Thursday, August 24, 2006


Here's something cool: Acne Zapping Light Pen

Today, among other things, we went to
Maurie's and stocked up on orgasmic chocolates.

It rained like gangbusters last night (tornado warnings, even though none were sighted - how does that work?!?!?) and the kids were all out in the greenway today playing in the resulting stream/chain of ponds. It bucketed down again today. On the way home we saw a wreck involving 3 cars and a bus. One of the cars had slammed into the side of the bus. Pieces everywhere. The roads were flooded up over the gutters and onto the sidewalks in places, and the hwy was very, very hydroplanic. (new word)

I watched
Because of Winn-Dixie with the kids, which was amazingly good for Hollywood, but not as sweet as the book, and after they all headed downstairs, SIL and I watched The Island with MuNKi and made lecherous remarks about Ewan McGregor and Sean Bean. We FFwded through a lot of the slow bits. Actually, my sis was here for a bit of it, too, but she's been sick lately (possibly Fifth's Disease) and had to head off early. Then it was on to our favourite: The Boondock Saints (yes, again!) during which we were forced to quote along with all our favourite lines, watch bits over and over again and giggle ourselves silly until SIL conked out. (She's infamous for not making it through a film.) All I can say is, thank goodness the ILs are NOT here. Though we decided that FIL would be eminently more enjoyable if his grumpiness were to manifest in the way that the bartender's does. ("F---!! A--!!!")

Oh yes. The PSA. If you're going to lure someone off for a quickie and have chosen to adorn yourself with an ass tiara (excellent CS at that biz, BTW,) DO make sure that your partner gets the string all the way out of the way so he doesn't end up with a terrible chafe wound. *cringe* Here ends the first lesson.


ldbug said...

Eeek, tornados freak me out. I lived in the mountains all my life, my first tornado warning (and every single subsequent one)scared the hell out of me!

Ewan is a hottie..yum, but the island was a rotten movie..still, yum!

Jaichan said...

Thanks for the PSA. That sounds like a whole world of hurt. The worst injury I've inflicted on a boyfriend during 'an act of expressing our love' was a bruised pelvic bone.
Long story.
He repaid me by being romantic and spontaneous one night by throwing me up against the wall in the elevator to lay one on me... and gave me a fat lip.
Hahaha... good times. We're still really good friends; he frequently pops up on my blog.

Anonymous said...

Acne zapping light pen. It really is amazing what can be done these days.

Every teenager should have one. It would save so much heartache. I'm SURE they work, of course. :)

Anonymous said...

Damn you and your Boondock Saints! I still haven't seen that movie!

tshsmom said...

We just got a little rain off the edge of that weather system, early this morning. All the bad stuff was south of us...sorry.

Candace said...

Ldbug, it's not such a bad movie if you FFwd through - well - most of it. ;-) But you need to stop for the double Ewan part so you can make lecherous cracks about "Ewan sandwiches," LOL! And Ewan and Bean sandwiches, too, come to think of it.

Jai - OMG, LOL! Sounds like a whole lotta lovin' :-)

Winters, wouldn't it be great? Maybe you oughta carry one. You could tweak it to have an ultra-strong laser setting to use in your private dicking. You know that would come in handy!

Kitkat, Muahahaha! OMG it is just about #1 on my faves list now. The first viewing was great, but each successive one gives me a chance to really appreciate all the finer nuances, the excellent directing - all that good stuff. :-) SIL and I were quoting and giggling today on our movie run (Ewan fest tonight - Trainspotting and Down With Love - talk about dichotomy, LOL!) and my sis didn't recognise the quotes. We were nearly forced to eject her from the auto. But she's rather ill so we cut her come slack.

TSmom - it was really something here. Tree pieces everywhere today!