Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Eaten By Goo

5 years ago tonight, I was hiding in the closet, weeping, feeling like my belly would burst open right down one of my racing stripes, and praying that the parasite within would emerge. (sorry, Slade, not trying to scare you)

Honestly, by my 4th child, I really expected to go EARLY and not 2 weeks late. The next day I was scheduled for a non-stress test to make sure that Baby was ok, and I was afraid that instead of the homebirth we'd planned, I was going to have to have yet another hospital birth, and, worse yet, an induction. Weirdly enough, while gibbering in there, I got this mental image of a calendar square with a 14 all lit up, and I knew that my baby was coming the next day and that she would be a girl. (We never used the U/S to find out early.) Clearly, I had finally gone 'round the bend. But it was true. The next morning at 10:03 am, after about 4.5 hours of labour, The Prawn made her grand entrance to the outside world, emerging between the fireplace and the Christmas tree. And the day after that, the other 3 broke out with Hand Foot and Mouth disease and MuNKi had to go back to the Flightline. O_o

Needless to say, this is a better year. Tomorrow is supposed to be gorgeous (sunny and near 50), so hopefully we'll do something outside. Maybe I'll even have time to blog about it. Eventually.

In the meantime, the world just became a little more orgasmic.

PS Happy Birthday, Mama! (yep -- Prawnie missed it by one day)


Egan said...

Did you like the opening song to Casino Royale? That's our boy, Mr. Cornell singing. Happy Birthday Slade!! A homebirth eh? Sounds messy and stuff.

I will be in Chicago this weekend. Make the drive and meet us downtown on Saturday. See you then.

Candace said...

I didn't like it the first few times I heard it, but then, during the actual film, I liked it much better. Is he from WA?

I don't think it's Slade's bday, but I don't really know. It IS Prawnie's bday today. ^_^

The hb was great! No messier than a hosp birth. :)

Cool! We'll leave right after sparring. We'll get there at somewhere between 5 and 7. Uh, maybe not, then.

What are you going to do in the Windy City?

Me said...


Trundling Grunt said...

I don't know about Slade but I'm scared. Happy Prawnday.

cindra said...

Happy Birthday Prawnie!

Great story, Candace. you are a flippin' superhero in my book.

Hope you are warm and well!

The Grunt said...

It appears that I have a doppleganger. Egan can vouch that I am the first, and original Grunt.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Prawnie.

May you grow up to be as delightful and talented as your mother.

Logophile said...

A very merry birthday to your prawnpatty!

The two weeks late thing gets VERY old, did that with the first one and I can feel your pain.

Congrats to you on your lack of hand, foot and mouth disease, and here's to hoping you don't get mad cow either!

ldbug said...

Awww a Christmas baby!!

Candace said...

TO EVERYONE: The Prawn has asked me to thank you all for the birthday wishes. :)

Hi Bos! I was thinking of you just today. I was following a big truck with mudflaps that said "Bostick."

TG - Parasites can be very scary. Especially when they emerge from John Hurt.

Cindra - we are, indeed, warm and well, thank you! :)

Grunt - ah, but can you trundle? Welcome! :)

Winters - flattery will get you everywhere, my dear.

Logo - it is very, very good not to be pregnant anymore, LOL! I enjoyed most of it at the time, but I'm glad to have moved on to the next phase. I, too, am hoping we can avoid crazy bovine disease.

Snow - Indeed! And though with my first I was really trying to avoid the Christmas season, by the time I got to 4, I didn't care any longer. So now I have a spunky, sparky little Saggitarius. :)

ablondeblogger said...

Did you really give birth between the fireplace and the tree?!!!!!

Candace said...

'Tis true! It was a great place to have a baby. ^_^

Slade said...

hehe I'm not too scared yet, but getting there whenever I think about labor! The worst is that there is NO turning back now!!!! AHHHH

Candace said...

LOL! That reminds me of when I was in labour with Sluggie. We got to the hosp and were walking laps in the hall to speed things along and there was this woman absolutely SCREAMING "I CAN'T DO THIS!!!" in one of the rooms. There was another couple walking laps, too, and we kept passing each other. When she'd scream, we'd look at each other and kind of laugh nervously, both of us feeling slightly superiour than that chick, yet also, I think, hoping we wouldn't get reduced to that, LOL!

Gawpo said...

I missed widdle Prawnie's 1,825th day of having gotten borned, not counting perhaps a couple lept years (could have been the first and the fourth, right?), but at least I am able to add my heartfelt HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, PRAWNIE!!!!!!! within the bl'socially acceptable 5 day window (through which I gladly, with a big smile, wave)....

Candace said...

Gawpo, she gave a huge grin and said, "Can you tell him that D___ says thanks?"