Tuesday, August 22, 2006


- I keep just *barely* staving off a full-blown bladder infection.

- FIL is an extremely grumpy person, so we're trying to stay out of the house as much as possible (which, of course, has been resulting in MIL not getting to see the kids enough) but we have to be here sometimes (like for sleeping.) Noise is not good, Patrick. Noise is not good. We are not a quiet herd.

- I decided to go for the Hat Trick by luring GuTTer MuNKi out onto the deck for a quickie last night (or maybe he lured me - I think it was pretty mutual - ever tried to get some time alone in a house with 3 other adults and 6 night-owl kids?) I'm sure one of the neighbours somewhere somehow will be reporting on that to MIL. Actually, I don't think that would complete the hat trick, because at this point I'm beyond caring what anyone else thinks. But I'm sure I'll come up with something. Suggestions, anyone?


Toby said...

I'd be reporting you to the police if I saw someone like the pic doing the nasty in my neighbors yard. :)

I'm confused, what kind of suggestions are you looking for?

Candace said...


I'm taking suggestions for how to complete my uncomfortability hat trick. Ideas? Perhaps I might run upstairs in my undies only to find FIL breakfasting with a friend, or maybe I could be mauled by their "cat."

tshsmom said...

The last time we snuck off in the bushes, hubby lost the lens in his glasses. Must've been an eye-opening experience! ;)

ldbug said...

Hmmm, my parents managed to get their time alone by having one night a week (Thursday) where they "ate late." As in my little brother and I could have whatever we wanted for dinner, mostly we requested Mac & Cheese, then were sent to bed early. They didn't care if we actually went to sleep, just so long as we stayed in our rooms.

We didn't care, we got a yummy dinner, and could play all night long in our rooms with our toys if we wanted.

My mom and dad would set up a card table in their room, and have a nice steak or salmon, or other adult meal. I don't even want to think about what they did after dinner, gross!

My brother and I knew that unless one of us had lost a limb, we were not to knock on the door.

Anyway, that's how they got one night a week to themselves...I think they still do even though they have the house to themselves now. It's just a special night for them and it must keep that spark alive, 'cos they've been married for almost 40yrs now:-)

Candace said...

Tsmom, LOL! That's pretty funny. :-D I hope he found it later.

Ldbug, that's a pretty cool idea. A couple of weeks ago, MuNKi and I got all dressed up after the kids went to bed and had a date something like that. It was pretty entertaining, though Slug did wonder "why Daddy was wearing a tuxedo" that late at night.

Jaichan said...

Yikes. I have a look that gets me out of situations like that. I've got a great glare that shuts people up instantly (and has been known to freeze blood).
To complete the hat trick, you could leave some feminine hygene products in full display (like, on the dashboard of FIL's car, for example).
Or announce loudly to mixed company that you need to go and do your pelvic floor exercises.

Toby said...

When at breakfast with FIL and his buddy start a conversation about feminine hygene products. You could kill two birds with one stone. When the not so friendly FIL tells you to shut up tell him you're not talking to him and then turn to his buddy.

Candace said...

Har, Jaichan!!! I need you to come freeze some blood for me. :-) OMG, the feminine products idea is great. Maybe I should start a conversation with him about cloth vs. disposable of said products, LOL!

Toby, I'm giggling over your idea. Muahahahahaha!! Would I have the guts? Hmmmm. It's totally not me, which would be fun to try. }:-)

Trundling Grunt said...

Go for a walk and find a golf course with deep bunkers. Explaining the sand will be tricky but that's where your creativity will come in. Just watch out for sprinklers.

Candace said...

LOL! I'll change my name to Sandy Cheeks. :-)