Friday, December 29, 2006

Someone Has the Right Idea

That would be my wonderwall. ^_^

Well, except that I have normal books, not those faux leather, gilt-edged collections of whatever.

I have an idea for a book of my own: Decorating With Cats.

I could do something about the Feng Shui of cats, and the vital placement of The Four Guardians to ensure peaceful sleep.

MuNKi in the middle* there sleeping off some of the flu)

And maybe a little something about making the most of the space you have.

It's sure to be a smash hit.

What's the title of your book?


** There really is a reason for this picture. At Tae Kwon Do we line up in rows of 2. If there's an odd number, the person in back has to be "monkey in the middle." Sometimes there are so many of us that we have to have a line of "monkeys in the middle." We recently had a teen-aged boy bumped up into our class from kid class and on one such night he remarked "looks like there are going to be a lot of Prime Ministers tonight." After a confused silence we figured out that he had mis-remembered someone's earlier "primate" comment as "Prime Minister." ^_^


Jay said...

I think that cat may have outgrown his box.

My books are real books too, they're not uniform or very pretty as far as decoration goes, but I love them.

ARM said...

You could send that cat picture to Stuff on My Cat!

My dream house has a sweet library filled with books. All walls are bookshelves. And there's a big mahoganey desk and a huge leather chair. And while I don't smoke anything, there would be a box of cigars. I tell you, I may be a woman, but I love me a masculine library!

tshsmom said...

We have no choice but to decorate with books. We've got too many to hide them all away.

The title of my book should be "Knitting With Doghair".

Egan said...

Are you trying to piss me off Candace?

Logophile said...

I likes that wall.
I want one or 4.

Candace said...

Jay - I think he's in denial regarding his true length and girth. ^_^ The only person I know who has books like that got them to look nice on his bookshelf, not to read. That cracks me up!

Arm - I haven't been to that site in too long! Do they also do cats in stuff? That could be fun. :) Mmm, your dream library sounds lovely.

Tshsmom - Some of mine decorate the floor in piles. I really must do something about that. I'm saving my shekels for BILLY! :)

HA!! I love the title of your book!

Egan - You know me so well. I should have entitled this "Egan's nemeses." Oh wait, you don't hate books. Or so you say. As for the pussies, "Would you like them on a boat? Would you like them with a goat? Try them, try them and you may. Try them and you may, I say!"

Logo - me too. The more the better. Plus, they would help anchor the house in a bad storm!

Mr. Fabulous said...

I don't know if I am going to write Decorating with Corpses or Decorating with Bodily Fluids.

So many decisions...

Candace said...

Or Decorating With Corpses Decorated with Body Fluids!

Gawpo said...

Like, Candace: Those are some real cool cats. SNAP. SNAP.

ARM said...

Yeah, there are pictures of cats in stuff (I snort-laughed when I read that...congrats because I don't do that very often). And one day, I will get my dream library.

somewhere joe said...

I see kitty is training for its astounding Cookie Tin Escape.

Candace said...

Gawpo - They are indeed. Are you, like, an appreciator of felines?

Arm - Seriously snorting? Muahahahaha! **does a stupid little victory dance** After voting for Geisha, I looked around for the current contest but couldn't find it. It IS Friday, right? Then again, maybe it's right there and I missed it. Things are kind of a blur.

Somewhere Joe - He can get out in about 4.3 seconds now. 2.2 if you leave the lid off. The trick seems to be to unwedge the left hip and the rest is cake.

Candace said...

PS, I'm still dying to try your Obrien potatoes. As soon as my stomach agrees to play nice, that is. And preferably when I'm back to classes next week so I can burn off at least a little of that fat. ^_^

Egan said...

Some day, some day I might lke them I say. But for now, keep them away.

somewhere joe said...

I'm pretty sure the Obrien Potatoes would cure you - but we have all learned from bitter experience that the stomach's moods are ignored at our peril and intense regret.

tshsmom said...

You mean to tell me that piles of books AREN'T decorating? Damn!

ARM said...

I don't know if he has a new contest going yet or not. He usually finishes one contest before he starts another and has different themes and all that jazz. You can also just submit pictures for regular viewing as well as his contests.

Candace said...

Egan - No, no, no. It goes "I DO!! I LIKE them, Sam-I-Am!!"

Joe - Foul Tempter! ^_^ I wish I could tell if I was hungry or nauseous. I think I'm going to go with "nauseous" because every time I try "hungry" I turn out to be wrong. :-P

Tshsmom - ^_^ Well, maybe if we arrange them "artfully." What do you think? We can try to pass it off as the latest trend. But I'll try to hide the really worked over ones at the bottom. :) Look what I found when I was looking for the book in this post. Fascinating site.

Arm - Ah, OK. I thought it was an every Friday thing. I see they are sponsored this week by a local small press. I wonder if he'll give me the head honcho's email addy. ;) I might just have to submit some piccys. I certainly have a lot to work with - both stuff and cats galore! ^_^

polyergos said...

Prime Minister Pete Nice. 3rd Bass.

Bugs said...

Books ! Boooooooks ! BOOOOOKS!!!!
Books we love,
Oh yes we do,
we have enough books to sink the QE2.
They breed,my books,
Behind the chairs,
In crannies and nooks,
Even under the stairs.
Try a Kerry Greenwood,
Or a slice of Lillian Jackson Braun,
Cats,them they understood
Over them they fawn.
Books have no hard drive,
To crash us to our depths,
They help us survive
Even when we're having our MacBeths.

Candace said...

Poly - oooh, I should have linked to A Constipated Monkey (exec prod Pete Nice) What a convoluted many-meaninged link it could have been.

Bugs - *clap clap clap clap clap* Bravo!

But I can't believe you said MacBeth! *leaves, turns around three times, spits on the floor and knocks on the door*

Egan said...

I can't even get Dr. Seuss right. I'm going to cry in a corner now.

Candace said...

Oh no. I didn't mean to suck your will to live. Maybe you should go snuggle up to a furry feline. That always makes me feel better.

Spider Girl said...

My book title (as of a week or so ago)would be called "Hurry up & Clean,Company's Coming!:Insightful Ways to Make Sure Nobody Sees How Messy You Really Are.

I called my husband over to your blog post today to show him the bed with four cats on it. We have two cats who trap us in bed regularly because we don't like to disturb them when they're all purry and comfortable. Imagine four, I said! Wow! (Actually it looks very cozy.)

As for decorating with books, I'd love one of those built-in walls to hold books. I really would. :)

Bugs said...

I can understand the teenagers' mistake with the Prime Minister comment ....I always confuse our Aussie PM with a baboon ;)

Candace said...

Spider Girl - I'm going to buy a copy of your book as soon as it's available. ^_^ Yeah, kitties are good at trapping you in bed, aren't they? But it's not always a bad thing. :)

Bugs - LOL! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Mine is a recipe-book, C - "Winters stews, and other traditional cannibal dishes."

Gawpo said...

Like Candace, dig...Gawpo is indeed an appreciator of the felines...snap, snap, because Gawpo...snap, snap...feels...the lines.....snap, snap. (I always think of Dobie Gillis)

Candace said...

Winters - I'm not going to go there, because I think it might be a little out of line even for me. Maybe. So you can just imagine it instead, because you know I'm thinking it.

Gawpo - Have you ever seen Red Dwarf? I'm picturing you as >^_^<