skip the tomatoes and chug a bottle of ketchup instead. ^_^ (ooh, quease-factor! shouldn'ta said that :-P ^_^ )

Diesel said...

Here's to a square Christmas and a puzzling new year. Happy Holidays, Candace!

Logophile said...

here's to hoping you avoid the Doom Hammer.
Happy Boxing Day!

Gawpo said...

......pobre Chica Larga....HOD has hammered you. Like my dad used to tell us when we were sick or hurt: "Don't worry. You'll be okay as soon as you feel better." Get well soon!

Gawpo said...

Is Sheila your sis? Croly HAP! They are superb.

ARM said...

Your potato thing sure sounds like the same thing my cousin made this year. I had so much of that. It's so good!

Gawpo said...

....i picture the worst. are you ok? the kidlettes and munki okay? hoping so. you have become a fence made only of wires: no posts.

Candace said...

Diesel - thanks! Hope you are all avoiding The Plague in your neck of the woods. ^_^

Logo - It hit me pretty hard, but I'm feeling much better now, thanks. :) I didn't box anything. :-P Did you? Maybe tomorrow. . .

Gawpo - I think I'm OK now. :) I'm hoping I don't have multpile relapses like my poor friend did, but so far so good. :)

Are they not totally awesome? ^_^ I'm glad you like them. Yes, She-Ra is my sis. :)

Arm - I LOVE POTATO THING!!! And I haven't had any yet. Argh! We didn't do Christmas dinner cuz everyone was blah, so maybe soon. . .

Gawpo - I'm alive. MuNKi seems to be deteriorating, but the rest of us are mostly getting better. No posts! LOL! ^_^ I'll try to fix that. . .

Word verif:tnppbzmo lotsa tp and pepto bismol?

Winters said...

C, I'll cook it. And I'll take a picture of it. And I'll blame you... ;)

Candace said...

Winters - However it comes out, it CAN'T be as bad as my marshmallow disaster. ^_^