Monday, December 04, 2006

A Lovely Evening at Home

Monday, Monday, Monday!

Mondays we have 2 morning TKD classes and then we are freeeeeeeee for the rest of the day. Woo hoo! Today, I made fleece socks for Mollusc (as requested) and then a bag for Fishy for his schoolwork.

We have been carting everything around in one stinking bag, and it's getting riddikulus, so I plan to make everyone their own project bag and pack it with the week's work so I can stay on top of what I want them to do for the week and they can have it all in one place. More bag S&Ss to come, I'm sure.

The heat at the dojang was broken today and I got a call tonight that there will be no morning classes tomorrow, so Crazy Tuesday won't be quite so crazy as usual. Also woo hoo!

And now, join us for (some of) the evening's festivities. The fire is built:

The lights are down low, and there is a certain glow in the air:

Emmett is sucking heat by the fire.

As is The Slug.

The movie begins. Some ways into it, the kids discover a new way to watch:

Something's coming!

Oh, the suspense!

Have you guessed the film yet?

The Nigerian Death Panther comes to help GuTTer MuNKi relax.

Watch out, for that one; he's the kiss of death. Or sleep, anyway. He has this way of meatloafing on you in a manner that is certain to send you to dreamland.

Needless to say, I was forced to pester MuNKi to ensure his non-somnolence for the hours yet to come.

Have a lovely evening. :)


Egan said...

Is that movie Abyss? Sweet, two kitty photos... my day is complete. The tree is gorgeous Candace. We didn't get ours up because a stubborn mouse held us hostage in our own house.

Candace said...

No no no!! My children are watching it for Goodness sake! It's rated G, though as Fishy said towards the very end "That was kind of violent for a G-rated movie." ^_^

If you had kitties, you wouldn't have mice.

Egan said...

It's because our neighbors wild kitties roam in our yard that the mice have retreated inside our house. I've told you my wife is allergic to pets right?

20,000,000 Leagues Under the Sea?


Logophile said...

upside down under the sea, very fitting.
I have a ginormous bag for school work with just two, I can't imagine yours!
Lovely decorating,
...its the most wonderful time of the year!
I love Christmas music too, till about Dec 23, then I am usually done and they play it another week, and by the 26th it just annoys me.
You might think this pattern would prompt me NOT to start listening to Christmas music almost non stop starting the day after Thanksgiving but hey, this system works for me!!

Candace said...

No, Egan, you have not. Well, you had not. Now you have. Ahhhhh. That's a great built-in excuse for an animal-hater like you then. ;)

You are loce on the movie title, but in this one, it's only 20,000 leagues under the sea.

Logo - I'm about the same with Christmas music. I think poor Mollusc tires of it sooner. I'm hoping this bag thing will work. We haul a lot to TKD so that the bigs can work while I teach and The Prawn does class and then I can work with Prawn while the bigs do class. Then we're mostly done by the time we get home. :)

ldbug said...

Oh shoot, I missed the guessing part - I knew that one!

Love the Christmas lights!! :-)

Egan said...

Sweet is this a "typical" blog post where said blogger whines about Christmas music? I love the MuNKi links. Meow!

Candace said...

Ldbug - I think you still beat Egan since he thought it was 20 million.

Egan - naw, that's your area, Dude. This is the comment box where we abuse people named Egan. Meow! I want to get MuNKi a suit like that for Christmas.

Winters said...

I feel full of warmth and goodness now.

I find the best way to deal with Nigerian death panthers is to lay traps for them baited with slightly poo-like chocolate cake.

They can't resist, I tell you...

Egan said...

Candace, I don't abuse you so why would you abuse me. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and your family. MuNKi needs that costume. (your sister is currently singing in my ear). Ruff ruff! I want some chocolate cake.

Candace said...

Winters - you are always full of warmth and goodness. Except when you are being slightly naughty.

I am most greatful for your words of experience re. the NDP. We have just consumed the last of our most recent poo-like cake. Do you suggest any alternatives? Perhaps I should make another. Also, what do are your thoughts on appropriate behaviour when one spots the NDP lurking near the top of a tree. Waiting. Watching.

Egan - I only abuse you because you're so abusable. Yes, MuNKi does need that. I like how you followed the whole repect thing with that. It shows the true extent of your deep reverence. I'm so glad my sister is singing to you. Hooray! Ruff ruff? This is a most interesting, yet sadly misguided attempt to masquerade as the NDP in order to get some cake. If you pimp my sister on your blog, I will give you cake. And you don't even have to let me scratch your belly.

Egan said...

Hmmm... this is a very tempting offer. I'm glad you enjoyed my disjointed comment. "Abuse" is fine from the right person.

~d said...

Omi, you have Christmas looking so very pretty.

ARM said...

20,000 leagues! I love that movie - Kirk Douglas in his sweet striped shirt.

Awesome cats & great tree! Much better than our sad little Charlie Brown tree.

Slade said...

I love the way you narrate! And the illustrations are my favorite part!

Candace said...

Egan, at the church I grew up in "self-abuse" referred to masturbation. Is that what we are talking about? How intriguing. What about the Left person? No one ever seems as enthusiastic about that one.

~d : why thank you my dear. It's feeling pretty cosy around here. :)

ARM - DING DING DING DING! You are correct!! :) And don't forget his turtle shell banjo/guitar/ukelele thinggy!
The kitties are very sweet and cuddly. They make us feel loved. ^_^ Our tree is fake. We got fed up with expensive Charlie Brown trees, LOL!

Slade - thank you. :) I love taking pictures. I hate cropping them and uploading them, but I love taking them.

cindra said...

I want in on the abuse!

My son walked in when i was looking at Munki pic with schwang. He wondered who it was. I told him it was your husband. he said, "he sure has a big boner". Nice.

okay, tell me WHY you are not bartering over here? if it's because of the holidays, then cool. but when the new year are in, sistah!

Lovely decor, by the way.

cindra said...

Oh, and Candace, don't mention to Egan about the one thing I told you. He'd kill me if he knew, okay? He says it wasn't his fault, but you know, that's what they all say, right?

Egan said...

Cindra I think it's too late. Anyways... the left one doesn't get left out. We'll just leave it at that as I perv on Daniel's abs.

Candace said...

Cindra, OMG, LOL! Pffff! Does he really think that's my dh? He prolly thinks we are really weird. Of course, he would be right. ^_^ Oh ack! I should but the thought intimidates me. I should get my ass over there with the stuff I already have maybe. . .

I will NOT tell Egan. I don't want to be responsible for your premature demise. And besides, it's more fun knowing without him knowing I know, you know?

Egan, it's NEVER too late. Usually.

The left one is always ignored. Unless you are using it now while perving at Daniel's Abs. Hmmm.

cindra said...

Sorry, Egan, but you are wrong. Candace knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about. I didn't want to embarrass you or make you mad, so it's best we just leave it at that. Candace, you know where the proof is, right? Yup. And he did too. He's lying if he says he didn't. I mean, what do you expect? The guy wears a speedo.

R will get over the boner. He thought at first it was a guy blogging and approaching me...hell hath NO fury like that of a protective son. Then he just thought it was your hubby. We'll leave it at that.

Quit being intimidated, you artist chick. If I take hours from my darling family to put together a blog to take down the corporate machine, then you participate with what you have!

Oh, does the 11 year old female desier some hand me downs from a fickle and finicky shopaholic teen? Let me know. I'm putting your box together...toddler tot lost your earrings so I had to make new ones...

Candace said...

Poor Egan. But yes, the Speedo.

Ha! Protective son! That's entertaining. :)

I should. Tomorrow is anti-procrastination day (thus sayeth the FLYLady) so perhaps I will get my act together. ^_^

Wow - sure! She's a big 11 yo, though. Not wide, (very very not wide) but tall. Of course, I also have a tall 9 yo who can wear whatever doesn't work for the Amazonian 11 yo. . .

That would rock. Let me pay shipping at least!

Gawpo said...

Did you ever see that SNL bit that the NYRFPT players did when Kelsey Grammer hosted and Rob Schneider was the Peter Lori character and they were hammering "Twenty-thousand leeegs under the sea?" That's what the pics remind me of. The giant squid and that weird "Keptin Neemo" vessel. Phil Hartman did the best Kirk Douglas impression as he kept haranguing Grammer's Capt. Nemo character with, "So what yur saying, Kaptin, is that weer TWENTY THOUSAND LEEEGES UNDER THE SEA?" I have it on VHS when, in a quick moment of thinking , I happened to pop the cassette into the machine. I play it occasionally.

Me said...

Cute and cute.. Remember me?!

Anonymous said...

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