Saturday, April 28, 2007


~My ankle continues to improve. I still have to do a dorky little step-step thing to get turned for my kicks when my left leg is the supporting leg, but that's about the only problem. I can do back stance now, which I wasn't able to do last week.

~MuNKi* got a new Kitchen Aid mixer (if you're thinking of doing this, the Sam's (or Costco's) exclusive is a great deal) because he was going to kill the old one with all the heavy-duty bread making. The new one is rather large. I can now make 480 cookies at a time if I so choose.

~I bought paint for the front door yesterday. It's green. Very green.

~I feel inclined to plant a shrubbery. Perhaps with a path (a path!) Or at least to purchase several shrubs. Preferably flowering ones.

*no, I have no idea either, but there are apparently a lot of people involved with this.


ARM said...

Oooh! A Kitchen Aid Mixer is going to be the next big thing we buy. And I'm glad your ankle is doing better!

Jaichan said...

Yay, healing ankle!
I'm not going to lie to you. Making bread with a brand new Kitchen Aid mixer means you will make the best dough ever, over and over again, eat 100 loaves at time and become a shut-in.
You've been warned.

Trundling Grunt said...

Hmm, he got the one which looks like the industrial size concrete mixer version? Lucky him. I got the Artisan (I think) which works well for my needs - bread and stuff for 2, rather than your brood.

They look like they were designed in the Soviet era somehow but are frighteningly good.

How green - like your backdrop to the blog?

tshsmom said...

Kitchen Aids are the BEST!!
Did you get the one with the crank-up bottom? (Yes, I know how that sounds. Get your mind out of the gutter*giggle*)

Candace said...

Amanda - It's a wonderful toy!! :)

Jaichan - OMG. You are so right. Can't talk now - eating bread. ;)

TG - Yes! ^_^ And they do look kinda Sovietski, LOL!

Very green. Not unlike the blog green. I'll take a picture today. :)

Tshsmom - Our old KA was nearly 17 years old (a wedding present from my folks) and stil going strong. My friend was thrilled to inherit it and made omments about The Secret really working. ^_^

Yep, ours has the crank-up bottom *snickersnort* ^_^

Jaichan said...

The crank up bottom means it can be used in a professional kitchen. Mine's merely for home use.

I'm nearly insane with jealousy.