Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Eschew Obfusification

The Outlander book came in at the library yesterday. That was fast!! I've already gotten sucked in. Poor Thos Covenant takes the backseat once again.

I'm also reading a book called "
First you Shave Your Head." What with my having been sucked in by 2 books, there may be a little less blogitivity than normal. We shall see.

Flylady thing is going in fits and starts. I remember some things and forget others, so I'm kind of stumbling along, but the general trend is definitely one of improvement.

The James Bond set caught on fire the other day. Fortunately they're already in post-production, so I won't have to go into premature withdrawal. They ought to auction off pieces of movie sets. Can you imagine how much collectors would have paid for various bits and pieces of Star Wars sets?

Speaking of films, our tiny little library (the one we don't have to pay to use) has a fabulous DVD section -- much bigger (especially DVD : books ratio-wise) than our bigger library's. Thanks to this,
GuTTer MuNKi and I watched "Closer" last night, which we thoroughly enjoyed. Very well-acted, and I really liked the script. Even though it wasn't the sort of ending I typically go for, I'd definitely watch it again. I've only seen Jude Law in a couple of things, so maybe he's a regular chamaeleon and I just don't know it. Anyway, in this one, I'd describe him as a mixture of Sting and John-Boy Walton. If you don't believe me, watch the film, LOL! For the girls, there's also Clive Owen, and for the boys, Julia Roberts and a nearly naked Natalie Portman. We did have to watch with subtitles for a bit, as there's a little bit of LOTR syndrome with the sound in this film.

What? I haven't ranted on about LOTR syndrome? Here's a brief synopsis:

**whisper, whisper, mumble, mumble** (you turn up the sound)
**whisper, whisper, whisp -- RAGE, ROAR, RIP, SHRED, EXPLOSION!!** (Holy --!! Heart attack!! Sound down!!)
**whisper, whisper, whisper, mumble** (sound up)

In short, these are films that are not something you can watch while the children are awake, but are nearly impossible to watch after they've gone to bed as well.

"Closer" has its share of mumbled whispering followed by loudly shrieked obscenities. Where was I going with this? Oh yes. I was trying to make out a bit of conversation between Mr. Owen and Miss Portman that was particularly confusing, even with subtitles.
GuTTer MuNKi was unable to help me decipher the meaning even after several replays. Turns out he wasn't actually reading the subtitles any of those times. But I did find out that the words get in the way of Natalie's bare bum. (rolleyes) Now you know. What you do with this information is up to you.

My mission today is to submit my latest short story to BUST mag for their One-Handed Read.


Jaichan said...

Oh! Good luck! I love BUST. I can't wait to read it!
I think Clive Owen is a whole lot of sexy.

Logophile said...

You couldn't convince him it was just a tattoo?
Now Mr. Logo knows there is Portman bum featured I guess I better add that to the queue.
Read! Read like the wind!
Oh, and scrub your sink, would ya!?!

Egan said...

A post without at least three pictures? Have you gone completely mad?

tshsmom said...

"...a mixture of Sting and John-Boy Walton."
PERFECT description of Jude Law!

I KNEW Gabaldon would suck you in. ;)

Candace said...

Thanks Jai! I sure hope I make it, but will try to steel myself for rejection, LOL!

Heh, Logo. Well, it ws very interesting, and you'll get Clive out of it. :-) My sink shineth!

Egan - I was posting from bed - too lazy to use the puter with all the piccys. Maybe later. If I'm not immersed in the book. Fat chance. . .

TSmom - haha! I thought it worked, LOL! 2 opposite worlds collide and smoosh themselves into Jude Law. Oh, my, has she ever. Yummy book!

Anonymous said...

"Closer" is, for me, a brilliant film.

It's great. Dark, original, twisted plot.

AND it features N. Portman. What more could anyone want?

Trundling Grunt said...

I was lukewarm about Closer - like CLive Owen but not a great fan of Jude Law. Don't know why. Also I prefer Natalie Portman in Garden State, but Closer has some weird little twists doesn't it?

Candace said...

Winters, it's funny, because usually darkish stuff is not my taste, but I really enjoyed this one.

TG - I like Clive, but didn't so much like his character in this one (well, duh) but I've never been rabid about Jude Law. Not sure what it is about him either. But this was the most likeable role I've seen him in (which isn't saying a lot I guess.) Still, I think they all did a fantastic job, and I really did like the little twists. :-) Surely you appreciated Natalie's bum??

Faltenin said...

Next time can I go to that club with Gutter Munki?

Looks cool!

Egan said...


GuTTer MuNKi said...


I'll call you. It turns out, though, I'll be looking for the club from _Closer_ , where Padme dances. Candace goes to Clive's place, while I have Natalie over for tea and strumpets.

Candace said...

LOL, Fal. yes, I think the MuNKi has a fab plan. You and he can go watch Padme shake her bootay whilst Kitten and I entertain Mr. Owen in our own special way. I suppose we'll have to have Mr. Craig or Mr. Butler over to even out the numbers. I bet I can find a kilt somewhere. . . And then you and MuNKi can throw on some kilts and bring Padme to play, too.

Egan, what was lame? My lack of visuals? I'm feeling a bit slow after tonight's gruelling workout. A workout at which, I'm ashamed to say, you would most likely scoff. But I'm no Iron Maiden, so I was wringin' wet. Did kick my partner in the head, though. Always a good time. :-)

MuNKi, send Fal the addy to the club, and what happens at the club stays at the club as long as you both come home in kilts. ;-)