Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Bunch of Pics = 34,000 Words

Thursday has been slightly crazier than Crazy Tuesday and my brain has shut down, so here are a few pics in lieu of a few thousand words.

Annie Leibovitz exhibit was very cool. I think I liked the stories she told even better than the pictures. Well, the pics were certainly enhanced by the stories, anyway. The membership lady was super nice and let all 6 of us in for free. We were supposed to get 4 free tix and pay 1, and Prawn would be free, but she said if Fishy didn't mind being 5 for the day, he could go in with no charge. It was also a no camera zone, but the very nice lady at the desk said she trusted that I had read the sign and would obey. You can't guess how many times I found myself preparing to hoist the camera to take photos before remembering. Plah.

DIA exterior of course

A bit reminiscent of that torture scene in Casino Royale. . .

More torture. Poor Apollo. Though not bad for 1st century.

Equal time for the sexes. Aphrodite has seen better days as well.

The Diego Rivera murals. I showed part of one last time. This time I got more.

"Cells smothered by poison gas." Yum yum!

Grail, anyone?

I think this one is just cool. That lit-up part is actually recessed.

Our first time in France. ;) This chapel used to be in a (castle?) tower in France. It's now in the DIA. Go figure.

Different lighting = different details. (and new poses by the kidlets)

This detail (shot straight up in the chapel) wasn't even visible in the available lighting. I was pretty surprised to see what the flash revealed. Cool!

It still amazes me to see a real Rembrandt. I suck at capturing it on film.

Still my fave staute. I love the look on her face - so real - the proud and doting mother. :)

On the way out, the 3 girls and I nearly trampled this man. I'm pretty sure he was wearing the same tie. If he hadn't been actively chatting up some other women as he walked, I would've complimented him on his museum, but alas.

Action Boy! (crappy pic)

Why does my mother always take blurry pictures of me? Could it be because I'm always in motion?

How to really freak out your kids - point out the missing bits of ceiling in the carpark. Instant panic!!!

The drive home never fails to fascinate me -- Woodward Avenue and the Davison in particular.

The Granwood seems to be the place where we always realise we've hosed up and need to make another turn. (I posted the front last time - you could see that it really used to be something in its day.)

That's a peach, Hon.

"Good Shooting"

"Shitty Shooting" (Detective Paul Smecker, Boondock Saints)

It's for sale. LMK if you're interested and I can email you the phone number.

Yes, ANOTHER quality job by Upright Wrecking. . .

I know you will be as gratified as I was to find that, yes, they DO ship worldwide. And FYI, "Livernois" Ave is pronounced "LIVER-noyz." *cackle cackle*

Lotsa roadses

And that's all she wrote.


Egan said...

I love love love these photos. I saw some of this side of your town on my one trip to the Motor City. It was very interesting. I like it when you share cool things with your readers. DIA will be on my list for a future visit.

Candace said...

Dude, the DIA rocks. We got the extended membership, which means we can bring 2 more adults and their kids. LMK if you comr to town. :)

Egan said...

Maybe we will be near there in January, Chicago. Tough to say though. I would love to visit your fair state again, but I hear winters can be brutal there. DIA or bust! The buildings are sad to see in their less than desirable state.

Candace said...

Winters here are better than those in Chicago, I assure you. :) Seriously.

Winters, I think this means you would be better here than in Chicago, too.

kitkat said...

We studied Diego Rivera in my Spanish class is high school. I wish I could have seen that mural in person. Very nice pictures.

Winters said...

Great pics, C.

Re your comment. We, like the Queen of England, could get used to having people refer to us in the plural.

We wish you a splendid weekend.

Candace said...

The Royal We. :) How fitting for the King. Have you done the singing yet? Off to check. . .

ldbug said...

Looks like a fun (and exaustive;-) trip!!

Candace said...

Yes, both! ^_^

Gawpo said...

Wow-WHEEZE.......but not in the smoking sense. More in the WEEEEEE, THOSE ARE FUN, sense. Hi, Candace. Gawpo has been O.O.B.C. (out of blogging commission, of course) for many lousy reasons. Thanks for checking in on my Newtonian blip. I can't believe these pictures. Oh and, by the way, the Latin word for chalice is CALIX. I love that word. Don't you now love it as well?

Trundling Grunt said...

Never really been to Detroit, only Romulus. The murals look fascinating. And the dot in the back of the car looks very sweet.

Candace said...

Hi Gawpo! Welcome back to Blogland. :)

I DO love the word CALIX. Isn't it also a word for part of a flower? Or is that calyx? There aren't enough words with "X" in them. Especially if you're playing Scrabble™.

TG - Romulus is not so exciting, huh? I haven't been there yet. I think the only reason anyone ever goes to Romulus is to leave MI (or, in some casesw, to return ;) )

Is there a Remus, MI? I know there's a Hell, MI. And it freezes over every year.

Candace said...

PS - thank you. The dot is, indeed, very sweet. :)

Logophile said...

thanks for taking us along, that was a great tour and now I wanna go to MI. Who knew?

~d said...

The HOLY grail?!
Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of_____

Candace said...

Logo - Glad you enjoyed it. :)


We've already got one, you see. ^_^

Egan said...

If you're ever in Seattle, we have some cool stuff to admire too.