Thursday, January 04, 2007

Skater HNT

No, not like "ice skater" or Sk8ter Boi, or "roller skater" but like "What a skater! She totally skated out of that one!"

OK, now that "skater" no longer looks like a word any more. . . (hate when that happens)

My geeky butt is on Jinx. You can try to figure out which one, or not, as desired, or just enjoy the lineup. Some of you saw the pic back in June when I got the pants for my birthday. Sorry it's a rehash. I'm too lazy today to take a new pic, and my geeky bun muscles are tired.

Movie review: I ♥ Huckabees was just plain weird. Nothing like the trailer led me to believe, but just enough humour to keep me hanging in there, and a few very laugh out loud moments. There were a couple of promising bits when it seemed about to go in a Dirk Gently direction, but alas. Overall recommendation: don't bother, unless maybe it's 2 am, you have insomnia and are very, very drunk (and have nothing else to watch.)

I got a slew of random flicks from the library. I'll let you know if any turn out to be winners.

It's raining like a Big Dog out there. Kinda cosy, really. Tomorrow will be a good day for laying about and tearing into some good books, writing (you laugh! Humph!) and goingtoBordersbecauseit's paydayandIhaveacouponfromWednesday. (maybe) The Children's Writer's Guide to 2007 came from SCBWI today, reminding me how little writing I've been doing and making me feel totally guilty. Writing is the perfect angst machine for me. I love it so much that I feel guilty when doing it (should be doing something I'm probably avoiding) and want to be successful at it enough that I also feel guilty when I don't. It could almost be a religion. ^_^

Listening to: Creed

and, for your edification, the vastly different Egg Song

♪ ♪ "White and tender surround the center, cozy sitting in the crackling shell. . ." ♪ ♪

which I found by going to the website listed on an adorable Korean comic book my friend brought to class this morning.

Tell me about your favourite comics. :)


Bugs said...

Great movie to rent is the Aussie mockumentary Kenny.
Here's the link
Actually I should probably tell Cindra about it after her plumbing probs !
Fav comic...The Maxx(which became a tv animated tv series).
If you've ever read or seen the movie Picnic at Hanging Rock(Aussie turn of the century mystery) try the autobiography Time Without Clocks by Joan Lindsay,author of Picnic at Hanging Rock. The house it revolves around,Mulberry Hill is still as she left it...literally like time stopped.
Here's a link

cindra said...

Okay, Bugs, you are like, the 4th person today to make fun of me...but I'm so gonna get Kenny. Looks like a blast.

And my favorite comic? The one featuring me, PoopGirl!

Bugs said...

Cindra- No No No I'm not making fun of you - I'm laughing WITH you - been there ,done that,my dad was a plumber and guess who had to be unpaid labourer on many jobs ?
I've seen things that only extra-terrestrial beings have dreamed about !

The Grunt said...

This Geek Butt thing has me spellbound. Thanks for enabling me.

somewhere joe said...

I like a rainy day - fees like hooky. I'm guessing you're "anonymous" (I like 'em a bit athletic). Am I right? Favorite comic is Calvin and Hobbes. With Christmas trees showing up in dumpsters and on curbs I'm reminded of one of my favorites... Calvin asks his dad that since it's getting close to Christmas, shouldn't they start looking for a tree? His dad suggests that they wait until after Christmas this year and get one for free off the street. Some of them even have a few decorations left on them, he says. The last frame shows Calvin on the kitchen floor clinging to his mother's ankles. "What did he tell you this time?" she says.

~d said...

Alias: Bluephreak
Title: h0t g33k
Description: G33k engineers can be beautiful too! ;)

AWW dude!

Is this you!?!

Toby said...

I remember the pic from June.

My favorite comic is Dilbert.

Candace said...

Bugs - I'm definitely checking those out, and Kenny is going on my search list. I'm going to pass the info on to a friend, too, who is in the process of editing his own mockumentary. :)

Cindra - you will always be PoopGirl now. Be careful what you blog, eh? ^_^

Bugs - unpaid labourer? What a crappy job! (boo hiss)

Wanna hear something weird? MuNKi's coworker and husband are living with her inlaws while their own house is bieing built. Some of the other inlaws live there, too, so when the septic field failed, they thought it was overburdened. Turns out that her FIL's "output" is toxic, because he's on chemo, and it killed all the good bacteria. Now wouldn't you think the Dr. would tell him about that so he could make sure to add the good stuff every week??

The Grunt - that's my mundane superpoewr this week - Enabling! Enjoy! ^_^

Joe - Wow, you are spot on!

I love C&H! We have all the books. Some of my faves are the ones with the goofy snowmen. ^_^ One year my stepson built a bunch of Calvin snowmen. It was SO FUNNY! If it ever snows again we hope to do a repeat performance.

Oddly enough, when I was a kid we did that with the tree-snatching from the curb one year. Someone put theirs out the day after Christmas. We were all pretty pleased with ourselves, though - no scarring here. ^_^

~d - when I saw that one yesterday I did a double-take and so did MuNKi. Her profile looks a lot like me, but not her bod. She's my slightly anorexic doppleganger. ^_^

Toby - good memory! :) We have a couple of Dilbert books. I think Dogbert is my fave character. :)

Egan said...

I've seen that "geek"y ass before and recognize it. Nope, I'm not at all obsessed.

Egan said...

It's the "anonymous" one. (I said this without reading your responses, but I see I'm right.)

Candace said...

Ooooh! Colour me impressed! (and flattered ^_^ )

Egan said...

I don't forget an ass like that yo. I'm just saying. I think it was the pose and the back.

Candace said...

LOL! Oh yeah, and then there's that telltale strip o' geeky tan. ^_^

Egan said...

Yep, I refuse to click on the link again. Enough said. How many pushups can you do these days?

Candace said...

Too much clicking will make hair grow on your palms, I hear.
Being a Monkey, though, maybe that's not suach an issue.

Funny you should mention that as I was just thinking about how I have ot get a regimen going in order to be ready for bbelt testing by Aug. Tonight we did 35 and it wasn't such a biggie. I can prolly still do 50, but that will likely wipe me out. Sigh. I have to triple that. O_o Situps are not such a biggie. It only took me about 2 weeks not even rally pushing myself to get to 100. But being female and all, the pushups are a different story. (diff weight distribution, and I refuse to do girlie pushups)

The Prawn can do (spindly) one-armed pushups that put me to shame. But she only weighs like 33 lbs. . . (this is what I say to comfort myself)

~d said...

You know, C I am actually GLAD its not you, b/c I was thinking how gross to be topless and taking photos in your kid's bed...

(love YOU!)

Candace said...

LOL! Good point!

I was wondering about that tiny little bed, too.

~d said...

(LOVE you! SM♥♥CH)

polyergos said...

I liked, "I ♥ Huckabees". I thought it was amusing. I also have found memories of the Egg Song.

I really liked the comic "Crisis on Infinite Earths - #8: The Final Fate of the Flash (DC 11/1985)”. The Flash saves the world by sacrificing his life. I can't remember all the details, but he runs around this weapon really fast, and starts to travel back in time. He and the energy (from the weapon he’s trying to destroy), become one. And in the end, this "electrical bond" that forms becomes the original lightening bolt that turns him into The Flash.

Cue “The Circle of Life” music from The Loin King.

That's my quote for the month:
"Be careful trying to save the world. You may be your own lightening bolt."

p.s. can you see why i liked Huckabees? I'm not really pretentious, honest.

Candace said...

~d - I love you too. ^_^

P - The movie definitely has its moments. :) There were a few times where we both cracked up and kept laughing for a while. For instance, I loved it when the Lily Tomlin character took a running dive through the window of that car, LOL! And of course the hippetty hop face-smashing bit was amusing. There were several really good lines, oh and the tree-sitting bit with the vacuum cleaner - very weird but entertaining. :)

That Flash sounds pretty cool. I'm going to do my best not to run too fast. Especially in the wrong direction. ^_^

Fertnel said...

Leave my wife ... bluephreak ... out of this!