Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Too Nice to Blog

It's just stinkin' gorgeous out there. I have a tiny bit of colour in my skin now, instead of being Michael Jackson white. (OK, NO one is as white as MJ, but you know. . .)

Flowers are blooming, plants are growing. I bought new Rosemary (old Rosemary RIP) and Basil, and discovered that my Thyme is still alive and kicking. I have pics to take, pics to post and links to uh, case? (I never sausage a terrible pun before.)

Oh and a buckeye recipe to post. Poo.

But first I must finish the things I'm creating for Mollusc's 12th birthday tomorrow.


chikken said...

Here too...spring fever staring out windows. Can't wait to see pics from the party...and the stuffs you made!

ARM said...

Happy birthday to Mollusc tomorrow!! How exciting!

We had thunderstorms all day here and it's a little chilly, so I'm a tad jealous that you have had nice weather. But it's going to get better later this week I'm thinking.

And I heart your puns. The make me giggle.

egan said...

I got some color while working in the yard this weekend and it only reached 60 or so degrees. Everything Candace does makes me giggle.

Candace said...

Cindra - it's rainy today, but we will be busy making cake and stuff, so it's cosy. :)

Amanda - I think we have your rain today. I do like puns. Especially bad ones. ^_^

Egan - So you, too, have left the ranks of the fishbelly white? It's lovely, isn't it? My puns were inspired by your falafel ones. :)

ARM said...

Bad puns are the best. And you do them so well.

New baby niece pic link over at my place.

Logophile said...

I think I might be whiter than MJ, but Im not going to get close enough to compare.
happy B day to the offspring and happy planting to you!

egan said...

Just wait until mid summer when I have a kickass farmer tan. I have a feeling Logo™ is whiter than me, just a hunch. Don't ask how I know.

ARM loves her niece and I can see why.

Trundling Grunt said...

Many happy returns of tomorrow to the Mollusc. No, rosemary is sadly too tender for overwintering here too.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Mollusc.

I have two old friends named Basil and Rosemary. But I never see them these days. I just don't have the thyme.

egan said...

Oh yeah, happy belated birthday to Mollusc. Another Taurus in the mix, yippee.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing and rolling my eyes simultaneously at winters' comment.

I just love that one can be "Michael Jackson white" now. I think it should be on a paint swatch.

Slade said...

good for you! enjoy the weather...I know that's what I'll be doing too!

Good for Me said...

enjoy...and happy bday to your daughter :)

Jay said...

Oooh yes, sun is good,sooo good after a too-long winter.

Diesel said...

So that's your excuse for completely missing this round of the caption contest? I count on at least 5 entries from you, you know.

Candace said...

Amanda - oooooh! I mus ogle baby niece! She is just so stinkin' cute!! :)

Logo - thank you :) We've had a couple of rainy days, but I think there's more planting in store for us this weekend. :)

Egan - I always end up with a farmer tan layered with a strappy tan - very unlovely. ^_^

TG - thank you :) She had a fun day. I was surprised that the thyme made it.

Winters - Ahhhhh, I think I love you. ^_^

Egan - gooooo Taurus!! (no connection with Ford!)

Kitkat - Winters can ALWAYS be counted upon for wither a great pun or idiom, or a superb metaphor. But I saw him first. ;) I think I saw MJ white at Lowe's today in the Olympic paint swatches. ^_^

Slade - it was a lovely day, and then it got crappy but still busy. Now we're supposed to be back to lovely for the weekend. I hope so. :)

Good for me - thank you. :)

Jay - isn't it amazing to see the sun again? Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. :)

Diesel - I suck. I will attempt to better next week. I know NOTHING of Lost, so my captions woulda sucked anyway without some serious research. ^_^