Thursday, August 10, 2006

It's About Thyme HNT

Yes, once again you must wade through all the pics to get to the HNT at end. Or at least scroll past them . . .

I was thrilled to discover this little guy growing on my deck. I forget when I planted the seeds - months ago, at any rate, and no thanks to my total neglect, this little fellow grew anyway. The other containers on the deck contain plants from a new sort of gardening called "naturoculture." (Yes, OK, I just made that up.) They're mostly filled with millet and sunflowers planted by the birds and Hoover, the chipmunk.

Here's something else that grew anyway. Can you spot the imposter?

Yes, it's - well, some sort of squash!

In lieu of flowery prose, I'll just serve up the flowers, along with a side of interesting insects.

I had to get into a really weird and uncomfortable yoga-esque postition for this one, so I hope you enjoy it:

GuTTer MuNKi got this one of a hummingbird moth at our butterfly bush.

And I found Jewel Weed growing at the edge of our deck.

Here's the thing about Jewel Weed. It's a great antidote to Poisons Ivy, Oak and Sumac. HOWEVER, it tends to grow where you find poison ivy. I'm a little leery about what else I'm going to find growing under or around the deck. :-/

Another honeybee:

And a wonderful drink mix made from the fruits of his bretheren's labour:

GuTTer MuNKi* told me he'd take me to Ren Faire if I had something appropriate to wear, so I bought a bolt of Muslin (with my 40% off JoAnn's coupon of course)

And bought a pattern for a chemise. (not what you expected, was it?) Eventually I hope to end up with something like this. I had already forgotten how much Trillian likes to help with the cutting stage.

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

I tried explaining to her that Inigo himself is not the six-fingered man, but she wasn't having any of that.

Yes, I sewed up the chemise. No, I haven't sewn up the brocade shirt yet. It's a UFO (sewingese for "UnFinished Object.") Yes, I'll get to it eventually. :-P

OK, lastly but not leastly before HNT, it's always a little shocking to me that something like this:

Can turn into something like this:

This one's a little dirty. Well, the bottoms of my feet are, anyway. After 2 weeks without an HNT, I guess you could say it's about thyme.


*OK, how weird is it that of the very few hits I got when I Googled "falling soup" hoping to find a funny pic for this link, one was Inigo Montoya, and one was The Killers, whose new album I am looking forward to with bated breath? "Odd," said Mabel. "Very odd."


Toby said...

Thyme is a strange plant. I bought one from the garden center, planted it in my garden and it died within a week. About a month later I noticed a new one sprouting on the otherside of the garden. It had to be from the the first one because I never planted any others.

Candace said...

That's weird! I guess since it's a perennial, maybe it sent out runners?? I have volunteer chives popping up all over the place.

Logophile said...

My kids were digging the Ren Faire they went to with my mom last summer. I am not sure that men in tights is something they should witness at their tender ages though.
The dress looks like it will be lovely, you should wear it to the store often.
You dirty, dirty girl.
I wonder if someday I will learn what plants are what.

Egan said...

Ummm, you're flexible. I see the GutterMunkey is back and I couldn't be more excited. The pussy has also returned. This is a classic Candace post with plenty of pictures, some text, and a hot rippling body.

Egan said...

oh, there's a bear in your backyard.

tshsmom said...

"Naturoculture", I like that term. We used to have a red squirrel that would bury seeds right under the birdfeeder. Yeah, NOBODY would EVER find that seed THERE!

Toby said...

It had to be runners. The weird thing about it is why it went so far before resurfacing. The pitty is it did not come back the next year. My garden is small and edged with bricks and where it came up was in between some of the bricks and then it kept creeping along the brick line. It made a really cool and pungent boarder mingled with the bricks.

Egan said...

That's a very large tampon/pad.

Candace said...

Logo - yes, not sure about the men in tights, LOL! Do you think people would think I was a geek if I wore it to the store? Nope. They would KNOW I am, LOL! Sometimes I find teh names popping into my head by themselves. Sometimes I find that those names are not the right ones at all. :-P

Egan, why think you. I try to be both flexible and accommodating, but I don't ever feel like I am. Did you try the links? And here I thought I'd scared you off. Oooh. I know what the next one's going to be and it's all because of you. Are you curious now? Bi-curious?

A bear?? Where? Behind the giant pumpkin??

We got the teeniest, tiniest baby raccy tonight. He's Fregan's new baby. So small, he's afraid to go down the stairs. OMG he is SO CUTE.

TSmom - HAHAHA!! That's a hoot! Sounds like a lazy squirrel, LOL!

Toby, I wonder why it didn't come back. MOre's the pity. I'd kill for thyme as a groundcover/edging/whatever I could get. MMmmm. It smells sooooooooo good.

Egan, why thank you for noticing. It's the postpartum size. But seriously, I could so gross you out right now, and yet, I will refrain, LOL! Then again, you might be happy cuz I'm so very green. Hmmm. There's a poser. . .

How's that butt cream?

Oh, speaking of tampons, anyone go to Osbasso's and check out the embarrassing photos on the front page? If not, click the little rolling HNT thinggy under my pic to get there. Heh heh. . .

Candace said...

Plah, hurrying + Rosé = really crummy typ(o)ing. :-P

Egan said...

Who is Osbasso? I have more comments, but must get out to see a movie because hanging in the basement isn't so cool.

Candace said...

Osbasso is Mr. HNT. And even though you, yourself, are above the HNT phenomenon, you really oughta check out that link (the orange rolly thinggy that says HNT under me with my head on the floor bewteen my legs) cuz there's some priceless stuff there right now. :-)

What Speedo pictures? Do show!

Our basement is ubercool in Summertime. Isn't yours? MuNKi is there right now. (Ours, not yours. Don't worry, you needn't go check.)

What movie? (Not that I will have heard of it, but - well, maybe. . .) I'm gonna go watch The Banger Sisters on DVD. I heart my library.

Anonymous said...

Well Candace, that is one of best HN pictures I've seen.

If I adopted that position, I'd still be in it a week later. And that's a long thyme.

Toby said...

I love the smell too. I'm not positive, but I think it's a bug deterent, a garden pest deterent. When I would use it when cooking I'd strip the little leaves from the stems and my fingers would smell for hours. I avoided fully washing my hands because of it.

I'll have a garden again next year. The herbs will be pittyful because of them being brand new, but I will once again be eating out of my back yard.

Do you watch PBS at all? "I Eat Weeds and Trees" or "The Hippy Gourmet?" The first is entertaing to say the least because I took a science class in high school called "edible wild plants." The second is a cooking show and even though I'm not vegetarian, there are lots of good things made on that show and there's awesome hippy music in the background.

And I shoud comment on your flexibilty. Remember when mom told you if you do those funny things they will stay like that? If I somehow managed to get in the position you're in, I'd stay that way for a long, long time - if not forever. My casket would be a very odd one. :)

Candace said...

Well thanks, Winters. :-) LOL! That would not be a fun position in which to be stuck. I hope Barnes never handcuffs your wrists to your ankles in such a manner. ;-)

Toby, that's me, too, LOL! I love it and am loathe to wash it off. I go out and rub my thyme and rosemary plants just so I can smell my hands. I probably look a little bit like that SNL girl - aw, I can't remember her name - the Catholic School girl who's always smelling her hands (after sticking them in her armpits.) Maybe I should put thyme in my armpits.

I don't really get channels on my TV. It's basically just a monitor for Vids and DVDs (when it works.) But those both sound like really cool shows. Yum!

I'm LOL at the thought of that casket. :-)

Egan said...

Thanks for the Osbasso information. I know who he is silly. I remember him back before the whole HNT stuff started. Now he's a blogging porn mogle.

Candace said...

Well I don't (other than HNT.) Is he famous for something else?

I need to go stick my head back in the sand.

Jaichan said...

Oh, you'll look fabulous in that dress. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Jay said...

I love dirty feet. It usually means you've been up to no good.

Candace said...

Jai, I'm excited. It's not often enough I get to play dress-up, LOL!

Jay, I often have dirty feet. :-) I bet yours got dirty camping!