Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Few of My Favourite Things

Have you ever known anyone with an Obsession? Have you had one of your own? For a while I was obsessed with POTO:

Well, OK, I still am.

Some people might think I'm obsessed with this guy:

And this film:

I'm also obsessed with -- or at least addicted to -- reading (blogs and books), writing, music, men who smell nice, men in tuxes, men who write while wearing tuxes, men with the word MuNKi in their name, men with accents, men -- well, let's face it; men in general are quite lovely aren't they?

George Lucas is clearly obsessed with the clitoris:

(Is it not sad that I had to point this out to GuTTer MuNKi*? He was clearly off his game when we watched.)

As far as musical obsession goes, when I get a new CD, I tend to play it over, and over and over and over again - kind of like a kid with a new movie. Right now that CD is Sam's Town, by The Killers, but soon - very soon, it's going to be this one:

(yes, it's clicky)

That's right, my VERY talented and lovely sister, along with the equally talented and lovely Elizabeth and (more debonaire than lovely) Paul have FINALLY gotten CD#3 off to press or whatever it's called, and it will be available in time for Christmas. There's a lot of love and a lot of work in this album, so make sure you buy 50 copies and give them to all of your friends for Christmas. And for those of you lucky enough to live in the Boston area, yes, they will be flying to Boston to do the
Christmas gig again this year.

*Surprised? You shouldn't be; he's the hand.


cindra said...

Okay, first off, Candy dear...he was watching the action, and totally missing out on the aesthetics, as vaginal as they are. It must have been a lean year for George. Nice pimpin' on behalf of the sis. I listened to her today from a link at Egan's place. Amazing stuff. Very cool.
Men can be quite lovely, but not all are.
I had (maybe still have) an obsession over Edward Norton. No movies though, lately. I still love Kill Bill though. And Uma. Good stuff. I like Daniel. I think he's hot, but I dont' obsess. He's doesn't have any unique quirks...find me one...then that will redeem him in my book. Too perfect is boring...where is the flaw? The crack?

Candace said...

Well, there's not a lot of action at that point, so I'm not buying it. Something was seriously wrong with the man. Maybe it was a "can't see the forest for the trees" sort of thing.

Glad you like my sis's stuff. My fave is not sampled on their site (#7 on the brown one) but oh well.

I suppose you are right, but I like to dwell on the men who ARE lovely. ^_^ Oh, yes, Edward Norton. :)

Too perfect? Until Bond came out there was nothing but snarkiness about how awful he was for it. I'm sure there are lists and lists of his shortcomings on the web. ^_^ I like his glow-in-the-light eyes and weathered look (oh so complimentary, LOL!) But the poor guy is shite in interviews - soooo nervous. Well, that's not true. He's getting a lot better. But he used to be shite. (Isn't it wonderful how you can add an e to the end of that and suddenly it's less offensive? I wonder if it works with fucke? Ya think?)

The creepiest thing in an I'm-so-not-sure-I-want-to-admit-this sort of way, is that if you put your thumb over his face (in the pictures of course -- I've never actually walked up to him and put my thumb over his face. That I can recall) it's my dad. Hopefully that's not gross. I was talking with a friend about that. I'm not saying Freud was right; just that we find things that remind us of our fathers appealing. A dead ringer would be creepy, but reminders of a man whose approval and attention we desire is attractive, apparently.

Egan said...

...and all this time I thought you were obsessed with me. I should have known.

But seriously your sister is a talent. I listened to her samples for about 20 minutes at work. Very good stuff Candace. I would be happy to pimp her album on my blog.

Now, can we get back to the Daniel Craig talk?

Egan said...

Candace - trust me, it's not creepy. You're fine. Um, can I tell you how impressed I am with your sister's music? They rule. I just got done surfing their site and learning more about them and you too. Fun stuff.

cindra said...

No. Not creepy. Actually I've noticed that happen to me a couple of times...I think it is just our attraction to our tribe...I tend to like the nordic features...and well, that's my dad.

Egan, you are so hot for Daniel.

Egan said...

You could be right Cindra. I'm not going to look into his eyes for a few days. Mrs. Lessinges likes Ed Norton too.

Winters said...

Is it me, or does new Bond look very much like Steve McQueen?

C, I hope and pray I never encounter a clitoris with that degree of magnitude and menace.

kitkat said...

I'm with winters on the clit--it looks like the "clitoris of doom" or something.

I obsess all the time. When I was 14/15, I was painfully obsessed with Green Day :) More recently, you spread your obsession with Daniel to me. By the way, one quirk he has that I can't stand is that he often sticks his lips out like he's doing the white-man dance.

~d said...

I shall have to come back and address all sorts of things-individually!
I like so many of the same things!

treespotter said...

i was obsessed with Legos for a long while.

people think i was nut.

ldbug said...

I'm obsessed with men too;-)

Gawpo said...

Candace, I am FREEKIE-DEEKIE dyin' here! Oh My GAWD!!! That George Lucas clitoris quip was, was.....well....touching? Maybe that's not the right word, but heck, I had seen that architecture before somewhere, just could't place it cuz it was always, well....was.....always just on the tip of my tongue. Anyway, wow. You goosed my funnybone good. I love the pics of the chillins and MuNKi appears content with pussy. Uh........is this a family show?

Gawpo said...

Candace, you are obviously not obsessed with the guy in the second picture. Come on. He's a lip-purser. And you can tell by the bottom of your foot in the kick pic that you HATE lip-pursers. I mean, come on, really. What's HUD spelled backwards here, for cry-eye?

Jay said...

Hehe, all the lip-pursing talk has made any wise comment I was about to make fly right out of brain.

Candace said...

Egan - I am obsessed with you. Isn't that you? Thank you for loving my sister. Pimp away!!

Yes, let's talk about the lovely Mr. Craig some more. Well, you talk. I'll sit here and drool at pictures.

Cindra - well that's reassuring (the normal thing, not the Egan hot for Daniel thing.) I suspect you are right. (About the Egan thing, not the normal thing.)

Egan - That's because Eddie baby is hot. Uh, ok not hot. Cute.

Winters - Hmmm - maybe? I'll have to do some more McQueen-watching.

That is a clitoris of somewhat intimidating proportions.

KitKat - I think that would make a lovely Indiana Jones title. And I believe the next one is in the works even now, is it not? Yes, I can see it now: Indiana Jones and the Clitoris of Doom!

The lips out thing could be useful. . .;)

~d : we are clearly cut from the same twisted cloth. ^_^

Tree - obsessions are healthy unless they get to the point where they aren't. ;) The big thing with a Lego osession is to just have some kids and pretend they're for them.

Ldbug - they're fascinating creatures ^_^

Gawpo - oohhhh, you got to the nub of that quickly! And don't think I'm going to try to nip your punning in the bud, because I love a good punster.

As far as the lip-pursing goes, you have judged me and judged me well - looking straight into my sole, as it were. I like to think that is a very unfortunate accident and that it will never happen again. In fact, I like to think that perhaps that is not pursing at all, but rather a picture snapped as he was about to speak (words of love to me, no doubt.)

Jayyyyyyyyy! How was the reading rainbow?? Do tell!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Daniel Craig is dreamy


Candace said...

You have great taste, Mr. Fab. ^_^

cindra said...

Edward Norton is too, hot. You cannot have seen him in his boxers in American History X with the bulging biceps and those abs and oh...c'mon.

And you crack me up, lady. Yer funny.

Egan said...

American History X is a fantastic movie. Not very easy to watch, but what a great story about hate in this country.

Trundling Grunt said...

Look, he's a guy. Even though it's there, staring him in the face, it doesn't mean he can actually find it. You should know that by now (especially if you watched Coupling?).

Candace said...

Cindra - I haven't seen that. Will it make me cry? How do the abs compare to Mr. Craig's? I bet I have bigger abs and biceps than Eddie Baby. I mean, c'mon, he's a stringbean. Albeit a painfully cute one that I would gladly steam and -- uh, maybe I should Google some piccys.

Egan - maybe you can tell me how his abs compare. . .

TG - Hee hee!! Maybe if they're gigantic it makes it easier.

I LOVE Coupling. Jeff's wisdom is so. . . wise. ^_^ And I love Steve's diatribes.

l said...

The pic of the two guys lighting up...is that the movie about the two Irish vigilante guys? What's the name of it? I can't remember!

sophie said...

check my link on my latest
post from my friend Steph:)

sophie said...

I like the new Bond.

He doesn't smoke!