Monday, January 22, 2007

So Cute Your Eyes Will Bleed

VERY short and sweet clippies. I will attempt to post in the 16 second interval that my connection is up. Anything longer might be lost.


Bugs said...

That mother is like some human mother's I've known... "oh crap it sqeaks!".
And those kindergarten pandas are waaay better behaved than most rugrats!

Egan said...

My co-worker and I talk about Pandas all the time. I'm not kidding.

cindra said...

it's so encouraging that the population is growing...and supposedly will be released and continue...but eating what? They are so freakin' cute.

somewhere joe said...

Gesundheit! ROFLMAO! Was it the baby's or the mother's heart that skipped a beat?

verification: peony - how Chinese is that?

ldbug said...

Aww, I love the slide.

16 seconds? Sorry you're having internet problems!

Logophile said...

OK, I know exactly how she felt!!
I can remember jumping like that, especially with the first, LMAO
Too cute, Candace.

Toby said...

The first one is funny. The second is very cute. Sorry about your connection, what seems to be the problem?

Anonymous said...

It seems that the mother is not interested in "pandering" to her babies needs, C.

Ho Ho!

Candace said...

Bugs - Heh, too true!! On both counts. :-P

Egan - do you also push each other around like the ones in the second video?

Cindra - It IS pretty cool. Well, good question. We always mess around with nature and THEN try to figure out what to do about it. Like when those wolves were reintroduced in - was it Montana? Argh.

Joe - I LMAO over those. At first I thought the mom sneezed, but then I saw that it's the baby. Poor mom, LOL! I love the look she gives the little critter before she resumes munching. ^_^

You got a real word!?!? How very appropriate indeed! So not fair! I always get long disjointed crap like zwbsthhvvqs. Lots of that vv garbage that I can't distinguish from w. Eck.

Snow - That makes me grin, too. I didn't know they LIKED slides. I think most animals avoid stuff like that, don't they? Heck, at the Madison WI zoo, the OTTERS won't even use the slide. :-P

I think it's my laptop that's actually the problem. Or, more likey, the wireless card in my laptop. :-P

Logo - Me, too, LOL! Especially when they bit my nipples. ZOWIE!! O_O

Toby - I suspect that my wireless internet card is going in the crapper. It's not quite flat anymore for one thing. . . O_o

Winters - Ark ark ark!!! So bad it's lovely! Yikes! I'm way behind on the private dicking saga. Better go see what's up if my connection will hang in there!

Gawpo said...

Good one, Winters!!! Yay. I can't bear to compete with that one. GAWD, that was funny Candacia.

Candace said...

Oooooooh! It almost got by me. I should know by now that nothing you ever say is purely black and white. ^_^

Egan said...


Gawpo said...

Well fur crissakes, Candace! Of course not.