Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Don't Like This

I have never lived in another state where I've seen this. Here are the states in which I've lived in chronological order, and omitting the Hong Kong period:


Yes, I know. I keep going back to some of them. On to the point.

I now live in MI. I have never lived in another state that allows people to STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF A FRICKING INTERSECTION --

I'm sorry, I'll stop shouting

-- that allows people with bright vests to stand in the middle of busy intersections with buckets bearing slogans like "Give the Gift of Life," (maybe an organ for you, Dear, when you are SMASHED TO SMITHEREENS - ahem, excuse me - when you are destroyed by oncoming traffic as you stand there in your stupid "dayglo" vest panhandling for the poor) or "Help Katrina Victims" or, most ironically "Help Retarded Children."

These people freak me out because:

A) I really think I'd rather not smash one flat. Mostly for insurance reasons. (then again, this is a no-fault state. . .)

B) It's awfully damn pushy (don't you think?) to sidle up to someone's car when they're sitting at the intersection watching for the light to change and expect them to fork over money just because you're peering in through their windscreen.

Ah well. So it goes.

I'm scheduled to give blood on Jan 8th. This is cool because

A) It's the first time in forever that the opportunity has shoved itself in my face when I wasn't nursing

B) I'm O Negative with large veins and they're going to have an orgasm or 3 over me

C) I have too much blood.

D) It was my dad's birthday, so what better day to give life in remembrance of him? :)

In other good news, my stepson and his friend made it to my IL's just fine. All is well. FIL is even in a good mood, which is rather shocking, LOL!

In less good news, MuNKi is off (no not THAT part! I love my MuNKi!) and I was warning him about driving in the library and PO parking lots at midday due to the large # of blind old bats who frequent those establishments. No sooner had I uttered these words of wisdom, than MuNKi himself witnessed an old biddy backing straight into the car in front of him. She had walked PAST it to get to her car, and then proceeded to back straight into it! OY!


Egan said...

You should move to Seattle. Sure we have panhandlers, but there aren't any folks hanging out in intersections like that. I've seen that sort of thing in NYC and Memphis though.

I should really find out my blood type. What a great way to remember your father Candace.

Cindra said...

The firemen in our town did that in the middle of intersections for something...this summer...i think it was for MS.

I almost got smashed by a senior driving the wrong way at the post office today. 'tis the season!

Thomas said...

I sure am glad I made it to the age of 33 still believing in Santa Claus. Because this Christmas would really suck if anybody told me otherwise.

somewhere joe said...

It's allowed here in Florida and is popular with high school kids fundraising for marching bands and field trips. The conflux of distracted, hormone-driven teens, rush-hour traffic, and seniors with high blood pressure makes for quite the musical intersection.

Slade said...

I was hit by a car once...he rounded a speedbump and came onto the walkway so it wasn't my fault...but I lived in a no fault state at the time..."no fault" is only applicable to automobiles, not pedestrians. If you hit a ped, you are automatically at fault even if they throw themselves in front of you trying to commit suicide! This is scary to me!

Troy Van Dellen said...

how do you know you have to much blood, that's crazy.

Candace said...

Egan - Dude you DO need to find out your blood type. Didn't you ever do that thing in Biology where you check your blood? I should order some of those for us to do at home forf Science. I never did find out the blood type of Prawn. If she's O Neg, we'll have one of everything MuNKi and I can make.

Cindra - wouldn't you think that firemen would know better? I mean, their EMTs have to scrape stuff like that off the road sometimes. What a waste of a hot fireman.

Thomas - not a doubter I see. ^_^ I will be the last to disillusion you. Especially with that great avatar.

Joe - that's downright scary. Ever think of grabbing thebucket as you drive past? I have. }:-> (thought of it - not done it. . .yet)

Slade - Ack! That's crazy! In Hong Kong, the pedestrian was always at fault. Messy.

Troy - I'm not speaking to you until you can prove you haven't killed Diesel. ^_^

ldbug said...

Oh, I hate that! People in TN do that to, just stand in the middle of the road. The worst is, the group I always passed on the way home were raising money for a football camp, and they had the kids (all under 10) in the road with them!!! Sooooo dangerous!

Egan said...

I think I'm AB something. I can't remember though since it has been so long. Maybe I can test myself with your kit.

Robin said...

Without even looking at the list of states, it's pretty obvious you've never lived in the southeast.


Robin said...

Without even looking at the list of states, it's pretty obvious you've never lived in the southeast.


Anonymous said...

Paris is terrible for that kind of thing.
I fully understand your irritation, C.

(I'm itching to make an "irritation" medical pun here, but I feel it would be rash.)

~d said...

remember that thing on your CD cover...some weird quotes thing.
I found it in another magazine.
it is:
Angie's List

~d said...

Crap ass
try this:

Glad I checked!

Mr. Fabulous said...

Good for you for being a blood donor!

January 8 is also Elvis' birthday :)

Candace said...

Snow - OMG, they drag CHILDREN into the steets to do this? That's HORRIBLE!

Egan - Are you ABC Neg? DEF jam? Isn't AB kinda rare? I can never keep track. All I know is that I can give to ANYONE and receive from only 15% of the population. Supposedly.

Robin - this is true. Sounds like I don't want to, either, LOL!

Winters - even in Paris? I thought y'all were supposed to be cultured or something over there. Not that I'm lumping you in with the Frenchies, mind you. . . Well, at least I know YOU would never do such a thing. Unless you were on a stakeout or somthing.

~d - Hey, that looks handy!! Cool!

Mr. Fab - thank you. Of course, I have yet to do it, but I have an appointment and no plans to back out. I'm not afraid of needles, which is a big help. And I'm a compulsive watcher. Some people can't stand to watch; I HAVE to watch. How about you?

I had no idea that my dad shared a bday with Elvis. My dad was way cooler, let me assure you. ^_^

Jaichan said...

I would be scared of mowing them down. Of course, I would mow anyone down as I have done the world a favour and never got a license.
I never feel guilty about not giving money to panhandlers. Here in Halifax, I always check their shoes. If their shoes are nicer than mine, I keep walking.
I prefer to give donations to the food bank or volunteer at the soup kitchen.
Boondock Saints is on in a half hour. I'll have to watch it!

Candace said...

Jaichan - The shoe thing - GREAT policy! :) Your volunteering and donations are a lot better than $ since they can't be abused.

OOOh! Boondock Saints! I was wearing my Saints shirt today and a girl at Barnes and Noble started talking to me about how it was one of her favourite films. :) Connor and Murph are oh so yummy! Enjoy!! ^_^

Jaichan said...

I wasn't told about the Wilem Dafoe.
How did I not know about the Wilem Dafoe?
I'm going to go back to watching the Wilem Dafoe now.

tshsmom said...

Whoa, that's NUTS!
MN doesn't indulge in "intersection roulette" either.

Trundling Grunt said...

I hate them too. I don't know if they're legal or not, but we get them in IN too. If they're after an organ, go to the butchers and get some liver for them. See if they want it.

Hate you about the blood. Still not allowed to donate thanks to Margaret Thatcher or some other mad cow.

Maybe we should send old biddys to war zones - they would terrify insurgents into submission in a week. Give them Buicks and just let them drive...

Candace said...

Jaichan - I swear I mentioned Gwillem in one of my Drool-a-thons. Maybe you didn't recognise him by that name. ^_^

TShsmom - MN is clearly full of wiser people than MI.

TG - hmmm, now THAT'S a good idea! No blood donation in case you have a spongy brain?
OMG I think the Buick idea is a winner.