Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hazy Daze

I'm in a kind of haze right now. I've finished not only more than my share of the bottle of (very passable) wine, but Empire as well. What a book. Maybe it helps that I love Card and have done since I first read Ender's Game so many years ago. Maybe it helps that I haven't read nearly as many military thrillers as GuTTer MuNKi has. Maybe it helps that the book wasn't full of twice-printed paragraphs, grammatical errors, and typos (in SPITE of being a Tor publication! Have you ever read Tor books? This must be a first!) Maybe it helps to have been in the military. Maybe it helps that I don't fully fit into either of the main 2 political camps. Whatever the reason, I found this a highly compelling, fascinating read.

Speaking of Tor -- in the realm of typos and the like -- check out this hilarious error that Mollusc found on the box of Philly Cheese Steak thinggies in our freezer:

See the captions for the last two pictures? It may be kinda hard to tell in my pic, but the meat is in distinctly different states between the "90 seconds" and the "1 Minute 30 Seconds" pictures. ^_^ Maybe they'd had too much of this wine.

MuNKi made his tremendous Bolognese sauce as well as some lovely French bread. O. M. G. It's a good thing I do strenuous exercise on a regular basis! :-P

Next up: The Historian. But I'm still plugging away (tee hee) at Dragonfly in Amber as well. ^_^


polyergos said...

Maybe they meant a "Microsoft minute"?

Oh man, that comment is so old, in computer years.

Gawpo said...

Yeah, but it does say at the bottom: All times are ESTIMATES. (wuh?) They should have the third picture say .75 minutes. That would have saved them.

somewhere joe said...

LOL, the distinction got past me at first. 1 minute 30 seconds seems so much longer than 90 seconds.

ARM said...

What? Isn't 1 minute 30 seconds longer than 90 seconds? What? Oh.

That's funny - I actually was looking at the picture before I read what you wrote and after a little bit of quick head math, I snickered.

tshsmom said...

The people, who made that label, were obviously NOT homeschooled! ;)

Trundling Grunt said...

Man, it really degenerates in that last 0 seconds. Scary.

Malnurtured Snay said...

Ender's Game good; sequels? Not so hot!

Bugs said...

much better if it's 1 hour 30 mins...then you can resole your shoes :P

Candace said...

Pete - ooh, I think that's from way back when a megabyte was HUGE. ^_^

Gawpo - It might get past more people that way.

Joe - yeah, I actually had to look a couple of times to see what Mollusc was snickering about. :-P But you'd think before printing millions of packages someone might want to check on stuff like that. ^_^

Arm - Maye it's New Math! O_o

Tshsmom - definitely not! And they don't have a homeschooled 11 year-old editor to help them out. ;)

TG - you should see it in the pan. That last 0 (estimated) seconds is freaky. ^_^

Mal - Ender's Game totally rocks! But, ditto to the piddies books. BUT!!!! Have you read the Shadow series? Because they are REALLY good, too - back to following Bean and the rest of the jeesh.

Bugs - Ha! Maybe they should sell it with adjustable shoe sole forms to fry it in. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Raw flesh is very popular over here in France, C. 'Tis a nation of cannibals, I tell you!

Candace said...

Bleachhhhh! So 0 seconds would about do it?