Friday, January 05, 2007

Battlestations! Battlestations!

It was a relatively hectic day for a "mostly free" day. Visions of lying about reading and writing soon dissolved into the reality of attacking Mt. Laundry, swapping Sluggie's stuff into Fishy's room and vice versa, and hitting both the grocery store and co-op. Oh, and making another batch of meringues. By then it was almost time for red belt classes. Maybe if I had gotten up before 10am. . .O_o

My dairy order was off rather significantly today. I had ordered a half pint of heavy whipping cream and what was actually delivered was a half gallon of the stuff. (for the 1/2 pint price - hallelujah, Jaffar!) OMG! Do you know how much a half gallon of whipping cream is? Holy mother of kitchen mercy, it's a lot. I am now formulating my battle plan. It goes something like this:

• Make butter with the kids in a mayo jar. (Or in a mayo jar with the kids. . .)

• Make O'Brien potatoes

• Make a batch of Snow Ghost Pudding (2nd recipe down) and do a bunch of whipped cream for topping.

•Make custard. Does custard take cream? I have 4 egg yolks leftover from meringues and this vague notion that I can use them in a custard. Obviously I haven't yet gone recipe-hunting. :-P

In addition to the 1/2 gallon of cream from today, I still have a couple of 1/2 pints from the last co-op run that are still good, so if you want to add to my battle plan, suggestions are more than welcome.

The kids got to do kendo with squishy swords in their red belt class tonight, and I got called up to ref a second ring. What a hoot. ^_^ Too bad the swords don't have built-in lightsaber sound effects. But it was happening in my head, trust me.


Egan said...

...or you could make a porn video. I bet MuNKi would be all in favor of that.

Candace said...

With whipping cream? Hmmmm. . . you might have something there. Plastic sheeting and lots of whipped cream - there's definitely potential for a frolic at any rate. . .

Egan said...

Yes, I do have something there. I think it's your "geek"y butt that's still on my mind. Frolic or romping... neither is a bad thing.

Egan said...

I love custard in case you were wondering. I think it ships nicely with some dry ice.

Candace said...

Egan - I don't think it's quite the makings of a song, but it's close.

Custard - in a handy dispenser? The best kind!! }:->

My secret blog is not so secret any longer thanks to a secret-blog-pimping service. . . (she teeters on the brink of sharing and just manages not to, opting to go make a new post there, instead. . .)

Egan said...

You're such a tease damn you. Send me an email or else!!

Candace said...

An email? About what?

Egan said...

Your post on that ultra secret blog. Do I have to spell everything out?

Candace said...

Oh, that. ^_^ Maybe I'll email you hint.

Egan said...

See, you are truly teasing me and it's not very nice of you.

Where's your snow? I just watched how it's unseasonably warm back east. How odd. It's been pretty chilly and wet here.

Candace said...

Now, now, now! If you read those you'll have NO complaints whatsoever, even if you never do figure out which is me. Win win situation, I say. Tell me that's not nice. Uh huh, I thought so.

I have no clue where the snow is. This is so freakin' weird. It's raining again. It's JANUARY for Pete's sake. This is like being back in CA. Without the insane freeways and miniscule yards. I didn't even need a jacket or sweatshirt to go to the gym tonight. Bizarre.

If you had Blooger you might not have to do any work to find that blog. Every now and then I forget and comment as my alter-ego. :-P

cindra said...

take a bath in it.

Bugs said...

Knock yourself out with this lot

You could always bake tonnes of scones and serve them with strawberry jam and whipped cream - I promise I'll be on your doorstep in merely minutes !
Weather's been weird in Aust too - 42 celcius (109 F) then 3 days later we had snow falling on Christmas Day...

somewhere joe said...

That's the trouble with free days - makes you wonder how you ever had time to work.

The universe is telling you to make Obrien Potatoes - is there an e in potatoes? Darn Dan Quale, I'm never sure any more.

tshsmom said...

Romegrot, or Swedish Cream are nice. ;)

~d said...

this is like reading a foreign language. I really don't think I understood anything I read!
*has anyone seen my coffee cup?

Candace said...

Cindra - eeeew. But my cats would love me.

Bugs - Ooooh great! I think I'll start with the coffee whip.

Joe - Boy is that ever the truth!

Yes, all signs point to the importance of making this dish. I'd better do it before the old 16 ton weight bearing the note "Make Obrien Potates" falls on my head.

Tshsmom - I'm looking those up. The first one sounds a bit rude. ^_^

Candace said...

~d - ^_^ I have cream for your coffee. . .

Sophie said...

make my famous scones

2 cups of cake and pastry flour
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 litre whipping cream
2 tbsp baking powder
shredded lemon peel or whatever
you like or even nothing

roll - flatten - cut out

into nice shaped scones

bake at 375 until golden

(brush tops with butter before
baking i forgot:)


fluffy - and delicous
with jam and clotted cream

Egan said...

Famous? I can become famous by making those scones Sophie? They sound great as is, but if I can become famous, you bet I will try them out. The recipe sounds groovy.

tshsmom said...

You have to serve it sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Our daughter calls it library paste. ;)

ARM said...

Make some chocolate truffles with your whipping cream and egg yolks.


Book suggestions for your 11.5 year old are on the comments of that post. Enjoy!

Candace said...

Sophie - thank you! That looks awesome!!

Egan - you're already famous. What are you worried about?

Tshsmom - OK, I have to say that Romegrot sounds a little more appetizing than "Library Paste." ^_^ And a sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon is good on most anything.

Arm - Ooooooh! Thank you! I'd forgotten about ganache and truffles. Yum yum yum!

I'm off to check out the book suggestions. :)

~d said...

Aww Jeez, C. What kinda cream do you have? I think I saw you and Egan talking abt PORN somewhere!

Trundling Grunt said...

Are there any recipes that have cream and bulgur wheat? You seem to get more than you ask for repeatedly - maybe a trip to the bank is in order?

Egan said...

I'm famous? That's news to me.

~d, I don't even know what porn is.

cindra said...

the scones look delicious. so has the cream curdles yet in all this talking about it?

Um, Egan, I hate to break it to you, but you know that "home movie" we made last month involving the midget and all those kitchen utensils? Well, that's porn, honey.

Winters said...

I don't know, C. You've raised a very serious issue there.

I made butter, with the kids in a mayo jar.
(I made butter while the kids sat in a mayo jar).

I made butter with the kids, in a mayo jar.
(The kids and I made butter while we all sat in a mayo jar).

I made butter in a mayo jar with the kids.
(I transferred the kids to a mayo jar, and made butter out of them).

Slade said...

I love love love the way you corrected your misplaced modifier (kids in mayo jar)! Could you come talk to my students about that?

Jess said...

oh! make scones! This is the best recipe I've ever had:
mix together
2 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 T baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
mush in with fingertips 6T butter
toss in 1/2 cup crannies
mix in 1 cup whipping cream

after well mixed and somewhat kneaded, form into 9" ish round 9 (~3/4" thick), slice into 9-12 wedges, brush tops with milk and sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar. Bake for 15 minutes at 425. Serve with your favorite lemon curd.

Candace said...

~d - I'm going to have to inspect it very closely. Time to get out the microscope. . .

TG - that is a FABULOUS idea! Why didn't I think of that?

Egan - you're famous for not knowing what porn is.

Cindra - fortunately it's good for a long time. :)

Don't tell Egan that's porn! He'll never agree to another one if he knows!

She was kidding, Egan. Porn never has midgets, ergo that was not porn. In fact, "porn" is just a word that refers to films made without midgets. Now you know.

(Oh, God. What kind of Google hits am I going to get now?!?!)

Winters - It seems that there is no way for me to make butter without putting my kids in a mayo jar. I hope no one calls child protective services.

Slade - LOL! Maybe you could take a mayo jar and have them act out an (at times graphic) example of each possibility. I'll mail some cream. ;) (Hmmm - would it be butter by the time it arrived?)

Jess - Awesome! Thank you! Looks like a "dueling scone recipes" session is in order. ^_^

polyergos said...

Could you please beam some O'Brien potatoes into my stomach?

Might I suggest, "Cream" by Prince as "music to set the mood", for you and G-MuNKi?

Candace said...

P - I will do my best. Hopefully you won't turn inside out and explode!

I applaud your music selection. Perfect! ^_^

Gawpo said...

I just wanted to say something. Something.

Candace said...

Something right back atcha, Mr. G!