Sunday, December 10, 2006

Yavin IV

Yesterday we went up to Selfridge for a BX/PX and Commissary run. I love being back on base. I love the way the security dude says "Thank you Master Sergeant" after checking MuNKi's ID, allowing us to roll onward into a different world. I love the feeling of safety, of not having to worry about whether someone's going to vandalize our car simply because we have a DoD decal. I love the airplanes, the people, the way that everyone is so courteous. I love the esprit de corps and the feeling of belonging. I love that private little world, fenced off and guarded from the craziness outside, and I love being able to launch my boy into the bathroom without worrying that he'll be attacked by some random maniac.

I love the prices at the commissary, the BX/PX and the Class Six store. ^_^

I have to say that I also love that MuNKi is retired, and that I no longer have to worry about him being sent who-knows-where. And although I miss the good part about working on airplanes and being on the flightline -- standing at the end of the runway with nothing but 2 other crewmembers and the sound of the blowing wind, watching the snow snakes slither across the pavement and seeing the planes come looming out of the blowing snow like ghosts, or feeling the hot blast of the engine's air as a plane taxis out of my spot after preflight -- I don't miss the blasting icy wind in my face freezing my cheeks and blowing the tears out of my stinging eyes as I wait for a plane to arrive for postflight inspection, or trying to get one of the unwieldy gas-powered heaters fired up so I can thaw the hinges on a frozen ladder door and close it so the plane can take off. I don't miss banging on a big wrench with my frozen hand, trying to loosen the lug nut on a sway brace, or those mind-numbingly boring social-whatever classes. And I am thankful to all those who do these things now; for what they go through physically and mentally, for the many sacrifices they make from monetary ones to time with family to, for some, their lives.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Fine thoughts there, C. Beautifully expressed.

There are good people in this world.

cindra said...

I love having another window into your world...and one that I have never experienced...very cool. Have a good day with the Christmas festivities and experimental transport.

tshsmom said...

What a beautiful tribute!

Gawpo said...

All that talk about planes on final approach, standing ON the ramp and the runway and the smell of kerosene, the word taxiing and the word preflight and the words postflight inspection----My GAWD, woman! You have made me wish I were a librarian, because right now, if I were a librarian, I would have to walk over to the nearest set of stacks and......(sorry)...touch my shelf.

I love you and MuNKi and I love that you both did those things as a career for freedom's career. I like that word, career. I am going to keep saying it. In fact, instead of saying "in bed" at the end of the fortune, I'm going to start saying, "as a career" and see how that works. Well, have a good career! Don't you career ME with that language, missy! Ah, go career yourself! Hey buddy, can you spare a career? Yeah, I like it. (goddam A.D.D.!!!!) Bye...

Trundling Grunt said...

Sometimes I think we take certainty for granted - knowing where a loved on is, or may be tomorrow, next week. You reminded me that we should be thankful for that. There are so many families that can't say that at the minute.

Candace said...

Thanks, Winters. There are a lot of very good people to be found. :) Including many outside of the fence. ^_^

Cindra, it was great talking to you today even though I'm normally incredibly phone shy. :) We had a fun trip, though I didn't take as many pics as I should have. I think the heat did mess up for us on the experimental transport. It seemed to, anyway, although in reverse of what the driver had said happened to him. MuNKi has more experimantation to do.

Gawpo - I say touch away. ^_^ MuNKi heartily agrees that airplane-related banter is touch-worthy, and I concur. I would hope that you would walk over to the aviation section (629.1) to do so. Or perhaps self-help? ^_^

TG - We are so blessed to be able to enjoy our families right now. :)

Diesel said...

Great post. I'll second what Cindra said, having no first-hand experience of military life myself.

And I can't believe the part about people vandalizing your car. That makes me want to turn into the Hulk.

We all owe the men and women of the military our gratitude. Thank you.

ldbug said...

That's wonderful that you have some great memories of the place and that you like visiting. It's nice to know you've moved on, though, isn't it?

Mr. Fabulous said...

Very nice post, very nice life :)

cindra said...

I enjoyed talking to you to. I am not a phone talker...much. To a few, I am...and you were quite comfortable to chat with from my point of view. Thanks so much for the jammies for bonnie baby. I cannot remember what day my goo is...I think today is day six, which means i should be feeding it...please let me know!

And keep me posted on the experiments. That would be fun.

Candace said...

Thanks, Diesel. I need to clarify that OUR car hasn't been vamdalized yet, but it has happened to other military families, and it's something that I worry about especially when we go to Madison to visit family, and when we're bumming around in Ann Arbor. Apparently it's OK to vandalize stuff and threaten people as long as it's in the name of. . . peace?

Snowcrush - well, I guess the point is that we haven't had to completely move on. It's nice to still be able to be a part of that community. :) But, yes, it's very good not to have to endure the miserable conditions that sometimes arise in the world of aircraft maintainance, and those who are doing it now have my full respect and gratitude.

Mr. Fab - thank you. :)

Cindra - I felt very comfortable talking to you. It was strange, actually how comfortable. :) I'm glad the bonnie baby likes her duds. :) Your goo is Day Six today (Monday) so add junk!!

I'm not sure what's up with that vehicle now. I guess it's a mystery, LOL! I'm not saying the brand, cuz I don't want MuNKi to get dooced, but I'm glad I don't have one. It's an SUV and really uncomfortable to ride in, HUGE on the outside, no space on the inside, a total PITA to load kids into the rear seats. Blech!

Jay said...

Yeah, that really sounds like not so pleasant.

Logophile said...

Ohhh, I feel ya, sister.
I was born on a military air station and it's been a part of my life ever since. I cannot explain how great it is to know Mr. Logo will never get another call that they are sending him to the Persian Gulf in four days. But too, there are those little moments when you are on base when you realize this is a world slightly apart and that is not really a bad thing.
But why is it, dang it, that the BX/PX always has better stuff than the NEX??

Candace said...

Jay - I hate being cold. I would much rather be miserably hot than miserably cold. :-P

Logo - But the Squids have much better food from what I hear. ^_^