Saturday, April 14, 2007

Recent (and not so recent) Happenings

Prawn: Hey, everyone besides me got a cherry!
*Oops! I give her a cherry*
Prawn: Uh, I didn't want a cherry. ^_^


Does anyone else sense a chocolate theme developing?

Courtesy of Mollusc

Because with a name like that, how could we not buy it?

Kool-Aid dyeing

Red Mollusc!

Cue the Psycho theme.



Spring Sprung

Too bad it didn't last longer, because these were pretty.


more volunteers

Microscope lab time -- it's hard to wait when you're little.

Can we draw it?

Yes we can!

Uh, I think so.

Prawn retched so hard, she burst a capillary in her eye. She freaked out when she saw it, poor girl.

MuNKi took a cinnamon roll class.

I think I shall encourage him to take more! ^_^


Diesel said...

That Prawn is a cutie.

Claire said...

Kid pics= total cutiepies!
cinnamon buns= Mmmmmmm!especially the homemade ones!
flowerpics- I was gonna post some, changed my mind and now I changed it back.

Winters said...

Lovely photos, C. You have quite a science lab there.

And sublime logic from the prawn, re the cherry!


ARM said...

These are awesome! Ok...what are buckeyes? Because they look absolutely delicious. And that cake is gorgeous...I need to go bake something now! Where did MuNKi take cinammon roll classes? Those look delish!

The kool-aid hair-dyeing pictures are great - yet freaky at the same time! Did they smell like cherry or strawberry?

All of your children have this...gleam to their eyes (even Prawn with her icky burst capillary - poor baby!). They look like great kids. And so adorable to boot. Thanks for sharing with us, Candace!

Candace said...

Diesel - why thank you. I think so too. ^_^

Claire - thank you! :) Yes, MuNKis buns are AWEOSOME! The cinammon ones, too. ^_^

Winters - we're cloning a human next. If we can find one, that is. ^_^

Prawn will keep you guessing, LOL!

Is that an alien fish?

Amanda - Buckeyes are basically Peanut butter and powdered sugar dipped in chocolate and cocoa butter. }:-) Want the actual recipe?

They smelled like strawberry. It's almost gone, now, so we're thinking maybe purple next. ^_^

I am definitely blessed to have gotten the children I did. :) Thank you for your kind words. :)

Candace said...

Oh, MuNKi took the classes at a local place - Zingerman's. They have a couple of books out.

ann said...

wow... your children are absolutely gorgeous and those cake pics have got me craving for something naughty but nice... so where's my cherry?

lotsa luv ann xxxxx

ARM said...

Si! I would like the actual recipe. They sound kind of like the PB balls I make at Christmastime, but are probably a bit different. You can e-mail it to me if you want:

And thanks for the link to the Zingerman's books...they look cool.

tshsmom said...

At least you saw some blooms before the last cold snap hit!
It's supposed to be in the 50s all week, so maybe we'll at least see some pussy willows.

That's a nice looking microscope. Every one we've tried has had light issues. We have a computer microscope that works quite well though.

Mr. Fabulous said...

M&Ms are my weakness. Hand them over and you won't get hurt.

Candace said...

Ann - Thank you. :) You may have the cherry Prawn didn't want. ^_^

Amanda - I will either send it to you or post it this evening. :)

Tshsmom - Did you get any blooms? Did you get hit by big snow? My mom in WI got 7 inches last week. :-P

We ♥ our microscope! It's the College quality one that you can get through Sonlight and has a great warranty. It' wasn't a cheapie, but is well worth the $ for us. You don't have to use their curriculum to order stuff from them.:)

Mr. Fab - As you can see, there aren't many to hand over. ^_^

chikken said...

Aw, those are wonderful. All of them. I am happy I chose today to come by and see all the delicious, beautiful pics! XO

Gawpo said...

You are the cool----I mean----the Koolest mom in the whole world! Can I regress and then have you as my mommy? Oh, Peeeeze?

I get those red blown eye vessels. They say high blood pressure can do it. Retching sure must increase the BP. But I have low blood pressure. Maybe I just have weak capillaries.

Trundling Grunt said...

Ick to the blood vessel - yum to the cinnamon rolls. The picture of you dyeing looks like you should have Child Protective Services there - neat kids.

ldbug said...

You've been busy!

I love science experiments, let me guess streaking bacterial cultures?

Yum to all the food:-)

egan said...

You're kids are just too cute. I want to hug all of them even with the tasty red hair.

Candace said...

Cindra - Thank you. :) XO

Gawpo - OK, but only because you would be such a fun addition. ^_^

EEEEsh on the capillary thing. Yikes! But I guess it's really not a big deal from what I could find.

TG - It definitely looked icky. Fortunately it didn't hurt or anything. Wish I'd gotten a picture of the top - way gory looking. :-P The cinnamon rolls were very tasty. :) Good point about CPS, LOL!

Ldbug - It definitely hasn't been boring! In this one we looked at thread first and then some of Prawn's cheek cells, which we dyed with a blue stain. Yum! ^_^

Egan - Thank you, kind Sir. The whole house smelled of strawberry Kool-Aid that day. ^_^

egan said...

I bet it did. I love the tub of Kool-Aid.