Thursday, January 25, 2007

Room for Error

Internet. Not. Working.

Not as well as it was earlier today at least. Blargh.

We did more pendulum stuff for Science today and Trillian had to help. It's hard to count cycles accurately when outside forces impose their will (or paws) on your pendulum. :-P

I need to do our Scholastic book order, but the net is being too flaky.

YouTube is down for maintenance.

The Gods are spelling it out quite clearly: Go To Bed!

Oh, alright.


Toby said...

I find this post an hour earlier, but my thoughts exactly. Good night Candace. Sweet Dreams.

Anonymous said...

Damnable technology! Forcing us to our beds at a reasonable hour!
It's not on, C.

somewhere joe said...

The Paw And The Pendulum... one of the most chilling tales ever written. Thought to have been written under the influence of catnip by Cheshire Allen Poe.

Logophile said...

We mortals are but pawns in their games, what can you do?
No internet is a serious, serious problem and I'm so sorry you've been afflicted. What can I do to help?
Need a Sally Struthers commercial?
You name it.

Candace said...

Toby - thanks :) I did have sweet dreams, though I can't remember any of them anymore. . .

Winters - it's just not right, is it? Nor is it left. So there's nothing left to do but to give in and do the right thing.

Joe - ^_^ That story definitely gives me paws.

Logo - Hmmm - call me with up to date readings of blogs? :) Oh, speaking of pawns - Scholastic has Fritz and Chesster #2 on sale for $8 something. I didn't even know there WAS a Fritz and Chesster #2. And after grabbing that link, I see there's a #3, too. :)