Monday, January 01, 2007

And Now, Back to the Program. . .

Last night we watched the funky hand clock (oooh, the link works!) when the new year rolled in. The children squealed with delight as the hands went crazy erasing all those numbers and pencilling in the new ones. (OK, maybe I did, too.) We've been meaning to catch a rollover for a few years now and always forget.

Tomorrow we jump back into Real Life with both feet as it's Crazy Tuesday. Provided no one else throws up, that is. I'm more than ready to get back to class, and tomorrow we'll have sparring afterwards, so hooray! But the being there to teach 10am class will be rough considering we haven't even been waking up until 10 and 11 these last few days. (Woken twice by Jehovah's Witnesses, whom we promptly ignored.) Note to self: get to bed before 3am this time.

I need a new calendar but, cheap person that I am, I don't plan to get one until Wednesday when they should be marked down. How long do I have to wait for them to hit $1 at Borders? Anyone remember? Of course then there's the risk that my choices will be whittled down to 365 Sawdust Recipes, Marital Aids You Can Make From Duct Tape, and North Yorkshire Mimes and Clowns. In which case I'll order from Amazon. :-P

Sluggie has discovered the joys of Jeeves and Wooster, so we've been having "a-thons" and I'm inspired to read more Wodehouse. I don't usually do the whole resolution thing, but I guess if I had one this year it would be to spend more time reading books. This may seem silly for someone who loves to read, but the Web has sucked a lot of book reading time from my life. I've made a move in the right direction over the last few months, but find myself sliding down the slippery slope of blogsurfdom far too often, because Bloggers talk back, whereas my books usually don't. Considering that GuTTer MuNKi got me both Outlander #2 (already started this one) and Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife for Christmas, I have plenty of incentive to follow up on this. I plan to take more review books, too, in order to broaden the scope of my material. But my biggest plan for the upcoming future is to make it a point to do my daily writing before I blog, because this whole blogging as a warmup thing has gotten out of hand. ^_^ After reading Hungarian Rhapsody, I have to say that I feel a spate of sewing for orphanages coming on again, too.

My friend is giving up plastic bags as much as possible, electing to carry her own with her. ( 99 cents from Trader Joe's, made from recycled plastic bags - cool, huh?) I think it's a great idea. I reuse mine for scooping the litter pans, though, so will have to rethink things if I try to copy her.

Well, I have children to shuffle off to Buffalo, and a book review to write, so that's all for now.


Gawpo said...

Couple hits of window pane, pink double-dome or just a half tab of orange oslate and my books always talk back to me. But what's really freaky is when they read ME.

polyergos said...

Hmm. Stranger than fiction.


ARM said...

I do agree with you about blogging taking up valuable reading time. I quit for about a year and then came back full force in October. Now I'm struggling to finish reading books that usually take me a weekend to finish.

Oh, I signed up for that review thing. I'm pretty excited about it. I love reading books & then writing reviews. When I worked at B&N, I did that all the time!

Toby said...

Hi Candace, Happy New Year.

~d said...

there are these COOL ass organizers I want at B&N, but last I checked they were 50% off...and I cant guarantee I will use it longer than a week at a time...although I would LOVE to, and I NEED to...
My Borders is too far a drive. and they wont honor my $10 gift card to B&N.


Bugs said...

Love the Jeeves stories ! Been trying to track down a DVD copy of the "By Jeeves" musical for a couple of years now,the whole feral tribe love it.
I'm hoping to sign up for the TCM book review thingies - is it applicable for Australia ?
Post-holiday real life is a horror to get back into the swing of - and tv always tempts with 3am screenings of your fav movie..arrrgh !

tshsmom said...

MWAHAHAHA!! I really got you hooked on Diana Gabaldon, didn't I?

I blog while I'm printing out homeschool stuff. Dovetailing at its finest! ;)

somewhere joe said...

BUY a calendar??!!

Candace said...

Gawpo - is that drugspeak? Or just Gawpoese? ^_^

Poly - I'm stranger than fiction and Gawpo is stranger than me, so what does that make Gawpo??

Amanda - cool! Enjoy the great books! There are some duds, too, of course, but I've gotten some very cool ones. Ooooh, you worked at B&N? Yummy! My most enjoyable job was working at the main campus library in University. :)

Toby - same to you! Is your blog still a smoking hole?

~d - I want a weekly sort of thing. But I have the same fears as you. A week or two into it --you know? I've decided to remain optimistic, though, and go for it, albeit at as greatly reduced a price as possible.

Bugs, did Micahel Frayn write that? I absolutely love his stuff. I know he had something to do with a Jeeves Broadway play.

Tshsmom - it's true. You and Sighs totally infected me with the Outlander bug. ^_^ You are FAR more organised than I am to be able to dovetail like that. :-P

Joe - Well, I did download something (though it's shareware and I'll have to pay if I like it and want to keep it) but there's something about paper and being able to scribble on/in it that I just need. I also need the in-your-faceness of a wall calendar. :-P The magic marker on the wall route hasn't been working. ;)

somewhere joe said...

Oh dear oh dear oh dear. If I get any more free calendars from supermarkets, banks, quick lubes and neighbors... well I ran out of wall space weeks ago. They're out there, trust me.

Candace said...

Ah. I thought maybe you were Mr. Techno and just did computer ones. Are the freebies pretty? My last one was a Walmart freebie, and I really didn't like it but was too lazy to replace it. :-P I would love to get a lunar calendar, too. Apparently in Korea having lots of calendars signifies importance. My friend was trying to explain it to me. If I have it right, your company will give you a bunch if you're a bigwig - the more important you are, the more you get. You should put all your calendars up and host a Korean church picnic to impress everyone. ;)

My theory is that if my calendar is lovely enough, I'll actually look at it. ^_^

The term "quick lubes" makes me smile. Maybe I should get one of those.(calendars)

Bugs said...

Candace - this is the link for the By Jeeves dvd I'm after
Filmed in a Canadian theatre,incorporating the audience (dressed in period costume) as scenary props.It's a great giggle.A
Lloyd Webber musical capturing the characters perfectly.
By the way - I've been working my way through Gerald Durrel's books !
And a sci-fi/fantasy book you might like is "Shadows Fall" by Simon R. Green

Candace said...

Bugs - OMG, it wasn't Frayn at all! It was Webber. How on earth did I get THOSE 2 mixed up? I remember being REALLY excited about learning about that, and then I forgot all about it. Thanks for the link! I'm going to try to find it. :)

I just love Durrell. I used to read them aloud at dinner when my stepson was 12ish. There were many times that I couldn't read properly I was laughing so hard. :)

Shadows Fall is going on my list. Never heard of that one. Thanks!

Logophile said...

When you get to the Fiery Cross give me a holler. Its been taking up shelf space for ages and I would gladly pass it on.

l said...

OOO, shuffle off to Buffalo! I'm going to tap class tonight, maybe I'll practice that there.

And the plastic bags? Clever Trader Joe's! You can buy Oops Scoops to scoop the litter pan...they're wax covered paper bags (about the size of a lunch sack) that have a little cardboard insert for the actual scooping. Made by a guy in the Madison area, no joke. I used to use them for my dog. They're awesome.

Candace said...

Logo - seriously?? AWESOME!!! Thanks!! :)

L - you take tap? Howe cool is that? I'd like to take ballroom dancing with MuNKi someday. Given that we wouldn't accidentally kill each other, that is. Better wait til we have our black belts. ;)

Those bags sound great! And the Madison connection - well, that's just weird, isn't it? :)

l said...

Yep, I'm a beginner hoofer. I LOVE it!

I meet people from Madison all the time out here in Seattle. Small, crazy world!

Anonymous said...

There's something bally creepy about that funky hand clock. I may have to ask Jeeves to investigate. He's a dashed fine cove, don't you know.

Candace said...

L, that's wild! :) i suppose all the Madisonians there were attracted by the warmer climes. :)

Winters - Creepy? "I'm afraid I don't understand your banter old chap." Actually it's just the "cove" part. Under"cove"r? :-P I wish I had a Jeeves.