Tuesday, April 10, 2007


In no particular order:

- I continue to heal. I can sometimes go upstairs one foot after the other! Woo hoo! (this is big)

- I finally got to do class again tonight as best I could.

- The Prawn is, at long last, over a week-long fever (you know - THAT one that's been going around) and is down to just hacking the odd lung out every now and then.

- I made chocolate chip cookies today. (in case being rather more sedentary hasn't been quite bad enough for me)

- The kids and I cleaned out some bookshelves and found some books to get rid of. We also unearthed some real winners that haven't been read for a while. One of them was
Thundercake. Patricia Polacco is one of my favourite children's authors, and Thundercake is one of my favourite books of hers. Her stories are doubly entertaining if you happen to be a Michigander (or Michigoose) or a Californian (and of course we have been both), since many of her books deal with her childhood in these states.

- I'm about 2/3 of the way through
Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife, which, as it turns out, is largely sex and angst with a side of scandal.

- Talking cats amuse me. I have one that says "Hello?" when she's very upset (ie in the car.)


ARM said...

Sounds like I'll be checking out Mr. Darcy....

I'm glad to hear you're healing finally and Prawn is getting over the yucky flu!!

And yay for chocolate chip cookies! I made brownies the other day...I love to bake.

Anonymous said...

Good morning C. Those cats are extremely disturbing. Get thee to a horror movies or a circus, I say to them!

Enjoy your chocolate biscuits.

ARM said...

I just watched that video. Too hilarious. My cat stands at the patio door and says "meee ouuut!" It's much more different than a regular meow. I'm sure you'll understand, being a cat lover and all.

Candace said...

Amanda - be prepared for plenty of heaving bosoms and enlarged members. ^_^ Mmmmm, brownies! I found a receipt of MuNKi's the other day that was for milk and a "Magic Brownie." now what do you suppose was in that?

Winters - Is that not unsettling? Though amusing. >^_^<

Thank you. The biscuits are full of chocolatey goodness. ^_^

Amanda - isn't that gargley sort of one tres bizarre? Geisha is talented! I have a friend who swears his cat said "uh-oh" one time. >^_^<

Diesel said...

I guess I should check out those books, since I've been both as well.

Talking cats, great. Another video for the kids to nag me to watch over and over. :)

Congrats on being a finalist in my caption contest, once again....

Candace said...

Yes, I thought of you when I was writing about that. ^_^ What is it with MI and CA? We have dear friends living here whom we met in CA.

Heh! Once again I rock in your kids' eyes, eh? ^_^

Thanks! I'm thrilled to be in such good company there. I'm having a hard time picking one to vote for, though.

Logophile said...

ok, those cats are oddly entertaining.
Im sure the Things will enjoy it

tshsmom said...

Be careful on the ankle!! It will twist easily for quite a while. :(

Our last dog would say "num-num" when she wanted a dog biscuit.

egan said...

Talking cats? I'm in trouble. I know you wrote other stuff in this post, but the talking cats thing sticks with me. I'm scared.

Claire said...

I love Patricia Polacco books. I have a signed copy of Thundercake b/c she came to my son's school way back in the day (he's 21 now).
Warrior Princess and I howled with delight over the talking cats and you know we also had to watch the talking dogs- equally charming.

Candace said...

Logo - I hope the Things get a kick out of it. ^_^ Tshsmom - I'm proceeding with all due caution. Last night was forms, so I was able to modify pretty well. If it's a regular kicking night tomorrow, I'll probably end up doing floor kicks again.

Egan - I knew they would strike fear into your heart. ^_^

Claire - Oh how COOL! I'm jealous. :)

The talking cats never fail to make me giggle. I don't think I saw the dogs. Off to check! ^_^

ablondeblogger said...

Is that Jane Austen's Mr. Darcy? I LOVE that character!

Trundling Grunt said...

Do bodices get heaved in the sequel? Poor old Prawn - I do hope she still has a couple of lungs left afterwards. And as for you - you need to take better care of yourself.

ldbug said...

My cat and I still have a communication problem...he speaks "meow" and I speak "human"

We're currently working through our issues

Cazzie!!! said...

LOL, my little girls loved the cat talk..we used to have a Siamese cat and we swore she did talk to us. Too bad my nan let her out and she was run over by a car, we miss her heaps.
Choc chip cookies, now there's an idea to make something with the kids today. Plus, they have so many Easter eggs to cook with!!!

Cazzie!!! said...

Now my boys just watched this , the are laughing soo loudly!!!

Candace said...

Dawn - yes indeedy, the very same. ^_^ Only slightly smuttier.

TG - Plenty of heaving bodices and, yea, even thrusting. It is bizzarely prudish smut. Well, not exactly prudish, but done in an old-fashioned sort of way. Kind of.

Prawn seems to have regenerated 1.5 pretty decent lungs. Myabe she'll be back to the full complement tomorrow.

I'm trying to be good. It's so very hard. I read a lot today, though, so that had to be good for me, no?

Ldbug - I'm glad you haven't had to resort to therapy yet. ^_^

Cazzie - I'm glad your kids liked it. ^_^ Mine think it's a scream, too. I'm sorry to hear about your poor Siamese. Losing a pet sucks. Did you end up baking?

MuNKi is reading your blog on another computer as I type this and exclaiming over your airshow goodies. We were both in Civil Air Patrol as kids (something akin to your Cadets, maybe?) and then he was active Air Force and we were both Air Guard, fixing A-10s and F-16s. His active time was spent mostly on fixing B-52s. :) He got a kick out of the kookaburras, too.