Monday, April 30, 2007


OMG, Steampunk is SO COOL! Too bad I'm so lazy. :-P

If nothing else, you must at least check out the keyboard mod.


ARM said...

Candace. I want that keyboard.

Claire said...

that's a cool site!

egan said...

I want this keyboard and Candace. What's been going on? You seem really really really busy these days.

ARM said...

Yeah, I want Candace, too. I miss her!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of everyone wanting you, Candace, I had a dream about you last night! You and your family was planning to move to Jacksonville. So strange, my little brain.

Candace said...

Amanda - isn't that awesome? Unfortunately I don't think I'm nearly motivated enough to do all that work. The vid of removing the key flanges alone was kinda overwhelming for me to ponder, LOL!

Claire - isn't it fascinating? The altoid tin plating and etching was pretty wild. I have to poke around some more. Wow!

Egan - Is that not the coolest? I wish I knew what has been going on. Seems like I'm always busy, but never accmplishing squat. I couldn't even say, really, what's been going on. Here's what I have NOT been doing: blogging, writing :-( , reading much, accomplishing anything of significant value. I did paint my door and plant a bunch of stuff. Blah.

Amanda - even though I have no clue what's been taking up my time it's good to be loved. ^_^

Kitkat - seriously? Whoa! I hope we aren't moving soon. We've been here a record 4 years now. I have weird blogging dreams, too. ^_^

ARM said...

No, I don't think I would have the patience to do that myself either.

We do love you, but as long as you're doing stuff that makes you happy, I'll accept your absence.

Anonymous said...

We all miss you appallingly, C. There is a horrendous void in our lives since you developed alternative hobbies. Have you no conscience, young lady?

I'm milking it a little, I grant you.


egan said...

I second what Winters has to say.

Candace said...

Amanda - I'm loading up a bunch of new pics as I type. A new post will be forthcoming shortly. :)

Winters - I have not even been performing any yarn artistry. I have no idea what's been taking all my time. OK, well, maybe the digging and planting. I will attempt to spackle in the hole. I love spackle. ^_^

Egan - About the milking?