Saturday, December 02, 2006

Laugh With Me

Because this is too stinkin' funny no matter how you feel about Rumsfeld. That Mr. Ferguson is one funny dude. He used to be Drew Carey's English boss, but now he's Scottish. And no longer evil.


kitkat said...

Teehee. That was very silly.

I think Scottish people really make English more difficult than it needs to be. It just sounds so forced. Maybe that's just me.

Winters said...

Very Funny!

Twas a braw wee St. Andrew's tribute, C. May the flower of Scotland bloom for ye'. Och Aye.

Candace said...

Kitkat - wasn't that great? ^_^ I think you might be right. Southern accents are just sooooooo easy to fall into. We visit NC and I have a drawl within minutes, LOL! But the Scots seem to put extra effort into their speech.

Winters - It makes me giggle uncontrollably. :) Thank ye verra verra mooch, och, aye.

cindra said...

That was hysterical...loved the doobie! Loved all of it...too much fun.

Egan said...

Wonderful stuff. I still can't figure out the Rubik's Cube. Daniel Craig does nasty stuff with his pinky finger.

Diesel said...

That was great.

Candace said...

Cindra - I love the way they paired his facial expressions and everything with his actions. The way he starts laughing after drawing the horse's ass totally cracks (boo hiss) me up. ^_^

Egan - Isn't it? I used to be able to do Rubik's cubes. But only because I'd memorized all the formulae. :-P (GEEEEEEEEK!)

I dunno about Craig, but Bond does WONDERFUL things with his pinkie (finger.) Oh, sacrilige for even suggesting he's not a giant of a man. And kudos to you for watching the flick. **MWAH**

Diesel - I aim to please!

hphygnp a dyslexic hippogriff?

bazza27 said...

Thanks for popping by my blog, anyone who says I rock is ok in my book.

Logophile said...

Tee hee
That is some funny stuff.
I rarely watch that show but I have enjoyed it when I did.

Rubik's geeeeeek!

Candace said...

Bazza, you totally rock! ^_^

Logo - It's nearly enough to make me wish I could watch it, but I have YouTube for all the best bits.
Hahah! There's a new Rubik's cube with more cubes! Or is it old and just revived? I can't remember. I can't remember much of anything these days that's not related to Egan-thong-trivia, which is why I would prolly suck at the cube now.

But I'm still really good a those little sliding square puzzles. Always have been. Dunno why. Too bad that's not a useful skill. :-/

cindra said...

Who cares that you could do the cube? I love that you can say formula plural. I'm so aroused. You are brilliant.

New word game is up, Mistress Marvel

Candace said...

Ashira said...
Already?!?!? How does Monday come so very quickly? I swear that the time goes by even faster since I started playing.

Alrighty then. I
ll scope it out as son as we're back from morning classes. :)

Let's chat about Egan behind his back.

Egan said...

I see the chatting about me behind my back never happened. Why is that?

I watched some dude solve the Rubik's Cube blindfolded. I bet you can't do that Candace.

ldbug said...

I had no idea he was so adept at arts & crafts;-)

Candace said...

My comment is messed up! I posted as Mollusc by accident and the fix didn't take well. ;)

Egan - now how would you know?Hmmm? Hmmmm?

I could do it blindfolded. If it wa a braille cube. . . and I could read Braille.

Ldbug - I think it's a requirement for all cabinet members. ^_^