Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bouncy Pouncy Fun Fun Fun Fun FUN!

Tonight we headed over to Bob's to have supper, hang out, and escape confinement with FIL. Bob's girlies were there, and we brought 2 of the cousins with us for a nice total of 7 girls and, yes, the one boy. The kids splashed in the pool and played, we ate pizza, played the piano and sang. What a blast! We had a rousing rendition of "Jesus Loves Them Prostitutes," some stuff from a couple of Hal Leonard books that GuTTer MuNKi bought (compilations of various old rock songs) and plenty of make-it-up-as-you-go stuff, LOL! Bob demoed a couple of the songs he's mixing for the new CD for us, and WOW! Shame is going to be awesome, and Trudy is one you just can't not sing along with.

Tomorrow morning MIL and FIL take off for greener pastures, leaving us irresponsible children and grandchildren to hold down the fort. Huzzah! A little break from the stress will be nice. Though I feel bad for MIL. We'll get to see her when they get back, as we are looking at extending the trip just a bit so we can see her more and also see our other niece. I'm hoping we'll get a chance to get her out and about with us when they return.

A bonus of this is that we'll get to be extras in our friend Frank's film if all goes well. Yay!

GuTTer MuNKi and FIL fixed one of our van doors so that we can open it from the inside now. His next mission is to replace the broken off door handle of the other door and also fix it so it opens from the inside.

The MuNKi* also surprised me with 2 awesome piano books.

*ME: Naked frivolity. . .
MUNKI: What?
ME: The name of one of the pictures I'm trying to look at
MUNKI: Are you GuTTer MuNKiing again?


Egan said...

I like to do bare handstands as well.

ldbug said...

You play piano?

I've been playing for ahhh, 23 years now, holly crap, that makes me feel old!! But no piano here in my appartment. I have some of my fav pieces, though, and when I'm alone, I'll 'play' the coffee table.

Candace said...

Egan, I do hope you post a pic of that sometime. Or at least email one to me. Do you have good balance?

Ldbug, I do play/slaughter/defile the piano. It would suck not to have a piano. You might be able to get one on freecycle. We got a great bike for Mollusc that way (a Trek!!!!) and I've seen pianos on our local one. I was "playing" the book/my lap yesterday before we got to Bob's where I could try it on the piano. Funny how you can pretty well hear it/feel it when you're playing a fake piano, LOL!

winters said...

Nice to see you back, Candace.
That was a very hairy picture. Are you sure it was a human being? ;)

Egan said...

I have amazing balance and endurance. It's these critical skills that allow me to attempt Ironman events.

Candace said...

Thank you.

That WAS hairy, wasn't it, Winters?

That WAS hairy. Wasn't it Winters?

Another example of the difference made by a wee punctuation mark or 2. :D

I don't have amazing endurance, Egan. Well, not Ironman endurance, anyway. But I'm told I have amazing flexibility. At least for a crone who's closing in on 40, LOL!

Toby said...

What's this film you might be an extra in?

Candace said...

It's an indie film. :-) I'll give more details in another post.

Egan said...

ah... most guys hate women with flexibility. It never gets a man's mind wandering down a dirty path. Never.

Jaichan said...

I'm extremely flexible. I used to be able to pretty much tie myself in a knot. Colleen is always amazed by my Matrix-like entrance to her cramped car.
Years of paddling competetively either cripples you or leaves you like a rubber band.