Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Wednesday Eve Again

Hooray for Wednesday Eve! I'm reading too many books (OK there is no such thing as too many books) and not writing or blogging. Sort of a post-submission party sort of thing, I guess, but I need to get back to the writing tomorrow. Or tonight.

Anyway, long story short, here are some random things going on of late in no specific order. Perhaps some will spark commentable memories of your own:

- 2 Bee stings, 2 different children within about 10 mins 1 outside, 1 indoors

- apparent demise of hydrangea bush

- purchase of hibiscus bush and "snow fairy"(crappy pic) on sale, WOO HOO!

- apparent resurrection of hydrangea bush after moving to shadier spot

- viewing (and great enjoyment) of Nanny McPhee (Firthaliciousness!)

- flying sidekick practice and jump snap-kick practice (WHEEEEEEEeeeee!!)

- attendace of 2 library summer reading program parties

- procurement of free book (The Jane Austen Book Club - extremely witty and enjoyable so far)

- viewing of Failure to Launch (had its moments, but not stellar by any means)

- reading of The Penultimate Peril (FINALLY!! Good stuff. "I suppose I'll have to add the force of gravity to my list of enemies." )

- More reading of Outlander. Yum!

- Teaching of TKD and BREAKTHROUGH moment of getting 3 year old boy with attention span of gnat to double punch. WOO HOO!! I'm sure I'll have to begin at the beginning again on Thursday. :-P

- discovery of Vouvray

- extreme enjoyment of chicken parmesan (grated parmesan, bread crumbs, olive oil and garlic patted onto salted-and-peppered chicken breasts) and scrapbooking with friend

- alcohol units: some, unmentionable liaison units: extreme, blogging time units: limited

I guess that's pretty much up to date then. I'll attempt a real post when I can get my face out of some of these books.


Slade said...

You have inspired me to take some pics of flowers. My digital camera has this awesome feature on it so I can take extreme closeups and I love it! I took some fabulous ones the other morning, now I just need to download them to the computer. I wish there was someway I could just download them to blogger directly from the camera...you are talented!

Slade said...

oh yea...one more thing...have you heard of the bumble bee song? your kids might enjoy it. It goes something like: "I'm taking home my baby bumblebee, won't my mama be so proud of me..."

Candace said...

Well thanks, Slade. :-) Ha, wouldn't that be nice to be able to suck them out of the camera and straight into Blogger? Though I do end up cropping fairly often, so I guess I'd have to suck them into Adobe first anyway. :-/ LOL, that bumblebee song sounds cute. I'm looking it up. :-)

Egan said...

I loved Failure to Launch, the porno version.

Candace said...

LOL! You must mean Failure to Raunch or was it Voyeur to Launch? (the one about the astronaut Peeping Tom)

Now all I can think about is Jeff from Coupling:

'Well yeah, there's that, but that's not what the boys are wanting is it. See they want to think they're going somewhere when they go. I keep thinking about my brave lads all excited on the launch pad and then suddenly it's..."Oh no! Daylight!"'

I need a "porn buddy." Only it would have to be an "accoutrements buddy."

Now I've left everyone dazed and confused except for, perhaps, a chosen few.

tshsmom said...

This sounds like our week, other than the reading part. I haven't had time to read, except in the bathroom, for WEEKS! :(

Egan said...

I'm not confused one bit. Bring it!

Jaichan said...

I wish I had more time to read. I just have time to scowl after work... hahahaha.
You should try Asiago cheese in place of the parm in your recipe. yum.

Logophile said...

I don't think I am old enough to read these comments...

Anonymous said...

The flying sidekick must be fun. Wheh-hey! Shlack!

Is it better to let the chicken parmesan sit for a while first first, though?

Trundling Grunt said...

Nanny McPhee is a great movie. It could so easily be sappy but it's played with its tongue so firmly in its cheek that it avoids the pap. Imelda Staunton and the undertakers are priceless. Also, I have always taken a shine to Emma T.

Candace said...

TSmom - it's been BUSY!! I hope you get a break soon. :-)

Egan, Muahahaha!! Uh. . . ran out of material. D'oh!!!

Jai - OMG, I an SO trying that next time! Yummmyyyyyyyy!!! Thanks! I used Panko bread crumbs since I was out of American ones and they were great. :-)

Logo - LOL! I bet you can get just as raunchy as Egan. :-)

Winters, it is sooooo much fun. You should try it. If you haven't got a target handy, I'd suggest trying it on Barnes. ;-) Oh, and how long should I let it sit?

TG - I think I'm going to buy my own copy. :-) I do love Emma T. She did a fantastic job on the screenplay. Now I want to check out the Nurse Matilda books on which she based it. A friend of mine tells me that Sam's has a boxed set of them right now. I recognised one of the undertakers as "Julian" (positively purple!)from Bridget Jones, LOL!

Sorry I haven't been to y'all's blogs hardly at all lately. (enough double negatives there?) I fully intend to catch up ASAP.

Egan said...

No "Funkee Munkee" links? Shocking.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should mention bees. I've been stung only once in my life and it was on my last camping trip. When I was 5. This sting incident has come up several times lately.

I should read more. And do more. Can I just live vicariously through you?

LeoGirl said...

u have a great blog going on :) No she didnt marry him :)hzc

Candace said...

Shock the MuNKi, Egan!

Kitkat, would you believe I wasn't stung until I was 30? And then twice in a few mos. :-P Well, I *may* have been stung on the finger as a kid once, but I wasn't sure since I didn't see the offending pain-causer.

Thanks, Leogirl. Whew! I'm glad she didn't marry him! :-)